1971 India Pakistan War: Role of Russia, China, America and Britain

1971 Newspaper-ceasefireIt was in the year 1971 when the two South Asian rivals declared war on each other, causing a great loss to the lives, property and territory in case of Pakistan.

As the topic sounds controversial, before we begin we would like to tell that every information in this article is sourced. The article was written after a detail analysis of various sources. All the relevant and immediate sources are listed at the end of the Article.


Map of Countries involved in 1971 India Pakistan war
Countries Involved in 1971 War, Click to Enlarge

Before 1971, Bangladesh used to be a part of Pakistan as East Pakistan. According to Najam Sethi, a well respected and honoured journalist from Pakistan, East Pakistan always complained that they received less development funds and less attention from the West Pakistan (Punjabi) dominating government. Bengalis in East Pakistan also resisted the adoption of Urdu as the state language. The revenue from export, whether it was from the Cotton of West Pakistan or Jute of East Pakistan, was handled mainly by West Pakistan. Lastly, in an election conducted just some months before the war, the victory was gained by the East Pakistani leader and still he was not given the power, thus fueling the movement in East Pakistan.

Pakistani army started its operation in East Pakistan to contain the movement and anger among the Bengalis. It is reported that the army was involved in mass killing of public and mass rape of women. India was aware of this and was only waiting for a trigger to start the war. India started receiving huge number of refugees which became unmanageable, pushing it to intervene in the situation. The situation soon attracted the attention of many other countries. Thus the war later was not only between India and Pakistan, but many countries were involved in 1971 Indo Pakistani war (War of Liberation of Bangladesh) directly or indirectly.

In May, Indira Gandhi wrote to Nixon about the ‘carnage in East Bengal’ and the flood of refugees, burdening India. After L K Jha (then the Indian ambassador to US) had warned Kissinger that India might have to send back some of the refugees as guerrillas, Nixon commented, ‘By God, we will cut off economic aid [to India].’

A few days later, when the US president said ‘the goddamn Indians’ were preparing for another war, Kissinger retorted ‘they are the most aggressive goddamn people around.’

US and China Connection, A Little Known Fact

(All Excerpts and Sources from 929 page long Volume XI of the Foreign Relations of the United States)

US sympathized with Pakistan, because of various reasons. Among them two reasons were that: firstly, Pakistan belonged to American led military Pact, CENTO and SEATO; secondly, US believed any victory of India will be considered as the expansion of Soviet influence in the parts gained by India with the victory, as it was believed to be a pro Soviet nation, even though they were non aligned.

In a telegram sent to US Secretary of State Will Roger, on March 28, 1971, the staff of the US consulate in Dhaka complained, ‘Our government has failed to denounce the suppression of democracy. Our government has failed to denounce atrocities. Our government has failed to take forceful measures to protect its citizens while at the same time bending over backwards to placate the West Pakistan dominated government… We, as professional public servants express our dissent with current policy and fervently hope that our true and lasting interests here can be defined and our policies redirected in order to salvage our nation’s position as a moral leader of the free world.’

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This brought China in the picture. US needed help from China and the messenger was Pakistan. US  approached China very secretly on this issue, who was more than welcoming as it believed that their relations with US could improve from this onward.

During the second week of July, 1971, Kissinger arrived in Beijing, where he heard the words by then Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai: “In our opinion, if India continues on its present course in disregard of world opinion, it will continue to go on recklessly. We, however, support the stand of Pakistan. This is known to the world. If they [the Indians] are bent on provoking such a situation, then we cannot sit idly by.’ On this, Kissinger responded that China should know that the US also backs Pakistan on this issue.

Indira Gandhi, the Indian prime minister in those times decided to tour most of the Western capitals to prove Indian stand and gain support and sympathy for the Bengalis of East Pakistan. On November 4th and 5th she met Nixon in Washington. Nixon straight forwardly told her that a new war in the subcontinent was out of the question.

The next day, Nixon and Kissinger assessed the situation. Kissinger told Nixon: ‘The Indians are bastards anyway. They are plotting a war.’

The pressure increased in East Pakistan, which attracted Indian attention. Indians were preparing for war and were concentrated on the Eastern front. To divert the pressure, on December 3, in the dark of night, even before India could attack East Pakistan, Pakistan opened western front and air raided six Indian Airfields in Kashmir and Punjab.

The CIA reported to the US President that Indian Prime Minister believes that the Chinese will never intervene militarily in North India, and thus, any action from China would be a surprise for India and Indian military might collapse in tensed situation caused by fighting in three different fronts (East, North and West).

Hearing this, on December 9, Nixon decided to send the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise into the Bay of Bengal to threaten India. The plan was to Surround India from all four sides and force them to retreat and leave East Pakistan.

On December 10, Nixon instructed Kissinger to ask the Chinese to move some troops toward the Indian frontier. ‘Threaten to move forces or move them, Henry, that’s what they must do now.’ China feared any action on India might attract Soviet aggression. At this, US assured China that any action taken by Soviet Union will be countered by US to protect China.

Pakistani army had somehow maintained their position and resisted Indian advancement. They believed China is preparing to open the Northern front which will slow down or completely stop the Indian advancement. In fact, the myth of Chinese activity was also communicated to Pakistan’s army to boost their moral, to keep their will to fight and hope alive. Lieutenant General A A K Niazi, the Pakistani army commander in Dhaka, was informed: “NEFA front has been activated by Chinese, although the Indians, for obvious reasons, have not announced it.” But Beijing never did.

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In Washington, Nixon analysed the situation thus: ‘If the Russians get away with facing down the Chinese and the Indians get away with licking the Pakistanis…we may be looking down the gun barrel.’ Nixon was not sure about China. Did they really intend to start a military action against India?

Soviet Union / Russian Role in the Indo Pakistan 1971 War.

As India had decided to go on with the war, and Indira Gandhi had failed to gain American support and sympathy for the Bengalis who were being tortured in East Pakistan, she finally took a hard move and on August 9, signed a treaty of peace, friendship and cooperation with Soviet Union.

The State Department historian says, ‘in the perspective of Washington, the crisis ratcheted up a dangerous notch, India and the Soviet Union have signed a treaty of peace, friendship and cooperation.’ It was a shock to America as this was what they feared, expansion of Soviet influence in South Asia. They feared that involvement of Soviet Union could sabotage their plan.

On December 4, just one day after Pakistan raided Indian airfields in Kashmir and Punjab declaring war on India, America’s proxy involvement in the war was becoming clear. Thinking that the Soviet Union might enter the war if they come to know this, which could cause a lot of destruction to Pakistan and American equipment given to Pakistan, US ambassador to the United Nations George H W Bush [later 41st president of the United States and father of George Bush] introduced a resolution in the UN Security Council, calling for a cease-fire and the withdrawal of armed forces by India and Pakistan. Believing India can win the war and Indira Gandhi being determined to protect the interest of Bengalis, Soviet Union vetoed out the resolution, thus letting India fight for the cause. Nixon and Kissinger pressurized Soviets to a very extent but luck did not support them.

Video Translated by : Ella Salomatina, The World Reporter.

On 3rd December, 1971, the World was shaken by another war between India and Pakistan. Pakistani airforce raided Indian cities and airstrips. The Indian PM, Indira Gandhi, brought the country in the state of emergency and ordered Indian army to reflect the aggression. Fierce military operations developed on the ground, in the air and in the sea.

Historic document: “Confidential. December, 10, 1971. Moscow. For the DM Marshal Andrey Grechko.

According to the information from our ambassador in Delhi, in the very first day of the conflict the Indian destroyer ‘Rajput’ had sunk a Pakistani submarine with deep bombing. On December, 4 and 9, the speed boats of India had destroyed and damaged 10 Pakistani battle ships and vessels by Soviet anti ship P-15 missiles. In addition 12 Pakistani oil storage were burned in flame.”

Britain and Soviet Confrontation

Confidential – The Commander of the Military Intelligence Service Gen. Pyotr Ivashutin.

“The Soviet Intelligence has reported that the English operative connection has come nearer to territorial India, water led by an aircraft carrier “Eagle” [On December 10]. For helping friendly India, Soviet government has directed a group of ships under the command of contr-admiral V. Kruglyakov.”

Vladimir Kruglyakov, the former (1970-1975) Commander of the 10th Operative Battle Group (Pacific Fleet) remembers:

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“I was ordered by the Chief Commander to track the British Navy’s advancement, I positioned our battleships in the Bay of Bengal and watched for the British carrier “Eagle”.

