Chinese String of Pearls Theory

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When the whole world was busy in dealing with Taliban and Al-Qaida, and was working to bring normal conditions back to Pakistan, China was developing its military in an aggressive manner. China hates interference of US and Russia in the region, because it dreams to be a regional power. As India is the only country in the region which maintains friendly relation with both U.S. and Russia, that is why Sino-Indian relations are cold. The major reason why China doesn’t like India is that India gave shelter to the Tibetan peace leader Dalai lama. Tibet was an independent country before 1950 when Chinese attacked and captured the whole land.

To become a regional power, China will have to destabilize India, and for this purpose it maintains good relations with all anti India elements, whether it’s insurgency in North Eastern India, or Pakistan. To make Pakistan capable to equalize India in power, China gave it its nuclear and missile technology. Pakistan is one of the largest user of Chinese military equipment.

Chinese String of Pearls theory talks about surrounding India from all sides and keep an eye on India and America. For this, China is building a railway station for Pakistan on the zero line, that is the international border. According to International laws, no country can build any thing with in the area of 150m from the international border and the area is called as no man’s land. Presence of China so close to Indian western border has unsettled India. (Source: Chinese help for Pakistan railway worries India) China is also building a naval base in Gwadar, from where it can keep an eye on all Indian, European and American vessels passing through the Persian Gulf, and at the time of need it can destroy them in no more than five minutes.

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On the other hand, it is building a base in Maldives which is just few thousand KM away form South India,  India’s technical hub. China has plans to deploy its nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers there. China is also developing a civil port in Srilanka. How much control will China have on it, no one knows. China is building a naval base in Myanmar’s Coco Is. and is establishing a radar facility to monitor Indian Navy’s movements and India’s Missile and Space program. India’s missile testing base and India’s space stations are both situated on the eastern coast. China is in talks with Bangladesh also to develop its Chittagong Port.

All these developments have worried India, as Chinese intention is very clear. So far, India is able to establish an airbase in Tajikistan and is also looking forward to build army and air bases in Russia to Surround China. India has good relation with CIS countries, Russia, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Bhutan, but needs to give more attention in developing some kind of strategic relation with these countries. Chinese advancement should be controlled to maintain stability in the region.

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  • There is something in China, They have a mindset of keeping their territory expanding, as it used to be in the earlier days of Kings. They took tibet, They want Taiwan, They traded some parts with Russia, They took North east Kashmir. Now they Want Indian territory. I don’t know what they are going to do with it.

  • Taiwanese and not Chinese

    It looks like the evil communist chinese wants to take over others land and expand, thinking of dominating the world which will bow to its will as a future superpower. A very ambitious plan it seems like it, but they fail to understand that nobody has succeded ruling the whole world ever in the history of mankind.

  • China’s future policy is very difficult to predict. What they want to do? How they want the world to be is not clear. They’re making resource rich nations their friend. This is all a super power is expected to do. But they should be friendly instead of giving bad signs to the world. Allying with Pakistan and North Korea and giving them full support in every thing is very disturbing

  • sudhesi

    Indian Tamilan here… our famous national poet “bharathi”, even before our Independence said in his poetry as red China would be the great enemy for us and not british… they are worst as cunning fox… but for those yellows I’m saying that India is not a country..its our mother…its more than God for us… dont even dream to split us… pakistan still giving their cost for their separation from us… pak is a good example for disunity and we learn the strength of Unity from them… for the next time we wont do the same mistake again… Jai hindh… long live holy Tamil…!

  • @Sudhesi Such a reply was needed to show the strength of united India to the world. different people around the world talk differently about India and most of them talk non sense, like Punjab asking for separate land, north east wants self rule etc. but this is not true we are very much in India and we are Indians.

  • Sneha

    India should strengthen its ties with Russia and America to contain China. The days is not far when china will start pushing India away 😐

  • @Sneha: I agree with you, Russia needs a strong ally as well. India and Russia shouldn’t forget that they need each other badly..

  • Anonymous

    Ewww… Looks like India just got jizzed on! Bukakke anyone?

  • Anonymous

    when some big fraud surfaces in india indians react against those fraudsters and any n anyone protests.but this will nt b found in china.the fuc***g communist gov. will kill the person bfore anyone knows.i belive dat the pakistan and china ARE THE 2 COUNTRIES HARBOURING THE TERRORISTS. china should forgt of ever waging war against us…or alse the china will get crushed.

  • Anonymous

    i think china is misunderstanding india. they don’t know that indians are always quite earlier but after a level they teach their opponent that what indians are…………….