Top 10 Superpowers of the World

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top 10 superpowers of the world

According to Alice Lyman Miller, Professor of National Security Affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School, the definition of a superpower is “a country which has the capacity to project dominating power and influence anywhere in the world, and sometimes, in more than one region of the globe at a time, and so may plausibly attain the status of global hegemony”. A superpower is not only militarily strong but also has a strong economy, scientific pool as well as is self sufficient and politically stable.

Here, we have tried to collect data of various specs which dominates a countries position in Super Power index

#10. Turkey

A strong Asian nation, which is now considered to be in Europe, is a new candidate for joining European Union. Turkey is the major Muslim country which has successfully integrated religious tradition with the modern world’s style to progress in the race. It is the voice of Muslim world and maintains the most powerful conventional military in the middle east. The 10th position is shared by Canada, Italy and South Korea.

#9. Brazil

One of the largest coffee exporter and 5th largest country in the world (area wise), Brazil is believed to be a potential super power of the future. Brazil along with India, China, and Russia forms the BRIC nations. BRIC itself is the group of countries who are emerging as a super power. Situated in the continent of South America, Brazil maintains good relations with almost every country in the continent. Brazil’s timezone matches with US and hence Brazil gets advantage in doing oversea business with American clients.

#8. United Kingdom

There was a day when the Sun never used to set in the British Territory. Today, after the decolonization of most of the world, UK occupies a small place in the world. Extreme High quality Universities and Research labs makes the UK a place where quality human resources are generated. A nuclear power and a permanent member of UNSC, UK is considered to be one of the most advanced county in West Europe. Most of UK’s policies and decisions are similar to the US. UK and US share almost similar interests in every field.

#7. India

Largest Democracy and thousand years old history, India has a strong cultural influence throughout the world. While Indian music and Indian movies are very popular in the third world, Indian tradition and spirituality attracts many youths as well as elderly from the western world. India is almost self sufficient in food and feeds other nations as well, being the top exporter of major cereals. India maintains a strong position in the subcontinent and its comments, policies and diplomacy are studied very carefully by the current superpowers. Economically, India is one of the fastest growing countries, with new and new infrastructure coming up in the country daily. Indian firms have been successful in attracting jobs from other countries, specially US, American companies themselves preferring Indians over American due to its highly skilled resources. Militarily, India maintains one of the top 5 Army, Navy and Air force of the world. Though is not a signatory of NPT, it is considered and recognized by the world as the only trusted nuclear power outside NPT. The only area where India lacks is the poor rate of literacy and poverty and a high population, which is growing day by day, causing stress and burden on the current cities which are unable to handle the crowd.

#6. Japan

Attacked by Americans with nuclear bombs in 1945, who would have thought that Japan will become the country whose electronics gadgets will be found in every American households in 2011? Japan is militarily weaker and is very much relied on imports for food and fuel. Time to time, it is hit by natural calamities creating disturbance in the region. Japanese electronics and Advanced vehicles are top in the market competition.

#5. Germany

After the WWII, Germany was broken into two pieces and was exploited by the Western nations and Soviet Union. Still Germany, after the unification in 1990, managed to come back as a regional power. With a powerful economy and its export competitiveness, has made its dominant influence in the Eurozone. World class universities and research facilities are the home of various interesting researches in the world.

#4. France

400px-Potential_Superpowers.svgA great economy in the west, France maintains a powerful military and Airforce. A respectable nuclear power and a permanent member of UNSC, it is influential globally and in the EU. Its language is one of the most popular among the foreign language course around the world. It also has favorable demographic indicators in ageing Europe; compared to other European countries, young generation in France is more in the total population.

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#3. Russia

An Erstwhile Superpower in the form of Soviet Union, Russia still maintains that power and respect in the world. According to many, Russia is the only country in front of which America’s big brother attitude doesn’t work. Despite of having a great advanced military, strong policies and a stable economy, Russia’s influence as well as its interest on the world events is declining, which is one of the factors of its fall from number 2 position to number 3. Rich in natural resources, Russia is self sustained in fuel and mineral and has the ability to influence other countries for fuel export. Due to Recession and Chinese military catch up, Russia was overtaken by China in 2008, though it still deserves the title of the Third Superpower.