But Soviet Union didn’t have enough force to resist if they encountered the British Carrier. Therefore, to support the existing Soviet fleet in the Bay of Bengal, Soviet cruisers, destroyers and nuclear submarines, equipped with anti ship missiles, were sent from Vladivostok.

In reaction English Navy retreated and went South to Madagascar.

Soon the news of American carrier Enterprise and USS Tripoli’s advancement towards Indian water came.

V. Kruglyakov “ I had obtained the order from the commander-in-chief not to allow the advancement of the American fleet to the military bases of India”

We encircled them and aimed the missiles at the ‘Enterprise’. We had blocked their way and didn’t allow them to head anywhere, neither to Karachi, nor to Chittagong or Dhaka”.

The Soviet ships had small range rockets (only upto 300 KM). Therefore, to hold the opponent under the range, commanders ran risks of going as near to the enemy as possible.

“The Chief Commander had ordered me to lift the submarines and bring them to the surface so that it can be pictured by the American spy satellites or can be seen by the American Navy!’ It was done to demonstrate, that we had all the needed things in Indian Ocean, including the nuclear submarines. I had lifted them, and they recognized it. Then, we intercepted the American communication. The commander of the Carrier Battle Group was then the counter-admiral Dimon Gordon. He sent the report to the 7th American Fleet Commander: ‘Sir, we are too late. There are Russian nuclear submarines here, and a big collection of battleships’.

Americans returned and couldn’t do anything. Soviet Union had also threatened China that, if they ever opened a front against India on its border, they will receive a tough response from North.

Role of Sri Lanka

Pakistani high commissioner in Colombo, Seema Ilahi Baloch said in her speech addressed to Lanka-Pakistan business council in Colombo in June, 2011 that Pakistan can never forget the help which Sri Lanka offered to Pakistan during the 1971 war between India and Pakistan.

“We in Pakistan cannot forget the logistical and political support Sri Lanka extended to us in 1971 when it opened its refueling facilities for us,” she said.

Pakistani Aircraft destined to East Pakistan flew taking a round of India via Sri Lanka, since they could not fly over Indian sky. This forced Pakistan to get its aircrafts refueled on the way. Sri Lanka eager to help Pakistan, allowed Pakistani aircrafts for refueling at the Bandaranaike airport.

The war ended with the surrender of Pakistani army as they missed American help due to quick Russians who blocked both America and China from preventing India to advance. With this, a new country named Bangladesh was formed, which was recognized by the whole world and by Pakistan in the following year with Shimla Agreement.

Sanskar Shrivastava is the founder of international students' journal, The World Reporter. Passionate about dynamic occurrence in geopolitics, Sanskar has been studying and analyzing geopolitcal events from early life. At present, Sanskar is a student at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture and will be moving to Duke University.
  • Ok.I am Pakistani.In Bangladesh Pakistan did bad .What india is doing in Kashmir.Total population hate india.Indian army is not doing well in Kashmir.They are raping Kashmirs girls.Is it right or wrong.What about babri mosque and gujrat incident.Indian government is involved in Balochistan dispute and Karachi terorism.These are few examples.It is fashion to say bad to Pakistan.is india innocent.Think ?
    Answer me if you have courage.
    My email address is.
    [email protected]

    • ttpompy

      do u know the voting percentage in kashmir ? stop sending terrorist to india ok! babri mosque was demolished because it was the birth place of lord RAM whom an islamic invader named babar destroyed and built mosque over it, do you justify such things in islam?…balochistan is not connected with india by land so there is no involvement what so ever!! look at your karachi episode in vice news, where pathans fighting mahajirs and baloch fightings othres lolz, totally a city of jokes… please watch welcome to karachi ok!!.. yes in guj, godhra incident happened and its already proven that there was a pakistani connection who burned 80 hindus to ignite the riots

  • @yasirbm928

    The article doesn’t cite what Pakistan did in Bangladesh or What India is doing in Kashmir, The article is about how US, England, Russia and China were involved in the war.

    India knows what Pakistan did, and Pakistan knows what India did. But many people in both the nations do not know how US, China, Russia and England was involved.

    Let us not divert from the topic

    Anyway, About Kashmir, many allegations against India are true, but not all.. IF everything was true then Kashmiris wouldnt have voted in the election. Their turn out was more than 50% which means they believe in Indian democratic system and do not wish to move away from India.

    Babri Mazjid is criticised everywhere even in India, most of the leaders lost the popularity. this is one of the cause why BJP couldn’t come in power again despite so much development which was done in their time.

    But a matured Indian system, supreme court has resolved the issue and there is peace everywhere.

    About Gujarat incident, even Indian criticize those who were involved. Though nothing has been proved completely, but popularity of Narendra Modi has gone down.. But his development record, good governance and thinking is so amazing that Gujarat alone can be compared with many European countries in terms of economy and facility. His incredible achievement makes him popular and a potential candidate for Prime Minister in the next election. Everything about Gujarat riot is still not clear and nobody can be blamed.

    There is no proof of Indian involvement in Balochistan and Karachi terrorism with Pakistan, India had proof of Kasab’s pakistani indentity and they shared with Pakistan as well as 100 other countries. But Pakistan never shared the evidence even after being asked by India.

    • Suraksh Shetty

      Well , I am a proud Indian & i am unhappy with your comments.

      India has not done anything at Kashmir. Its pakistan which is trying to destabilise India by providing Guns to the Kashmiris. Kashmir is and would be an integral part of India.

      India has a fundamentally strong Judiciary, a stable government , 2.5 million strong armed force, a country where people believe in democracy.

      As regards communal tension , Pakistan shouldnt teach us anything bcoz there is genocide going inside pakistan against Christians , Hindus.

      India is developing fast & has an aim to become the World Superpower, which they will with time.

  • India never invoalved in any terror activities in balochistan or Karachi. Pak is trying to divert attention, and blame everything on india and america for its own problem. Pak should take a long look at their path and decide the future. One mosque war destroyed. How many temples are destroyed in pak daily and how many are converted to hotels daily? Why cant u see whats happening in pak? Godhra riots started when muslims burnt alive hundreds of hindu pilgrims travelling in train. Both communities died in the riots. All the four wars was started by pak. If india had started any war, there would be no pak today. India wanted peace. When vajpayee was in lahore talking to pak. Pak quietly sent troops to kargil.

  • Indian army in Kashmir is protecting people there. Few terrorists are interrogated there. Infiltrators are killed. Thats what they are doing. In kashmir very people face violent death than the rest of the country, it is the reality. It is pak that is creating an illusion of violence.

  • During that period USA and Russia were the real super powers and it was they who dictated the terms and conditions of global political mobilization as per their sphere of influence and mental inclination. But things have changed drastically with the rapid authoritative progress by China both in influence and military capabilities across complete Asia. Neither the disintegrated Russia nor the beaten back America, can now play their role without pleasing/obtaining permission of China.
    In the whole gamut,India as of now stands nearly isolated,encircled and totally dominated by the diplomatic,economic and military capability of the Chinese.
    The non involvement of China during 1971 war,now appears to be their own master plan rather than threat of Russia. The tremendous mistrust,distrust and enmity generated after the liberation(formation) of Bangladesh,between India and Pakistan,was to the advantage and win-win achievement to Chinese game plan. While successfully injecting failure oriented hatred against USA in the mind of Pakistan(nearly converted to reality now),the Chinese moved their pawns in a superlative master skill to checkmate the political supremacy in this region step by step as under–
    1) By removing Majibur Rahman,India’s influence on Bangladesh was cut short permanently
    2)Advising Pakistan to ensure a huge influx of Muslim fundamentalist to India and spread across the nation, in the guise of distressed/displaced Hindus, who could be gainfully utilized in various subservient/terrorist activities (as is seen now)
    3)To throttle any move by India specially in western front(J&K included),the Chinese Installed a strong army base at the gilgit region (donated by Pakistan).
    4) After eliminating the popular King, the Chinese,brought Nepal under their control through a Marxist movement
    5)Democratically elected government at Myanmar was prevented to take charge,by engineering a puppet army rule.
    6)Iran was brought under their wings by providing diplomatic and material assistance.
    7)China is now busy in spreading their influence in all Muslim Arab countries with anti American propaganda,and by providing necessary support.
    Had the American Bastards (as per their own diplomatic dictionary),acted with human brain a skill and vision today the political scenario of entire subcontinent would have been different.

