So you want to come to Bulgaria?

Thinking about visiting Bulgaria? Think no more. Here are some visual reasons to persuade you.

Bulgaria in Europe

Bulgaria is a relatively small country in Southeastern Europe (the Balkans). Its neighbours are Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and the shining Black Sea.

Bulgaria geography and physical features

Bulgaria features a lot of variety in terrain. The plains of the Danube River are in the north, the southwest is home to the highest mountains in Southeastern Europe and the Black Sea coast in the east is full of sandy beaches.

Northern bulgaria Danube Plains

flickr/trekkingtheplanet CC 2.0

The Danube Plain is a fertile region of rolling hills and verdant meadows.

Kutelo pirin mountain

The southwest is a place of high mountain peaks like Kutelo in Pirin here…

1000 years old rila monastery

… as well as spiritual Orthodox monasteries like the Rila Monastery, a 1000 years old.


The Rila Mountains, which at 2925 metres are the highest in the country, include the gorgeous Seven Rila Lakes.

Plovdiv thracian lowlands bulgaria

To the east in the Upper Thracian Lowlands you will discover Plovdiv. One of Bulgaria’s largest cities, Plovdiv is famous for its charming Old Town with cobblestone streets and colourful houses.

Roman theatre of plovdiv

At the highest point of the Old Town is the Roman Theatre of Plovdiv. It is still used for music performances and theatre plays today, just like it was during the time of Roman Emperor Trajan.

Rhodope mountains plovdiv

Just south of Plovdiv begin the Rhodope Mountains. The little town of Asenovgrad is nested in their foothills with its medieval castle and scenically-located church from the 12th century.

Nesebar bulgaria bird's eye view

Going further east will finally get you to the seaside. This is the gorgeous town of Nesebar, connected to the mainland via a narrow spit of land. Nesebar features unique churches and picturesque old houses to stroll among.

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Varna seaside capital of Bulgaria

Varna, Bulgaria’s Seaside Capital, is the home of the intricate palace Euxinograd, today used as a government residence.

Kaliakra ruined fortress bulgaria

North of Varna is Kaliakra, a scenic cape featuring a ruined fortress and a charming chapel.

Ruse little vienna danube river

Ruse on the Danube River is perhaps the Bulgarian city with the most beautiful urban architecture. Hundreds of houses and public buildings in the Baroque and Neoclassical styles have given Ruse the nickname “Little Vienna”.

Veliko Tarnovo Bulgarian tsars

At the medieval capital Veliko Tarnovo, explore Tsarevets, the huge towering castle of the Bulgarian tsars.

Rayko Praskalo bulgaria

South in the Balkan Mountains (Stara Planina), hike to the highest waterfall in Southeastern Europe, Raysko Praskalo.

Belogradchik bulwark bulgaria

Deep in the northwest at Belogradchik, rock formations and human-made defenses unite to create an impenetrable bulwark.


The capital Sofia is bustling with life and entertainment. Its nightlife is absolutely astonishing, and there’s a lot to see too…

ancient rotunda bulgaria

… from an ancient rotunda…

Vitosha mountain bulgaria

… to gorgeous mountain vistas just an hour from the city in its very own mountain, Vitosha!

bgkolednatrapeza delicious bulgarian cuisine

Bulgarian cuisine is southern, mildly spicy and absolutely delicious!

raika fruit brandy bulgaria

And the traditional fruit brandy rakia is an experience on its own…

Bulgarian wine

… while Bulgarian wine is already famous the world over!

Bulgaria welcome you with bread and salt

Enjoy your time in beautiful Bulgaria! As traditional, we welcome you with bread and salt!

Here are some mind-blowing facts about Bulgaria that you did not know before, Need more motivation to visit Bulgaria? Simply head over to my website Kashkaval Tourist,  where you will find every reason to love Bulgaria. Add your reactions in the comment section below!

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  • Kicka Terzieva

    Welcome to Bulgaria!

  • vico

    РайСко пръскало 😉

  • name1

    nice article and photos, but correct Rayko Praskalo to Raisko Praskalo

  • Great article and photos.. Rotunda Saint George Church is my favorite. This is the oldest church and building in Sofia

    • Thanks for adding information. Glad to know more about Rotunda Saint George Church. It is undoubtedly very beautiful!!

  • Bobby Levashki

    You should have included the town of Vidin with the only preserved medieval fortress in Bulgaria – situated on the bank of the beautiful Danube river…

    • It is looking like a Disney fort! Very good suggestion. Incredibly beautiful!

    • nadia

      I don’t think it’s the only one medieval fortress in BG. What about those in Cherven, Tzarevec, Mezek, Pliska, Veliki Preslav, Shumen, Kaleto? Merci for posting this one though!:)

      • Vlaxa 333

        Baba Vida fortress in city of Vidin in Bulgaria is Ancient Fortress !
        Was first founded by the Celts in 3th-4th BC !!! The fortresses that you said are medieval !
        ps: But they all are built in top of a Thracian’s fortresses or remains !!!

      • neu

        the only preserved

  • Nino Ninov

    Interesting fact is that Plovdiv is the oldest setlement in Europe(older than Rome), and one of the oldest in the world.

    • That’s a very important fact! Plovdiv is much older than Rome and one of the oldest in the world. People should know! Thanks a lot for this great addition 🙂

  • Hitender Kumar

    WOW! it is so beautiful! will love to visit it some day..

    • You should go to #Bulgaria! You will be welcomed with bread and salt as @kashkavalt said 🙂

  • Sveti vlas looks very beautiful, especially the reflection in the clear water! Brilliant photo!