#2. China

China has created a worldwide unbeatable manufacturing and export empire. Its product can be found in every household. With one of the largest Military in the world and economy growing at the fastest pace,  China deserves the 2nd position in the Superpower index. It is a nuclear power as well as a permanent member of the UNSC. China is active on various economic as well as regional forums to extend trade ties and search for new opportunities. China is quick in grabbing the deals and projects in Africa, which has lot of scope for development and has abundant natural resources.

#1. USA

USA is still the true superpower since the cold war time. US maintains worlds strongest as well as most advance conventional military. It is the largest exporter of sophisticated weapons and the largest economy in the world. Other economies of the world are so dependent on US that if anything wrong happens in the US markets, it affects the whole world. US currency dominates the trade world. Their movies and media has great influence in the world. US, also known as the land of opportunity, has been rated as the best place to work or study.

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Sanskar Shrivastava is the founder of international students' journal, The World Reporter. Passionate about dynamic occurrence in geopolitics, Sanskar has been studying and analyzing geopolitcal events from early life. At present, Sanskar is a student at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture and will be moving to Duke University.
  • Turkey is not superpower while india has the ability to be superpower in the next 15 to 20 years.At present india and Turkey is not superpower.

  • Anonymous

    Dude if there is a war today.. india vs France.. India would destroy France..

    ONLY REASON france and germany are strong is cause of NATO..

    ALONE none of these countries has either balls or millitary to defeat india.

    I think you need to correct yourself.. Im studying this.. and your statement is laughable..

    • stephanie rowena stewart

      i disagree with your comment about germany – germany has it’s own power and always will! as far as defeating india i believe your adding in the entire middle east territory which quite frankly are all individual powers themselves-especially saudi arabia which i feel is going to be the glue that holds the middle east together- as for as asia is concerned the middleeast is not there territory and the only claim that asia has to the middle east is the major belief tat the word east is belongs to asian belief! there is only one asian territory with enough nuclear weapons to defend asia and that is korea- they might have to use their weapons to defend other asia territorities! and quite frankly i don’t see the problem with korea testing there weapons – how do you know they work and how much of an area the weapon will effect if you don’t test it out besides they are testing in a safe location! question why be insultive or provoking with the comment your statement is laughable !

  • Anonymous

    Dude if there is a war today.. india vs France.. India would destroy France..

    ONLY REASON france and germany are strong is cause of NATO..

    ALONE none of these countries has either balls or millitary to defeat india.

    I think you need to correct yourself.. Im studying this.. and your statement is laughable..

  • Anonymous

    I think the correct order of super powers is
    1. usa
    2.russia ..bcz its still has the most advanced milltary nd it outnumbers america in nuclear war heads.
    3. china
    4.germany+ france

    • Mike

      The amount of nuclear warhead is irrelevant when both sides have enough to wipe each other off the face of earth

      • Suresh Handa

        Very right, Mike. Number of nukes are not relevant. You wipe out world once or subsequently endless times, doesn’t make difference. Russia is @ 2nd position , not China. Still China needs a big chase before hits Russia.

        • stephanie rowena stewart

          i don’t believe the entire world will be wiped out for example hiroshima , that was contain to a certain area/parimeter!

          • Suresh Handa

            It was only 2 atom bombs on Japan, If hundreds of bombs will be thrown on each others population, it will be as good as killing almost whole world. Remaining people will be exposed to radiation.

          • stephanie rowena stewart

            i agree with you on the fact of distruction if more than 2 bombs are drop but i am referring to all asian powers and i believe than korea will defend it’s own ( i mean by defending asians period) double check nuclear bombs that each country has!

          • King Of Bob

            That’s because the US was the only nation with nuclear weapons at the time, and they had to be dropped from airplanes. That is not the case today.

            A full scale nuclear war would wipe out life on the planet via nuclear fallout and massive dust clouds blotting out the sun for decades.