    • KumarPalani

      United States once spent millions on Middle East and it all came down to 9/11 China will soon learn lessons

    • Roy Raden

      China is not invincible as quite evident in the Vietnam war. Chinese do not yet posses the expertise to threaten India,with the current regime in the centre things will only improve in the centre with the resurgent economy and the sphere of influence is only rising. Also Bloomberg Business article reflects that even Russia is apprehensive of China as is evident in its overtures to Japan and South Korea. India is no longer the 1962 India its economy and military will continue to reflect that.

      • asit guin

        China is nature-deputed neighbor
        of India. In 1962, some unwanted incidents occurred in India-china border,
        which could have been avoided by proper diplomatic intelligence. However, in
        1965, when Indian army reached Lahore, an important city of Pakistan, India-china
        border remained peaceful. In 1971, when Indian army reached Dhaka, the then
        capital of East Pakistan, India-china border remained peaceful, calm and quiet.
        In 1993 India-china border agreement is signed. The agreement is such that both
        sides are supposed to continue with their CLAIM, but nobody will take any ACTION
        and status quo will be maintained. So,
        presently India-china border is peaceful calm and quiet. One should be
        realistic before fabrication of fictions and unrealistic story of PROBABLE

  • Anonymous


    War started on 21st November 1971, not 3rd December 1971.

  • @Anonymous

    It was officially from 3rd December to 16th December.

  • @yasirbm928::
    I don’t agree with your comment “In Bangladesh Pakistan did bad”, TRUTH is “Pakistanis did worst or Horrible”, they killed 3 million people, mostly Hindu, raped women. That’s the worst Genocide, after Hitler.
    Let me tell you 1 thing, Pakistan always wanted Kashmir, and fought 3 wars and what did they got? NOTHING, To the worst, they lost Bangladesh!!! Are you guys are the biggest FOOLs and your politicians are the God damn stupid!! LOL…
    East Pakistan were your own country, your own people, even majority Muslims(As Pak is a Islamic country) n why did you repress them, kill them!!! And now you are saying INDIANS killing Kashmirs!!! Is Indian army stationed in Kashmir before!!! You guys started Terrorism, that’s why Army comes to pic, and let me tell you, Militants started killing Kashmiri Hindus. AND now No Kashmiri wants to join Pakistan, as they know very well about the current situation of your country, every day people are dying in the blast!!! Let me make you understand ONE thing, if still you and your people didn’t understand: EVEN YOU FIGHT WITH INDIA FOR THOUSAND YEARS, YOU WILL NEVER GOT AN INCH OF THE KASHMIR, MIGHT LOST ANOTHER PART LIKE YOU DID IN 1971. KASHMIR WAS AN INTEGRAL PART OF INDIA N IT WILL REMAIN THE SAME FOREVER.

    Regarding Babri Mazjid and Gujurat incident, please mind your own business, that’s totally internal affair to INDIA. Muslims in INDIA living in peace and growing with Incredible INDIA. Talking about minority, how many Hindus, Christians live in Pakistan and how many temples, churches are in Pakistan!!! We have 13.4% Muslims in India, who are ready to sacrifice their life for Mother INDIA. We are a secular country and will be in future. And do you have little SHAME blaming INDIA for terrorist, LOL, are you OUT OF YOUR GOD DAMN MIND? You are the f*** terrorists, whole world knows what you did and doing right now!!!

    Please stop hatred on INDIANs, just live in peace and let us live and prosper. We are not animals!!! Is it WORTH fight for nth, as many people are in poverty, dieing becoz of Hunger. Is that a country Muhammad Ali Jinnah dreamed of when Pakistan created??

    • Aneesh

      Why Pakistan Army mostly Rape Hindu Women ? why they don’t rape Muslim Women ? Because as per Holy Quran at the End of World there will be a war between Muslim and Non Muslim (Mainly Hindu, Christian, Buddhist …etc.) And Muslim will Defeat By Non Muslim in first war. And after the second war They will win and they will kill all Non Muslim Specially Hindu. So every Muslim think that Hindu People are Dangerous So if they get any kind of chance to hurt Hindu people they will not loose. And one more thing As per Holy Quran every Muslim are brothers even they are Pakistan or Indians. even they are enemies they are brothers . Ask any Muslim if u want to

  • @yasirbm928
    I don’t agree with your comment “In Bangladesh Pakistan did bad”, TRUTH is “Pakistanis did worst or Horrible”, they killed 3 million people, mostly Hindu, raped women. That’s the worst Genocide, after Hitler.
    Let me tell you 1 thing, Pakistan always wanted Kashmir, and fought 3 wars and what did they got? NOTHING, To the worst, they lost Bangladesh!!! Are you guys are the biggest FOOLs and your politicians are the God damn stupid!! LOL…
    East Pakistan were your own country, your own people, even majority Muslims(As Pak is a Islamic country) n why did you repress them, kill them!!! And now you are saying INDIANS killing Kashmirs!!! Is Indian army stationed in Kashmir before!!! You guys started Terrorism, that’s why Army comes to pic, and let me tell you, Militants started killing Kashmiri Hindus. AND now No Kashmiri wants to join Pakistan, as they know very well about the current situation of your country, every day people are dying in the blast!!! Let me make you understand ONE thing, if still you and your people didn’t understand: EVEN YOU FIGHT WITH INDIA FOR THOUSAND YEARS, YOU WILL NEVER GOT AN INCH OF THE KASHMIR, MIGHT LOST ANOTHER PART LIKE YOU DID IN 1971. KASHMIR WAS AN INTEGRAL PART OF INDIA N IT WILL REMAIN THE SAME FOREVER.

    Regarding Babri Mazjid and Gujurat incident, please mind your own business, that’s totally internal affair to INDIA. Muslims in INDIA living in peace and growing with Incredible INDIA. Talking about minority, how many Hindus, Christians live in Pakistan and how many temples, churches are in Pakistan!!! We have 13.4% Muslims in India, who are ready to sacrifice their life for Mother INDIA. We are a secular country and will be in future. And do you have little SHAME blaming INDIA for terrorist, LOL, are you OUT OF YOUR GOD DAMN MIND? You are the f*** terrorists, whole world knows what you did and doing right now!!!

    Please stop hatred on INDIANs, just live in peace and let us live and prosper. We are not animals!!! Is it WORTH fight for nth, as many people are in poverty, dieing becoz of Hunger. Is that a country Muhammad Ali Jinnah dreamed of when Pakistan created??

    • prince

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    I thought you write all articles, I see this is taken or has been copied from here.. 🙁


  • @Anonymous
    Oh my god! thanks for letting us know. We published this article on 30th OCt, they copied on 5th nov. I am goinig to raise this issue.

    Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Many facts in this article are wrong. Readers should refer to the recent book of Sharmila Bose, an Indian on the subject. There has never been an independent enquiry of alleged atrocities by Pakistan Army. The facts provided are from Indian propaganda machinery. Can 24,000 Pakistani soldiers rape half a million Bengali women in about 9 months?

    • Raghu Reddy

      Its possible. Ask Bengalis.Why blame India when its Bangladeshis who tell so.

  • @Anonymous

    We never mentioned on our article that a small number of Pakistani amry raped half a million Bengali women. We said Pakistani army was involved in mass killing and rape of women.

    Please go through the article sources and reports links listed at the end of the article for the verification of the facts.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks a lot Svetlana for the article…

  • Anonymous

    We Indians love Russia and thanks Russians for their support… If we are in the race of being a superpower then its not only the hardwork of our people but also the cooperation and help given by Russians.. Will soon visit Russia to see Kremlin and to travel in Trans Siberian train 🙂

    • Raghu Reddy

      dont keeping on saying we are in race to be superpower. As an Indian you make me laugh too!!!!!!!. India needs to be strong,good match for China in all areas.

  • Anonymous

    I am an indian and i am very thankful to russian government and people of russia who helped us in all our bad times and now world is saying that india and russia are perfect partners.I want to appriciate sveltana for her keen observation about india and its 100% correct
    [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    @yasirbm928, ab bolti q band ho gayi….hai koi jawab. India pe ainveyi alligation na lagao..

  • Anonymous


    How 24000 army raped half a million women?

    LOL. 90000 pakistani surrendered in East pakistan where 20 thousand were civilian. Which means 5-6 rape by One soldier(exculuding. Pakistani civilian can and did raped many innocent girls and women, and many soldier died and some did not surrendered) in 9 months equal 1 rape in 54 days is simple possible( Especially for pakistani who inherited raping capablity of mughal muslim).

    @ Author.

    Great and best article about foriegn involvement in Indo-Pak war 1971. Thanks.