  • Magdalina Dilley

    I haven’t seen anything about Bourgas! Any particular reason for that? Thanks

  • Teodora Ivanova

    I suggest you guys include Lovech.
    Little picturesque town situated in north central Bulgaria. Known as the town of lilacs, Lovech has wonderful parks and landscapes and is where the second largest Zoo in Bulgaria is situated. The architectural and historical reserve Varosha enchants and takes you back to 19th century. There are the Covered bridge and Fortress Hisarya, another local landmarks, and many many more.

  • Tsvetelina Traykova-kirova

    I would like to add Etura This place is AMAZING and take you back to the history

    • Would love if you post a picture of Etura here in the comments and share with all of us 🙂

      • Мариан Апостолов

        Here some pictures from Etara near Gabrovo town.

  • Daniela Eneva

    Stara Zagora is a city in Bulgaria, located in Southern Bulgaria and it is known as the city of straight streets, linden trees, and poets.

    The favourable geographic and climatic conditions of the territory around Stara Zagora contributed to the establishment of several prehistoric settlements in the remote past. More than 100 prehistoric mounds from the 6th to 3rd millennium BC were found in the vicinity of Stara Zagora. One of them, the Bereketska mound, is the largest in Bulgaria, containing traces of people that lived there from the New Stone Age (6th millennium BC) to the Middle Ages (12th century). A prehistoric settlement can be found within the city itself. Two dwellings from the New Stone Age are preserved in the Neolithic Dwellings Museum. These are the best preserved dwellings from the New Stone or Neolithic Age (6th millennium BC) in Europe and contain a rich collection of tools and artefacts. The oldest copper mines in Europe (5th millennium BC) were found 8 km (4.97 mi) east of the city, A considerable amount of copper ore was extracted from the 11 mines by the ancient inhabitants of this land who traded with it throughout the continent.

    Located at the cross-roads of multiple civilizations, Stara Zagora is an important piece in the European cultural routes mosaic. Inhabited by Thracians, ancient Greeks, Romans, Ottomans and Bulgarians, this unique city bears the historical imprint of those past civilizations along with many of their historical treasures. Proof of its longevity can be found in the multiple names of the city, each one connected with a different era of its development.

    • This place is a great addition to the list! Thanks for sharing detailed information. Beautiful photo 🙂

  • Milen Tonev

    You should include Kazanlak too and The Roses Festival . Kazanlak is a small town located in the middle of the country and in Rose valley at the bigining of the summer there is Roses festival which is very famous in east Asia

  • Teodor Kasabov

    Exactly my thought, bro! Very well said! 🙂 Restored my faith in humanity… and my pride as someone who’s born in Burgas! 🙂

    • Philip

      Well, I was actually born in Sofia, because my dad is from there and my parents met, studied, and lived there, but my mom is originally from Burgas. Doesn’t really matter though, cuz I was only 4 when I left the country 😉

      When I visit BG, I never stay in Sofia more than 2 or so days. The rest of my time I spend in Burgas and the surrounding coastal line 🙂

  • Thanks for adding your interesting insights on Burgas. With so many comments talking about Burgas, we assure to produce a great piece on this beautiful city. Feel free to add pictures in the comment and show all of us this city 🙂

  • Jeravna

    You should have included the village of Jeravna (Zheravna), is the biggest architectural reserve of national importance consisting of more than 200 wooden houses from the Bulgarian National Revival period. You can visit it’s site: .

    A unique international festival of folklore costumes is taking place every August. Performers from all over the xorld and mostly from Bulgaria will be demonstrating their skills and talents in this traditional village, and recreating the ambience of the original folklore festivals.One of the main aspects is that all the locals will be wearing customary Bulgarian costumes throughout the three days of the festival. There will be lots to do and see with music, dancing, singing and special handmade crafts available. In addition, a selection of homemade Bulgarian dishes including Lamb cooked on an open fire, vegetable salads and fresh bread, which will be served with red wine and rakia.

  • Христина Николова

    България е късче от рая, дошъл на земята! # Bulgaria – a piece of heaven, come to Earth!

  • Galia Ivanova

    We have International Exhibition of Wine, Vinaria at Plovdiv from April 2-5 🙂 Wines and beautiful girl! I love you Bulgaria!

  • We are sure you did not know these things about Bulgaria! Here is another article on Bulgaria’s greatness!

  • Khan Majeed

    What a Fantastic Place !!

  • lo

    You definitely did not show enough of Bulgaria ……… !
    All the beautiful golden beaches and amazing resorts across the entire west coast of Bulgaria, which are at the top of the charts for tourists during the summer – especially Varna city for example (I live there). As well as the incredible mountains that are a huge attraction especially during winter time , for example Pirin mountain , where the resort city Bansko is situated – an amazing place for winter sports and for extremely stunning views.. Bulgaria is also a country of rich history , for example the oldest gold known to man, found (again ) in the city of Varna – just one interesting fact of many,many others! Not to mention that Bulgaria is worldwide famous for the most beautiful women in the world! Also the country is loved for it’s very warm people , unique nature and of course the one of a kind rakia.

  • валентин

    Haskovo -The biggest statue in the world of Virgin Mary holding the child Jesus in her hands stands on the hill of Yamacha in Haskovo. It is one of the symbols of the city. The Statue is 14 m high and is placed on 17 m foundation for which reason it was included in Guinness World Records. The statue was designed by group of sculptors headed by Petyo Aleksandrov and Nikola Stoyanov…

    • Thank you for adding the valuable information! We would love if you share the picture in your comment too for everyone to see 🙂

  • Boyan Stoyanov

    Varna is the NOT-Bulgaria’s Seaside Capital, that one can find on the dusty old and damaged roads to nowhere ( so called-the second village somewhere after the left turn on the exit from Sunny beach).