      • stephanie rowena stewart

        i just recently saw a document or article of how many nuclear weapons each country had and the us was a little ahead of i believe one of the koreas! and the other countries barely had at the most 300!

        • US or Russia have about 93% of all Nuclear Weapons deployed (even though they have both reduced their nuclear weapons stocks considerably after cold war) followed by China, Pakistan and India (although France has more it has deployed too few of them)

    • MURTHY

      where is our neibhour pakistan.

      • They have taken a Vacation and might even blame India and US for not being included in the list.. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    USA vs Russia number 1 and the rest is suckers 🙂

  • Anonymous


    The definition of a superpower is “a country which has the capacity to project dominating power and influence anywhere in the world, and sometimes, in more than one region of the globe at a time, and so may plausibly attain the status of global hegemony”. A superpower is not only militarily strong but also has a strong economy as well as is self sufficient and politically stable

  • Anonymous

    I still think USA Is the number one super power Country on earth. We have everything we need, Whatever it take To destroy any other country On the planet. It’s not right just to do it

    • America is a superpower, but you don’t have everything you need. You are looting the oil from the Middle east int he name of terrorism. USA should mind their own business rather than establishing their supremacy over small nations. Whatever you don’t have you snatch it from smaller countries.

      • Emil Atik

        And there’s a main purpose(to create stability,spreading democracy, if not always succeded afterwards,then-’cause of unthoughtful/fragile future plannings of a new replacement of a more democratical progressive,yet humane regime,the samw mistakely case with Iraq (aftermath after the fall of the dic. Saddam H.),and only Iraq,other US involved wats have been a success,just sayin’,tbh – . It’s to take down really bad terroriats and power-sich authorian dictators,who aren’t wmbracing human right and othet minority rights,just sayin’),besides some lucrative profits as well,that’s for sure and beautiful obvious as well 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Yet Pakistan has more nukes, better yields and plutonium grade agile nukes easily put on smaller ballistic and cruise missiles.

    Aww resist written by a son of The Ganges.
    Self flatulence tut tut…

  • Anonymous

    India can’t feed50% of it’s slum dwelling population.
    Millions homeless, defeating on streets, pollution, corruption, smell,…

    Sorry India is just a developing nation nothing more or nothing less.

    • Rsg Blue

      90% of those “slum dwelling population” have Islamic names who ‘breed like rats’. They just need to be wiped out ASAP.

      Nothing more, nothing less!

  • @Anonymous

    Please Read the definition of Super Power as mentioned in the article.

    “a country which has the capacity to project dominating power and influence anywhere in the world, and sometimes, in more than one region of the globe at a time, and so may plausibly attain the status of global hegemony”. A superpower is not only militarily strong but also has a strong economy as well as is self sufficient and politically stable.

  • @Anonymous

    It is true. India has two sides, one is really ahead but other needs a lot of catching up to do. However, the pace with which India is moving and improving its bad side and the way the country has established itself in the world, influencing with its soft power and strong and stable economy and policies, we believe India is one of the top ten superpower.

  • Ronald M.

    In the future it will probably be:

    1.China 1.United States
    2.United States 2. Russia
    3.Russia or 3 China
    4.Japan 4.Japan
    5. India 5.France+Germany

  • anonymous

    USA is losing it’s prominence as the only superpower and no doubt, 21st century is the century of Asian giants China and India.By 2050, these two countries will give the US a tough challenge!

    • stephanie rowena stewart

      i don’t consider india to be of asian domenince i believe india to be it’s own superpower, watchout if they ever stop fighting each other and join forces!

      • Suresh Handa

        Stewart, I didnt get u, fighting each other means what. Before Britishers came to India, it was fastest growing economy in the entire world. British ruined it. Even that period also, India never attacked any country. So joining forces of US or Russia is out of question becoz they fight for selfish interests in other countries. India has almost highest strength of soldiers in UN peace keeping force. This shows commitment of India. No group-ism.

        • stephanie rowena stewart

          what i mean by fighting each other is india and asian territories each in it’s own right have elite military power- right now they are supporting each other and or getting along but both india and asian teritories have strong independence issues – i hope they don’t bump heads is all i mean!