  • Today’s pakistani says that they did bad in bangladesh. but they don’t have the honest courage to beg marchy for what they did in 1971. They left a country of cry,blood,destruction… they killed most of our Intellectuals including teacher,doctor,engineer,student.so u pak,show ur minimum humanity,ask for pardon nationally for your deeds of 1971.

  • surinder

    Very interesting and very accurate. I was present personally in Moscow when late Mr. DP Dhar was informed (on telephone) by the Soviet Prime Minister about the deployment/movement of American 7th fleet in the Bay of Bengal. That they would prevent its movement – as evidenced above – and that India should finish the conflict as soon as possible. He was assured that the Soviet Ambassador would veto any resolution in the UN Security Council which was not to the liking of India.

    Mr. Dhar had come to Moscow during the height of the conflict to consult with the Soviet authorities in what manner the conflict may evolve and what was the repercussions could be with the involvement of China and US. The British were only bystanders without any serious input to the situationh. With the passing away of Mr. AK Damodaran yesterday, all the witnesses to these events,, except one writing this, have gone to their graves. There are of course historical documents but the verbal history would be lost as there is no serious attempt in India to look at this most significant event whose ripple effects are still vibrating.

    • Agastya Marakandeya

      May I request you to write down everything you remember and put it on a website.
      Or put it as a blog article. That is free. It will also remain forever.

    • G S Batabyal

      Sir,May I request you to convey your contact number to me on my id [email protected].I am writing a thesis,and would much like to take an oral interview over phone if you kindly agree.Thanking in anticipation.

  • Anonymous

    ha ha ha NOOB comments here ..especially Pakistani ones…well all i know is that USA sent nuke capable USS Enterprise to bay of Bengal to show its strength against Indian A/C carrier during the naval blockade of East Pakistan .. they soviets then deployed (2 or more i guess) submarines in that area ..a massive confrontation was avoided when US sensed the presence of Soviet Subs in that area and they moved towards the South China sea 😀 …it was then India saw a need of developing nuclear strike capabilities and went for smiling Buddha in 1974 😀

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    and y the hell do our comments need approval all the time O_O …y not simply publish it -__-

  • U S is all i know is a good country…….good democrats but i think most of them are corrupt …as pakistan give their money back to us politicians and they happily support pakistan over india…freaks us…bullshit us

  • Thanks for appreciating the work which has been done in collecting all information and presenting here.

    @Anonymous: We need to moderate comment to filter out the foul languages sometimes used by commentators.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Dheeman

    It isn’t as simple as in 1971.I’ll tell you what’s it’s like now-The scenario has changed, Bangladesh is slowly slipping into a pro radical Islamic state, thanks to ISI.

    It should have been after 1971, Bangladesh sharing a cordial relations with us like Bhutan.Alas, it is not so.

    Any disgruntled and frustrated Pakistani is free to counter blame and demonize India,they are not a threat.But a handful of ISI operatives fomenting trouble certainly are.

    Soon, you will see a demand for a separate ‘Mughalistan’ as an extension of Bangladesh in the North East.I am a local so I know.Massive Infiltration of poor Muslim Bangladeshis is rampant-They are outnumbering us 3 to 1 in majority of places in Assam.

    The demography of North East India is changing,with ISI radicalizing Muslims,this is a disaster waiting to happen.There is concrete proof of china supporting Northeastern militant groups by supplying arms.

    The situation is getting bad out here,I doubt whether anyone in rest of India really gauges the threat of China-Pak conspiracy by using Bangladesh as the perpetrator. God help us…

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    what all i can say is thank you russia.love you russia.

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    thank you for letting me know the fact. very impressive information.

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    Indians belong to r1a1a strain of people like east Europeans and Russians. This means if Slavic people mate with Indians, the kids will still look Slavic. Negroid Tribes in India account to around 20% (scheduled casts and tribal) of the population the rest is r1a1a, many look non caucasian because of lack of grooming and high UV radiation in India. This is a singular opportunity for Slavic people to increase their population, don’t let Chinese demographic shift inundate your country, invite safe Indian immigrants.

  • india will repay to russia in future.

    thanks russia

    • KumarPalani

      India is already repaying Russia, we never participated in the western world’s pointless economic Sanctions and are buying a considerable amount of goods and raw materials from Russia.

      We Indians Should Never Forget the day Russians Helped us.

      • Alan Moore

        its a lie

        • Kedar Joshi

          its not a lie..
          india must take revange…..
          must refuse any relation with u.s.a.

          • Alan Moore

            now that Pakistan has nuclear weapons India has missed the bus

          • QV3

            China now owns the US.
            The Mexicans want their annexed territories back.
            Russia has more nukes than the US.
            The US has never won a war since the Vietnamese made them flee with tail between legs on the rooftops of Saigon.
            The US lives in la la land.
            India has the Brahmos. Porkis nukes might kill half a billion.
            But India’s nukes will reduce Porkstan to ashes.
            Porks are stupid. But not that stupid.
            BTW, I understand the Pentagon wants Porkstan balkanised.

          • Rishav Kashyap

            hahahaha kid India has got enough support from the world and the nukes that we have can demolish the existence of pakistan within hours and we have got support from israel as well so the US will never intervene or go against india now

        • QV3

          LIARS live in the LYING WEST.
          /The US LIES — PEOPLE DIE
          Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Latin America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria.
          130 countries since 1945.

    • michael nieves

      Thanks russia but you don’t go to live in Russia, you go to US where the economy is good alright!

      • edl

        brain drain is a big problem for india too

        • QV3

          Last I read more than 11 million Americans have successfully left the US for good and renounced citizenship.
          Those wanting to can’t because of Exhorbitant Exit Tax.

      • QV3

        Last I read, Germans are flocking to Russia.
        And Indians are returning to their home country.
        US economy goood??????? What meds are you on?
        100 million unemployed; tent cities sprouting all over like mushrooms, 50 million on foodstamps, etc.

      • Gaurav Dubey

        Hey are you Russian Bro ???Plz. Tell Me And We Will Disqus In future Also…….

  • Anonymous

    Bengal joining with Pakistan was wrong in 1948.Which Sarat Basu,A.K Fazlul Haque,Sattendra Nath Datta,C.R Das Hussain Shurawardhy wanted a Greater Bengal.But dirty politics created to separate two nation theory with religious identity Hindu and Islam.Bengal has nothing to do with religious to separate the Bengali people,as a nation we are Bengali first then religion,what ever you practice.It’s your believe and practice.Unfortunate after independence of Pakistan we used to hear Kashmir,”Mar ke langa Kashmir,Jet ke lega Kashmir”it’s nonsense to escalated religious as weapon,killing all the innocent people.Pakistan attitude towards his neighboring countries must have to be change,old Theology Jihad has different meaning it’s not war it also says about his/her purification of sole.Stop all these bulling stories by Pakistan,now in 2011 Lt.Gen Hamid Gul ISI Director General Said”Two nation one Theory”,if you are brave come to Bangladesh we will bring all those culprit for international court of justice,which thousands of Military escapes from Bangladesh,which Bangladesh has the right to prosecute the.Pakistan politician including religious leaders are culprit and corrupted,they must surrender these people to Bangladesh to prosecute who are still alive.We Bangladesh Arm forces and Muktijuddha are hand in hand with Mitra Bahini India and Russia help us to liberate our country,Thank you very much.
    Pakistan politics is a garbage,no decent people can not stay in Pakistan,maximum of them lair and Fundamentalist Islamic country,who surrender the Uyghur people in exchange of nuclear technology and gave lease Kashmir to communist china.

  • yes really Russians are india’s best frient as if it wasn’t help us in the time of need then we might be lost the war with pakistan & U.S.A in 1971.

  • @Svetlana Petrova

    Firstly, Brilliant article. I for one have read about this entire episode some years ago in the book Nixon, Indira And India: Politics And Beyond which It is heart warming to see someone write an article about this after so many years as these according to me were the golden period in India Soviet relations in the field of Geo politics. Too bad that during the next renewal of the treaty between Russia and India the clause of ‘security’ was dropped otherwise we would have been a formidable force to counter the Chinese influence in the region. India and China have a lot of border disputes and now the South China Sea haggling has added some more oil in the fire.

    Lastly, it is also strange to compare the situation now and back in the 1970’s. America and Britain threatened to almost nuke India taking Pakistan’s side and now America and Britain are both super friendly with us. Strange eh, success of a country can turn former foes into friends.

