Israel Prepares to Attack Nuclear Iran; Iran Ready

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Image by AP, Israeli airstrike in Beirut.

Calling nuclear Iran a threat to Israel, America and the rest of the world, Israel is politically and militarily preparing for a war against Iran to destroy their nuclear infrastructure. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel Minister of Defense Ehud Barak are seeking to get approval from the majority of the Israeli cabinet on launching a big military operation against Iran. The cabinet will take decisions once the IAEA report on Iran is issued on November 8.

Israel always tried to explain the world that Iran is trying to develop a nuclear bomb which is directly aimed at Israel’s land. Iran and Israel have been in conflict for past few years.

In the meanwhile Israel has successfully tested a missile on Wednesday capable of carrying nuclear warheads to Iran. In late October, Israeli Ambassadors around the world were instructed to inform major politicians Israel is preparing to wage a war on Iran, and that the window of opportunity for imposing effective sanctions on Iran is closing, as part of a renewed diplomatic offensive aimed at using new sanctions to stop Tehran from developing a nuclear bomb as quoted by Haaretz.

In response to Israel’s new plan, Iran says that their nation is united and is ready for war.

“We have been hearing threats from Israel for eight years. Our nation is a united nation…such threats are not new to us,” Salehi told Turkey’s Hürriyet Daily. “We are very sure of ourselves. We can defend our country,” Salehi claimed.

Earlier, Iran’s chief of staff had said that Israel would be punished severely if it ever tries to attack Iran on Iran’s soil. “We would make them regret such a mistake and would severely punish them,” Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi told the ISNA news agency on Wednesday. “In case of an attack by the Zionist regime, the United States would also be hit,” he added, without elaborating.

US is already worried with the development of nuclear program in Iran and is in favour of attacking. Though it worries any action by Israel will disturb the whole region which could be suffering for the whole world.
Britain, on the other hand, will be sending the Royal Navy ships near Iran to assist any American assault on Iran. According to a report by Guardian, Britain is in concerned over Iran’s nuclear program and will soon deploy the Royal Navy ships. The paper cited senior officials saying that Iran has gained the technical capability back after a cyber attack on Iran’s systems. According to the New York Times report, the worm was jointly developed by US and Israel to damage Iran’s nuclear efforts.

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  • Iran is responsible and developed country .Jews always hate Muslims.They have occupied philistine because they have powerful influence in the world.

  • A part of it is true. Israel, US and UK against a small country. This is not at all fair. UN intervention is necessary. Iran’s nuclear program can be stopped by enforcing stricter economic sanctions.

  • usa israel and the uk , the old thugs start a war again.