  • FullaMashugana

    An interesting article, but there’s several things in it that trouble me:

    You can’t just throw out phrases like “strong economy”, “largest military”, or “so dependent” without any figures. Citing the size of an economy (like GPD index, federal reserve amount, growth percentages, etc.) or a military (recruitment, training, deployment, strength, etc.) with proven, reliable facts makes a better argument than just saying “big military”. An improved command of English wouldn’t hurt, either.

    Using political and social policies as evidence of international power is wishful thinking at best. Political parties and their policies come in and out of office on a regular basis in most of the countries on this list. Conservatives this term, liberal the next, independents the third, socialists, populists, pro-EU/anti-EU – there’s too many to say that any one of them can maintain dominance. Again, what does “politically stable” mean, without a clear definition?

    Position #10 is shared among four countries, and yet only Turkey manages to be listed? Why? Canada’s military is just as large as Turkey’s, and Italy’s economy is just about as strong as Turkey’s. Yet they receive only passing mention.

    I don’t mean to be rude, but the author’s ethnicity shines through when you read the Indian section. It’s decidedly optimistic and confident compared to the others, and the pressing issues of overpopulation, poverty, starvation, and low income are reserved for the end of a very biased report of the country.

    Finally – and this will come off as very pro-American – you have to take into account the amount of money, political muscle, and resources given by WWII victors like America into the rebuilding and re-stablization of post-war Europe. Countries like Germany, France, and Italy were kick-started, for lack of a better word, along the path to prosperity with the IMF, the Marshall Plan and other groups and initiatives like it. Although it must be said that each of these countries are strong by themselves, you need take American involvement into account to determine the “dominating power and influence” part of the criteria for becoming a superpower.

    But like I said, it’s still an interesting article.

  • Niml

    France and germany are far behind India. Wrong list

    • Rsg Blue

      This was published way back in 2011. Things have changed now in 2015.

  • Bharatsevak

    I disagree with the order above. It should be :
    1. USA
    2. Russia
    3. China
    4. India
    5. Brazil
    Infact, 11.ISRAEL, 12.Saudi, 13.UAE, 14.South Korea, 15.Turkey etc.
    Problematic Superpowers

    Rogue Superpowers
    1.North Korea

    • Rsg Blue

      This was published way back in 2011. Things have changed now in 2015 !

    • stephanie rowena stewart

      does rogue in your opinion mean wrong and why ?sometimes we have to take a different approach to make effective change for the masses

      • Bharatsevak

        Pakistan – Rogue because they are the world’s terrorism factory. The evidence is their recent funding of Rs.300Mn to the Jehad University which is the almamater of who’s who in the terorist world eg Mullah Omar, Haqqani etc. Which honoured Osama Bin Laden. And to which most acts of terrorism can be traced back to. So if a constituted Provincial Government funds such an organisation, then those who refuse to believe that the present Pakistani establishment regime, not the pupet government, is a rogue regime; then one is living in delusions only to wake up one and realise it in their own reality.

  • Nadeem Haider

    Mr. author I disagree with you.

  • stephanie rowena stewart

    do u think that america can be consider as terrorist?

  • stephanie rowena stewart

    what qualifies one as a super power ?

  • stephanie rowena stewart

    what’s the comments about india for because of isis or the wars going on in afghanistan or closely related areas- here’s my question what is really going on over in the middle east because everytime we turn around there is another intercountry war going in one of their locals! isn’t there a better way to institute change by their people why must their issues become global concern other than reading an article in the newspaper or watching the media on tv?

  • stephanie rowena stewart

    so you seem to be stating that economics effects one’s ability to be a superpower! i am just wonder which country can stand on it’s own without help from another! to me they are the superpowers! let’s face it when it comes to resources we might have to depend on each other but i even wonder about that! if the basis of strength is basedon economics what happens to countries when all that is required is weapons, what happens to that countries outsource business or in country based business ,how do they plan to take care of the masses! but even more importantly why do the people leave their country instead of staying their,why burden others with their problems and how is it that the so called fraction fighting with their own government for change for the people haven’t taken into consideration the effects they are having on their own people? it makes no sense for their existence if they are not helping their own people! it’s 2 ways either you are backing the government or you are backing the challenging forces !