    I remember one quote from the book I mentioned above in which when Nixon got to know about ‘India’s invasion of Bangladesh he said “Those Indians are the most aggressive god damn people around”. hahah, if he only cared for human lives.

    Keep churning some more stuff like this.


  • Anonymous

    Great article.
    India and Russia are FRIENDS FOREVER,
    I have a great honour and Love for Russia and it increased by this article.Love Russia.

  • Anonymous

    well…russia has paid the price in war against afghanistan and every body knows the role of pakistan in that war…… can any body counts his parts now….

    now india its your turn we won’t divide you in parts rather we will raise our flag in india and time is not far

    • Anonymous

      Welcome… India is waiting for u brother…

    • Anonymous

      Dude, first survive the bombs that are blasting in your country every other day…then think of attacking any one else…

  • Anonymous

    you will never achieve your goal you will eat grass for thousand years and die out slowly from the world.

  • Anonymous

    No way………….Pakistan just wanted dictator and hate brotherhood………liberty and democracy are their enemy……..i luv innocent Pakistani but i hate their…..terror in the name of god

  • Anonymous

    we must know that we the people are mortal, there is no point in fighting……..remember we’ ve one destination..IE..death……

  • @Svetlana Petrova

    I just love your article, this is a brilliant work. I love Russia and their people a lot.
    without the Russian help things could have been much different. They are our true friend who always help us in every difficult situation we face.
    <3 <3 this is to Russia <3 <3

  • krishnan

    jai jai russia,we all indians(120 crore)always thanks to russia.each other love &help will continue until the end of world.

  • Anonymous

    dekha if we (indians) stand alltogether then no america,england and china can make us apart

  • i’m naresh an indian… Dividing pakisthan with india is big issue:) in future , if east pakisthan is in existance means , its very problematic for india:-) themself they(pakisthan)dig a pit:-) may be its an idea from thinkers from india to separate pakisthan:-) any ways now bangladesh is safe:-) in proper hands:-)?

  • during 1971 war 🙂 russia friendship is essential:-) luckyly they helped us:-) russia is real super power:-) credit goes to indira for her bold decision to join hands with russia:-) present truth is pakisthan trying to take revenge by separating jand k from india:-) not possible:-)

  • i’m naresh an indian… Dividing pakisthan with india is big issue:) in future , if east pakisthan is in existance means , its very problematic for india:-) themself they(pakisthan)dig a pit:-) may be its an idea from thinkers from india to separate pakisthan:-) any ways now bangladesh is safe:-) in proper hands:-)?

  • Kuladeep Patil

    @Svetlana Petrova thanks swetlana… Long live Rus India friendship.. I Love Rus and Rusians

  • Anonymous

    we peoples(hindus) r very thankful to russians. thanks for ur support. we(hindus) love russia and will always support u whenever u need.

    • ravi teja

      brother it will b nice to say indians , there are many people from different religions ,took part in building india ,hail russia, hail india , hail universal brother hood !

      • Steve Bakewell

        80% of Indians are Hindus so.

        • rais

          But don’t forget there are more Muslims in India than Pakistan. The partition got rid of a cancerous portion of Indian society that would have threatened India’s unity. The Muslims who remained in India showed their worth by standing against Pakistan along with the rest of India.

          • Steve Bakewell

            Partition only stole land from Hindus and gave it to Muslims, if you love Muslims good for you! i do not like them or trust them.. historically they’ve brought nothing but misery on Hindus and for that i will not acknowledge their existence.

          • rais

            I don’t know how your recognition of Indian Muslims is suppose to change anything, but I’ll bite. As far as the modern India is concerned, Indian Muslims have been inert or even a positive for India’s policies when it comes to terrorism or conflicts with Pakistan (as in Pakistan has to smuggle their Muslims in to attack India even though India has the second-largest Muslim population in the world). Indian Muslims serve in the democratic process and are integral parts of the Indian military. Although I disagree with the special treatment given by the govt. to people (especially Muslims) based on religion, I consider that a legal bureaucratic issue stemming from the past when we were uncertain about the loyalty of Indian Muslims to India.

            I don’t like or trust Islam, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize the patriotism Indian Muslims have shown by choosing to remain with a secular India and defending it against countries like Pakistan. If you are going to hold a grudge against people for the crimes committed by their ancestors, that’s up to you. But I personally don’t find much value in wasting time and energy maintaining hostilities with imaginary enemies for sake of having one.

          • Steve Bakewell

            Have you forgotten the Muslim majority Kashmir is the only state in India which has its own flag? i’m not so sure about their allegiance to India and there have been many Muslim terrorist attacks in India which wasn’t from Pakistan.

            Look i won’t be convinced unless Muslims themselves talk to me about their “supposed” love for a Hindu majority India instead of Hindus talking on behalf of them as if they need a voice.

            From what i can tell Muslims in general don’t have a very high opinion of Hindus and i don’t see how with that knowledge i’m supposed to “trust” them.

          • jithin

            In any country of the world, the minorities have fear of majorities. Whether it is blacks in america or muslims/christians in india.
            The requirement of Pakistan to send jihadist via arabian sea to conduct mumbai attacks itself is a proof that there are few takers of pakistan’s agenda in indian soil. Yes there are unhappy muslim youth, the reason for which is big mouth hindu politicians who conveniently forget the secular basis of our constitution, and partly it has to be blamed to the poor economic indicators among muslims due to historical reason, for which the govt is taking positive actions like reservation in government jobs for minority community and scholarship for students of minority community.

          • Steve Bakewell

            Muslims are not minorities,they are the second largest majority. posed to become the largest Muslim population on earth by 2050.

            “it has to be blamed to the poor economic indicators among muslims due to historical reason”
            What “Historical reason”!? Historically Muslims have ruled India and belong to the higher ruling class! they should be giving Hindus reservations&scholarships!

            Bleeding heart leftist liberals like you disgust me! you people have a warped view on reality and can only see in your flawed minority Vs majority narrative.

          • QV3

            Muslims only ruled India for 762 years and LOST in the end.
            They were shocked to find a Hindu majority.
            Hindus have contributed to mankind and the world.
            Muslims only offer death, destruction, sex, sex, sex. Their brains are on the edge of the ……

          • Steve Bakewell

            Muslims NEVER ruled entire India, from the state i come from historically it was never ruled by Muslims en masse.

          • Peter Aremone

            India’s so called secularism is basically a GENOCIDE program of Hindus

          • QV3

            By the CONGRESS traitors.

          • Sajith

            lol u believe that

          • Steve Bakewell

            I love how you blame Hindu politicians but not the venom spewing imams.

            the poor economic indicators among muslims due to historical reason
            What historical reason? Did the gauri/Aurangzeb gold loot from Hindu temples run out??

          • R.Jaffar

            Pakistani Kashmir has its own flag too

          • QV3

            Oh yes, we see how high an opinion Europeans have for muslims. Rape Rampage by Muslims all over Europe a virtue?

          • Kedar Joshi

            you bloody fool…
            ur trying to divide us again..
            that bloody stratagy (divide and rule) will not work again

          • Steve Bakewell

            I’m simply listing historical FACTS! babar,aurangzeb,humayun etc they all waged wars on Hindus, took millions of Hindu women&xhildren as sex slaves and converted people with discriminatory taxes on Hindus and by force.

            THAT’S A FACT! and as far as “Divide&Rule” goes Hindus&Muslims have been warring since Mohd bin quasim invaded Sindh, Hindus&Muslims have centuries of bad blood.

            You may run from facts i don’t! so that makes YOU a fool.

          • QV3

            Muslims have a track record of 1400 years of DESTROY, MURDER. And it continues.
            Entire civilisations were destroyed by muslims.
            Muslims and islam do NOT create. Its alien to them.

          • Abdul Rahim

            Yes… Muslims in India are loving India more than anything else. We are Indians and we will stand with her in all of its struggles and successes. We are inferior to none in protecting our Mother Land. We are Muslims in our homes and we are definitely Indians when we are out of our homes…!

          • Kedar Joshi

            u r right…
            here are some bloody fools who r appling that old stratagy divide and rule..
            no one can know untill become patriot and a true indian

          • Shadaan

            The high caste Hindus are the worst exploiters of India and the enemies of India that divide and rule.

          • Shadaan

            Very well said.

        • Shadaan

          India is a secular country as per the constitution and not a Hindu state. All people who have Indian citizenship are equal in the eyes of the law.

          • Steve Bakewell

            I never said India was a Hindu State! it is&will be a SECULAR state unlike 99% of Islamic majority states in the world.