  • stephanie rowena stewart

    what are you basing your statements on other than criticism of some one country which really isn’t okay!

  • Suresh Handa

    India has market , then how France can cut off , its other way round, India can close market for France and force other nations to isolate France if they want Indian market.

    • stephanie rowena stewart

      i agree with your statement about india i really think we underestimate the power of india and there dedication to achieve their power and hteir true dedication to their religion which supports their efforts to establish government control of their area

  • Suresh Handa

    Like this, whole pakistan lives in a dream world and imagine impractical solutions to their problems. Stop terror, rest will follow for the betterment. No power can improve this condition unless you yourself do something. China will not give anything free, you have to return debts. Seeing your present condition, any sane person can digest your statement that world economy will revolve around pakistan in 2020. Laughing stuff.

  • Llolp

    So true order:
    -France (3rd nuclear power, second projection ability, population growth is important and biggest maritim territory in the world)
    -Germany and Japan

    -India and UK

  • Bharatsevak

    Dear Sir, please first stop living in delusion and relieve your people of their misery and abject poverty due to which people like Kasab become terrorist atprice of Rs 1 Lac. And your Government goes with a bowl almost every year to America, China and Saudi.
    And the great imaginary corridor youare so eloquent and proud about is in reality the surrender of your soverignity to China at the price of its protection and the $45Bn aid it gave you, for which you have sold half of Pakistan. Because now you have permited China to create their asset inside your territory, and all Countries will secure their asset and administer it. So like you are selling ISI to your people showering choisest praises for an agency responsible for the murders of innocent men women and children around the world and completely complicit with global terrorism, you are also deluding your people with the dreams of economic corridor while knowing fully well in your heart how you have compromised your soverignity. Best of luck with the Chinese.

  • jordan

    in 2020 ??? may be mother fucker pakistan ill not seen on the world map before 2020, but if we want … but we left them as dog , coj in our country we dont kill dogs……

  • y3shuA imMANu3l

    “A RARE tornado hit Manila and nearby areas on Sunday, which, according to a report by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration, originated from land.”

    “A tornado has reportedly made landfall in the Philippines as severe monsoon flooding that has already killed at least five people continues to threaten the island’s capital Manila.
    Torrential rainfall in recent days has plagued an area known as Metro Manila, which is home to more than 12 million people and a number of the nation’s major cities.
    Five people have been killed and thousands forced to leave their homes due to the storms, so far.”

  • No offense but I think it would be a smart idea to understand what is Super Power before writing an article about it. Almost no country in the list other than US, UK and Russia has what it takes to be considered a Super Power.

    But in reality currently there is no other super power other than USA, although Russia is serious counter and China a Contender of the future..(At this moment however, both China and India lags behind in terms of International influence as well as Power projection capabilities)

  • Muhammad Jamil Tahir

    All are ignoring Israel………
    People Focus more on media rather than facts while making conclusions. Some countries are passive but don’t show their power. Some countries exaggerate and show off powers. Power is combination of economic power, military power, international influence, growth rate of technology advancement, mental maturity of the inhabitants and its geographical location. Just more in numbers does not mean more power. You people are ignoring Israel who controls even USA. I will say Israel is at the top. India is far behind, even if par with Pakistan, it would have wiped out Pakistan from the map due to its strong international political relations with USA, Russia, Israel, Arab countries and so on. Despite this results are in-front of us.Blames are always there but fact is fact. We all under estimate specially Germany and China, because they don’t have strong influence on international meda.

  • Adnan

    Yeah its real . its true that the USA is super power in the world . 2nd is Russia not China. Because China has more poorest people. After that China has no best allies like USA. USA is 50 years forward than China. Compare the USA dollar to the chines yaun. Dollar is strongest currency in the world. And nobody know the chines yaun. What is the yaun ?????????