          • QV3

            India is a Democracy, practicing secularism with a Hindu majority.
            Those who do not like it –what’s keeping you in India. Pack up and leave for any of the 57 islamic paradise.

          • Steve Bakewell

            Plz learn the meaning of secularism first, it means a GOVT without religion.

          • QV3

            Mr. Modi is a devout Hindu. The running of day to day operations might run on democratic, secular lines to a limit.
            Ever read about cows being protected? Of cow vigilantes?
            The government of Mr. Modi is HINDU.
            too bad it rankles you.

          • Steve Bakewell

            6/10 Troll harder.

          • QV3

            Why? Truth hurts? Go take your meds, loser.

          • Steve Bakewell

            5/10 c’mon, give it your A game!

          • QV3

            Truth rankles, no? LOSER!

          • Steve Bakewell

            You’re a fucking idiot.

          • QV3

            HAHAHA. Wanker, Git! HAHAHA. LOSER!

          • Shadaan

            But the constitution is not Hindu and that was a blessing especially the low caste Hindus who are not regarded as people. Look into yourself and you will find a divisive and violent person who has no respect for the law.

          • Shadaan

            First try and look at the injustice wihin the hindu society itself. They practised caste system abusing the lower caste and treating the cows better than the Dalits. How are you a nation with these kind of atroicities and violence against millions of your own? f India is a democracy and a secular state than you are contradicting yourself by isolating one group. In a secular state there is no dominating religion and people are free to practise their religion as they please without being abused by narrow minded people like you.

          • QV3

            Pity some muslims like Owaisi and Waris Pathan prefer to side with islamist jihadists and offer legal service to them.
            More pity the secular India is ridden with mentally deranged leftists, bleeding heart liberals, and traitors like Arundhiti Roy.
            The Central government should throw a gauntlet: For or Against India.

          • Steve Bakewell

            I never said Muslims should be thrown out, STOP FEARING US AS IF YOU’RE NOT OUR LITERAL GODDAMNED​ BROTHERS!!

            sigh.. see? U Muslims are so damn insecure and insular you forget you are our brothers.

        • Mohammed Hassan

          There are 160 million Muslims in India , enough to create another Pakistan , you cannot deny them. Muslim created Pakistan. But Hindu didn’t create India. India was already there with mixed race and mixed religion.

          • Steve Bakewell

            If they want isolate themselves and keep opposed to Hindus then i shall ignore such entities! Muslims have done well in ignoring the sentiments and culture of over 900+mill Hindus so yeah….

            But Hindu didn’t create India.
            You’re so wrong!! Both india and pakistan was created by the Brits!! Indian subcontinent was Hindu! Islam is a violent invasive cult and should be treated as such!!

            HINDUISM is a fusion of ideas, of the concept that motherland is their holy land, for you Muslims only Arab sand is sacred, why not go live there?

    • Sajith

      U R the reason why India is still developing

  • Anonymous

    ok ok what did Russia in 1971 and they paid in Afghanistan …pak took the revenge Badley …so where is Russian superpower now ….India helped Russia in afghanistan as well but they both defeated by isi and how many states lost by Russia …

  • @Anonymous
    Russia was forced to leave Afghanistan by CIA and ISI supported Mujaheddin. That was the time when ISI learned these tactics which it used against India. I do not think Pakistan alone defeated Russia. ISI has not defeated India in any war. Soviet Union did not breakup because of ISI or Pakistan.

  • sangram

    China is going to milk client states as its own backyard is highly polluted
    through uncontrolled industrialization.

  • Sagar

    India will always support Russia. When whole world was against us , Russia backed India. Love from India. India has changed over these last two decades. Right from Space Technology to Defense System + Economics , India made reasonable advancement. This makes world to take note of India in important matters.

    We will cont. to improve our strategic relationship with Russia by sharing technology + Business with Russia. India has good talent pool , Our scientist should leave NASA and Join ISRO.

    Salute Russia!

    Important Quote :-

    A Person can trust serpent but not American / Britishers. This is coz , they are most opportunistic people on earth.

  • Vigilantcitizen

    Many of you are praising the USSR, which for some of you (and the author) was India’s salvation. The U.S. and Britain were the enemy, opportunists, exploiters etc., ignoring American foreign aid and the British humanitarian assistance helping modernize India.

    You conveniently forget the USSR betrayal of India when the Soviets gave Mao the go ahead and punish India in 1962, which he did, humiliating and defeating the Indian army and seizing Tibet! Read Mao: the Untold story by Jung Chang.

    • revoltman

      True, India should balance its relations carefully.

    • KumarPalani

      Soviets never authorized Chinese move on India, in reality it was a move made by the Chinese on their own. Although some believe China was a Soviet Client state, it was never true, the Influence Soviets had over eastern Europe or Korea was far little than what they had on China.

      Chinese mostly acted on their own, Mr. Mao was not a man who can be told what to do and what not. After Stalin, Chino-soviet relationship deteriorated constantly till they broke off and China kissed its arch rival United States.

      • Vigilantcitizen

        In retrospect (hindsight is always best), we Americans should perhaps
        have supported India in the cold war, but it was India that picked the
        USSR, so what were we to do? It was a geopolitical game between the two superpowers and the fact is most everybody else were pawns. U.S. and Britain have done a lot for India, whether you admit it or not!

        You KumarPalani wrote: “Soviets never authorized Chinese move on
        India, in reality it was a move made by the Chinese on their own.”
        Authorize, approve, give a nod, semantics is all semantics.

        Brezhnev did give Mao the OK to attack India; Mao was itching to
        attack and teach India a lesson and the Russians relented. Brezhnev
        could have said No and used the Soviet fleet (as they did in the Bay of
        Bengal in the war in the India – Pakistan War of 1971) as a big stick,
        not to mention provide logistics and intelligence to India.

        But the Russians did not do so! They abandoned India when having to
        choose between India and China. So let’s not forget that inconvenient
        fact! Read the book I recommended previously; it documents the
        geopolitics of this area well!

        By the posting going on here (for 3 years!), it appears that the
        Indians are better friends than the Pakistanis. Indians/Hindu friendship
        with Russia today is still solid and the appreciation of Indians for
        Russia is palpable and noted. Unlike the Indians, the Pakistanis and
        Afghans have played a double game with the U.S. during the war on
        terror. Once they defeated the Russian bear, they have no use for
        America’s friendship, only foreign aid!

        America had to work on her own to capture and execute Bin Laden, for
        example, who had been hiding under the very noses of Pakistani

        Nevertheless, we Americans do not forget friends either. The story
        of a brave Afghan who worked with America is telling. I recommend you
        read it:


        I also admit Putin is a better and more sincere President for Russia
        than Obama is for the U.S. (but his term thankfully ends in two years!).
        I have enjoyed reading your article and the posts here. It has been

        • KumarPalani

          I Completely agree with the fact that US had little chance but to ally with Pakistan (It was inevitable cold war politics). However the reason was not that India choose Soviets over US and US was forced to support Pakistan.

          In reality US always wanted (and preferred) India over Pakistan, but by this time, India was purely Neutral (Non-Aligned) coz of a base less logic developed by late (*thankfully) Mr. Nehru (Damn First Prime Minister).

          Since India was not interested to be an US ally (or a client state) Pakistan was the next logical option for US. And once United States (automatically the western world) started to supply and support Pakistan. It became impossible for India to face things alone, and hence was forced to seek support (to balance Pakistan not to oppose US or to Join the Soviet Group of states) from Soviet Union.

          And speaking of Chinese Move on India, (1962) Soviet union never gave a go, but surely they were not able to support India against their ally (by then) China.

          And if you pay attention to what happened later you will understand that India was never a Soviet Ally by choice, but due to compulsion.

          Once China attacked India, and Soviets were not ready to help, Nehru sort some kind of friendship with United States, he even allowed a base for US spy planes to track China in return for assurance that US will help India if China attacked.

          John Kennedy once stated that US should assure India, that if China attacked again US will directly involve…

          But that never happened, thanks to Mr. Nixon, who openly supported a brutal dictatorship and its move to crush a move for freedom (1971 war), directly threatened India by sending nuclear threats, career fleet and called India's Honorable Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi as a Witch. As a bonus he also lobbied China to attack India, or to mass troops on Indian border (*in support of Pakistan). (More than enough to ruin relationship for a long time)


          And to start a New Chapter (US-India Relationship), India will be glad to befriend any nation (mutually) and work with them. And it is more than true that US has done its share of good for India.

          We always remember who helped us, and always pay our debts on due time (when it will be most needed). India will never forget the Soviet aid, in defeating a world of issues back in 1971. And so it will be for others who helped (will help) us.

          Today's Geo Politics and Economic dependence are highly complicated and are making diplomacy very hard to manage. US and India surely know they need each other for Geo Political reasons, however they cannot sacrifice trade with the Rival groups for Economic reasons.

          And hence both sides are trying to develop relationship with each other with Caution, neither side wants to tie their hands to the others…!

          But I can clearly say that India and US can surely workout their difference and bond together as friends to face common issues and threats.

        • FindingAtlantis

          Oh yes of course Britain has done a lot for India. Such as 4 centuries of a despotic dictatorship that murdered hundreds of millions of Indians and looted trillions away from India. Britain did for centuries what ISIS does today, whether you admit it or not.

    • Aadit

      Russians are the only true friends of India and it will remain so..the US and UK are opportunists…the only reason USSR didn’t support us in 62 was because they were at expecting a nuclear war with USA via the Cuban Missile crisis during that time…they were protecting there own backs….but I’m sure that had Chinese not withdrawn quickly the USSR would have interfered.

  • ume

    thank you russia we love you are a true friend

  • Mahi

    What to say

    Hats off to Russians

    We love you big brother of India

  • am

    i love russia

  • am

    pakistan’s a concubine of us n china

  • Dinesh Singh

    By what knowledge I had about Indian National Congress party and the Gandhi-Nehru family, I thought Indira Gandhi was also just another greedy woman who wanted to be in power. But this article changed my perspective about her to some extent. Thank you Ms. Indira Gandhi for your wise and peace loving decision.

    • Hrushikesh S. K.

      Bhai, Shrimati Indira Gandhi is the best prime minister our country ever had.

    • Jayant

      This was the only and only wise thing she did for India. She and whole Nehru and Indira Gandhi family was thinking that India is their property and wanted rule like dictator for ever.

  • Dinesh Singh

    A big thank you to Sanskar Shrivastava. Thanks for enlightening article.

  • Prakash

    Its a coincidence. I am reading it today and Mr. Putin has arrived in India today itself. Thank you Russia.

  • tipoo2

    I bet if you asked most Americans, most would not know that their government actively supported and enabled a genocide that suppressed democracy – and they’re supposed to be its exporter. What a sad part of history. Glad India kicked everyones butts with Russias help anyways.

    • KumarPalani

      Thank about the Blood Telegram which was conveniently ignored (*forgotten) during the war.

  • Bharatsevak

    The entire geopolitical scenario has changed. Today US sees us as their natural ally. But we must never forget the Russians they were true friends in need. We should never allow geopolitics come in the way of our friendship.

  • Agastya M

    I feel india should make friends with China. Do lots of deals for mutual benefit. Obviously being firm on indian territorial issues.

    One or two years of “you help me and I help you” and China will stop sending Pakistan new year greeting cards. Another 2 years China and India can make a joint request to the pakis- vacate all indian lands and stop exporting terrorism.

    Next step is combined action. Both China and India attack and finish off Pakistan once and for all.

    The survivors pledge eternal allegiance to india. The land gets integrated with India.

    Next India and China get easy access to Iranian oil. A couple of pipelines will solve both country’s thirst for oil for next 50 years. The Persians get 2 new best friends. On a quite evening we can politely inquire what nadir shah did with the Peacock Throne. Can we have it back please..

    Automatically the Wahhabis will achieve divine insight and come running to make peace. We just want friendship. Here take Dawood whatever and tiger memon. Please send us your list of anyone else hiding here. Also try our best quality oil. 1 + 1 free barrel for good friends.

    What else the Wahhabis may ask..oh the Palestinians? Ha ha we have some 3000 sq. km. of desert out on our west coast. They can have it.

    World peace achieved.

    • Raghu Reddy

      You are dumb.Where is your knowledge??/Just like we like Kashmir ,Chinese like our Arunachal which they think as part of their Tibet. Who care anyway.Thats fact.Just like Pak wants Kashmir, they want Tibet. They cant be our friends but can trade and they will as they are smart.

      • Agastya Marakandeya

        Over the last nearly 6 decades, Beijing has done its utmost to make the world forget that before 1950, Tibet was an independent State with not only a separate language, literature, religion or culture, but also its own Foreign Office, currency, coins, stamps and even a hand-made paper passport.
        Beijing has practically succeeded to erase all these factors from the world’s collective memory, but for one thing: a thick red line.
        This last symbol, the McMahon Line proving that Tibet could signed treaties on its own, delineated the Indo-Tibet border.
        Beijing believes that if by a magic trick (or a bit of bullying), it can manage to annul the red line, nobody could ever challenge China’s colonization of Tibet anymore; the last proof that the powerless religious nation was invaded by its neighbour would disappear.
        This is the crux of the matter and explains Beijing’s present anger and belligerence.

      • Agastya Marakandeya

        The Chinese say that all the names south of the McMahon are Chinese. Unless Tibetan language (gompa, dzong, la, chu, etc.) has become Chinese, it is wrong. In fact both languages are etymologically and grammatically totally different. However, if the Chinese start claiming as theirs all the areas using ‘Bothia’ (Tibetan) language and scripts, Kinnaur, Lahaul, Spiti, Ladakh or Sikkim will soon be claimed by them. And why not the Buriat and Kalmyk republics of the Russian Federation? What about Darjeling (from Tibetan Dorjee Ling = the place of the Vajra)? Does it does make sense?

      • Agastya Marakandeya

        It needs to be stated clearly that the treaty-making powers of Tibet and in particular her formalization of the “McMahon Line” were acknowledged by the Chinese Central Government of the time; and it was profitless to distort the present position of the Government of India and the statements of the Indian side in a vain attempt to repudiate the confirmation of the traditional boundary. For it was conclusively established from every angle of law and history that the “McMahon Line” agreement which confirmed the traditional boundary in the Eastern Sector was a valid Agreement which had been signed by Tibet and was now binding on China.

  • Raghu Reddy

    He had his share of revelation!!AAnyhow cant blame and shouldnt blame Kissinger. No matter how much we love Russians, USSr was still a rogue regime. It had to be broken up. Good that world got rid of it.Our freindship should last for ever too.

  • The Pro Indian

    I came here upon PM Modi’s visit to B’desh, june 2015.

    Hail Russia!

  • Para meet

    Good article. But Russians are not reliable. They are involved in murder of two great Indian leaders, sub ash chandra Bose and Lal bahadur shahstri

    • asit guin

      Declassification of files may prove that JAPAN AND BRITISH JOINTLY PLAYED A
      FOUL GAME WITH NETAJI; In WW-I, Japan was an ally of British. Before WW-II,
      Japan-US trade war and

      political war started, this led to actual war between US and Japan. So British
      became an enemy to Japan by diplomatic manipulation as US – British alliance
      was there. After WW-II, Japan revived their old connection with British.
      Japanese and British spies were enough linked before WW-II. JAPANESE SPIES
      AGREED TO ELIMINATE NETAJI. Motive was to appease British and purchase security
      EXECUTED HIM IN SECRETE. The false news of air crash was fabrication of Japan.
      In any controversial case, liar is to be suspected first.

      plan to start second independence war with USSR help was known to Japan. There
      was enough scope for British and Japanese spies to develop a common minimum
      program against pro-communist agenda of Netaji. Why should Japanese imperialism
      agree to patronize emergence of independent India as a permanent communist
      ally? Is it not more logical to fulfill British condition and purchase favor?
      Why Japan royal family was not tried as a war criminal? What is the mystery
      behind this favor?

      is another point about gumnami baba. Who was he? Gumnami baba was a dummy
      created as a part of common minimum program of Japanese imperialism and British
      imperialism. In axis camp, creation of dummy by plastic surgery was a common practice.
      Hitler and Mussolini were having number of dummies. Japan sold Netaji-dummy to
      British. British deputed this dummy at faizabad of Uttar

      Pradesh, with a purpose to create confusion that as if death or life Netaji is
      doubtful. The confusion prevented the nation to be doubtful about role of Japan
      or British. So gumnami baba of faizabad is a common creation of Japanese spies
      and British spies. Never had he told the truth. If he had told anything, that
      must be lie. In a controversial case, liar is to be suspected. So, JAPAN SOLD
      to British and British deputed him at faizabad of Uttar-Pradesh. JAPAN
      SURRENDERED TO US-UK SIDE ON 15TH AUGUST 1945. Netaji’s last flight was on 18th
      worked as per their new mentors, the British.

  • jasmine

    why? before IndiA was called IndiA it was originally called HindustaN Bharath.IndiA is a hindu country.muslims should be kicked out

    • Kedar Joshi

      u r wrong

    • QV3

      There are many good muslims in India.
      The ones who should be kicked out are all those traitors within India. Strip them of the citizenship, make them persona non grata.

  • jasmine

    uk should be nuked.

    • FindingAtlantis

      That would be a dream come true!


    i hate the dominating policies of US but on the cotrary i like the former USSR indulgence in the war

  • Krishna Murthy

    I just wonder how so many countries including US, UK, France, China, Indonesia, Saudi, Turkey, Iran helped Pakistan and how times changed. After four decades, I doubt if a single country from these would help Pakistan really now if such situation arises. And what, these western countries compete like anything to bag the defense contracts from India. It is really a wonder how India built relationships with all those countries especially the middle east/OIC that none of the countries support Pakistan on Kashmir issue.

  • R S Gopalan

    India did not pick USSR; US of A picked Pakistan very fast after 1947 – as early as 1956, Pakistan was in CENTO, when India was yet to make up its mind. And India fought its first war in 1948 – with Pakistan.

    US and UK first pitted Pakistan aginst India, encouraged Pakistan to fight a country ten times its size. UK always stood by Pakistan’s atrocious claims over Indian territory, just to spite the free Indian government.Together they passed that Resolution in UN against India. I am sure the Pakistanis will repay your kindness in future.

    Unfortunately, we Indians do have long memories. That is why, even after 25 years of economic cooperation, the Indian establishment is still very careful about dealing with US. And that is why, as pointed out by another reader here, India firmly sides with Russia in every crisis, irrespective of capitalism or communism.

    Opportunism is not the best policy in international relations.

  • John mor

    This article is filled with outright lies and distortions. Certainly if a powerful nation like the U. S. Or China wanted to stop India in 1971, it could have done so easily. The true facts are that no one wanted world war three over this, the U. S. 7th fleet was sent after Pakistan had given up and arrived before the Russians simply because it was closer, being off Vietnam when the order came to move. The major Russian naval units coming all the way from Vladivostok. The mission of the U. S. Navy in the Indian Ocean being simply to send a message to India that “ok, you got what you wanted now stop or else” no U. S. Naval units were surrounded by anyone let alone the Russians, and the Chinese had already beaten India in one war, they would have no problem to this day in doing it again. However this article was very good at providing light satire. Thanks for the laughs.

  • Uday Singh

    Russia stood by us when no one did. This moment of support and friendship is a landmark and we will never forget it. It was India + Russia vs USA+pakistan+china+Iran+Jordan+France+ UK

  • Gangadhar

    Thanks the grate Russia

  • Rakid

    i am a Bangladeshi and i know in recent years both Indians and Bangladeshi people does not compliment each other much. but i know what they did for us back in 1971.a brother and sister from another mother.what ever aftermath we chose to believe about the motivation behind Indian involvement in our liberation war, the truth is India helped us like a guardian and Russia also when they were required.Salute to the Iron Lady Indira Gandhi without her involvement the genocide caused by Pakistanis could not be stopped at 3 millions deaths and 400000 rapes.

  • awesome

    u sure about muslim origin of taj mahal?
    coz mahal itself is not a arbic/persian term.

    • jithin

      Taj mahal was built by Shah jahan, a mughal ruler. Timurs are the ancestors of mughal. So they are muslims.

      • edl

        that makes no sense,im saying and many others have said this that tajmahal was present before shahjahan. and many proofs have been presented to support this claim.

        • QV3


      • QV3

        Read the story of the Taj by Professor P N Oak.
        Lots of evidence. Lots of photos.
        Don’t parrot the muslim lie.

  • basant

    We are indebted to Russia !

  • jithin

    1. At the time India was also facing economic crisis. India was forced to open its market for multinational companies (in those days US was housing most of the multinational companies).
    2. India wasn’t having the capacity militarily and economically, to stop the disintegrating countries or the USA. This global clout India don’t have even today forget about late 80’s

  • jithin

    Pakistan’s help is still pinching world in general, India and USA in particular.
    God help us from mindless jihadist

  • Chandra Dasaka

    thank you Russia. we should ever be grateful to Russia and Vladimir Kruglyakov. these matters need to be reflected in history books. We all should know the history.

  • Abdul Rahim

    In Indian History, we should never forget the help rendered by Russia (USSR). Without their help, the history will be in other side and we would be easily cornered by USA. Russians only vetoed the American proposal which was against us. And they came with their military ships which blocked American and British war ships.

  • sravan

    that’s great help @Russia

  • Gene Whitman

    What about General Jack Farj Rafael Jacob? He wasn’t any of the religions you mentioned.

  • Gene Whitman

    The U.S. blew it in 1971 because of its relationship with Pakistan. If a similar event occured now, the U.S. wouldnt be as likely to make the same mistake. And honestly, who wants to be an ally of Russia?

  • michael nieves

    Nixon lost the opportunity to have Indian on his side, and stop abuses by Pakistan army in East Pakistan,and the only thing that Nixon achieve was a disgrace retreat at the hands of the Russians,I love my country US but in this case I am happy that someone stop this abuse to the Bangladesh people by the Pakistan army.


    You stupid fellow of US,UK & China,you mother fuckers.I hate you from the core of my heart because of fuckers like you our country got divided into religion probably of different nationality and just because of your backstabness and dumbass stratergic plans,we are divided into India and pak.more eventually bangladesh.I,hereby being an Indian confirm you that you are gonna face more adversity than we faced at that time and this will be done by declaring a war against you fellow fuckers in collaboration with Great Russia.Be ready mother fucker Uk and USA including china……be ready to be killed like a mere dog….hail INDIA hail RUSSIA and fuck US & UK

  • prince

    Now a days Russia also help Bangladesh in many ways. not like the american thieves. American took a treaty that they give us gas drillers to drill the earth & to recover gas but they would take 50% of our annual gas supply. They signed it in 1965 & they will continue they will take our gas for 100 years! it happens during Khalida Zia’s reign. By Sheikh Hasina doesn’t signed such a huge treaty with the american thieves. But Russia always help Bangladesh without taking any thing except money also they doesn’t take it so much as american demons & when they heard that Russia is helping Bangladesh in nuclear affairs & after that, the coward Americans say that they want to be friend of Bangladesh because of they afraid Bangladesh get help by Russia & they are dead but thanks specially to Sheikh Hasina that she deny the friendship & some years before she also deny the World Bank. Of her intelligence our country is growing very fast. Bangladesh took many drilling machines from Russia to drill the opal ore from the Bay of Bengal. Russia is most friend to Bangladesh more than India. And most important thing that I didn’t mention that Russia would help us for making america more angry & giving them a big blow to them.

  • QV3

    The original name for India is BHARAT.
    The ugly Brits renamed it India.
    Hindus are the Majority.
    Anyone having problems with that, pack up and leave. Simple. Problem solved.

  • QV3

    No way Shah Jehan built the Taj. It was originally a Hindu King’s palace. The statue of Shankar that lies underground has been surfaced with cement. Nehru did not know what to do when slabs of the Taj crumbled and revealed statues of deities.
    He ordered them to be replastered.
    Read P N Oak’s and a British expert on the Taj with evidence.

  • QV3

    wiki is as credible as the terrorist who says he’s not going to slit your throat while he has a sharp razor on it.

  • Shadaan

    Now you are looting your own treating the lower caste as inhuman people. Look at your own self before you talk about history. If history was unfair why have you Hindus learn that the muslims overan your country because you people were divided by caste. The so called warrior race were selling sweets and they still are but making claims of being a warrior race. The abusing brahmins were exploiting the rest and the lower caste were told not to fight and infact gained by converying to Islam. They were treated as people being muslims. It was the people called the Jats and Marathi people who defeated the abusive Muslims rule. The moment India Got independent the brahmins took control and started the abusive cast system again.

  • That was very funny….! I hope you are the only person in the world to say India is the reason for Terrorism in Afghanistan, brother even the hardcore Pakistani’s don’t say funny lies..

  • @theworldreporter:disqus Please check, moderate and review the comments section here are some fundamentalists from all possible mental hospitals ruining your amazing post..!

  • Steve Bakewell

    Oh you mean those Isis sleeper cells?

  • Steve Bakewell

    Harmony is a mirage, unlike Buddhists,Sikhs and Jain’s Muslims just do not have communal harmony with Hindus as a whole.