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Choosing to study for a master’s in business administration is a huge step for your career. In general, MBA students tend to have not only studied for their master’s degree but have also gained some experience in the world of business, either working for an employer or perhaps being an entrepreneur. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that many students choosing to take on an MBA are often doing so later in life when they may need more flexibility to fit their studies around commitments such as working full-time, running a business, paying off a mortgage, or even raising a family. So, it’s no surprise that online MBA programs are booming in popularity. But, what are the main things to look out for when choosing a suitable online MBA? Let’s find out.

1. Reputation

Whilst an MBA is generally regarded to be quite a prestigious and highly sought after qualification, it’s also important to take the place of study into consideration. When looking for your perfect online MBA degree, it’s vital to think about the reputation of the college that you are going to be studying at, since this could have some impact on your employability in future. In general, the better the reputation a college has, the more opportunities you will have afterward and the more appealing your qualification will look to employers when they read your resume. Similarly, if you are planning to start your own business, then an MBA from a highly reputable business school can earn you more credibility.

2. Study Options

Whilst all MBA programs will cover the main pillars of business, most will often give students the option to branch out into an area of business of their choice. For example, if you’re hoping to pursue a career in finance, then business finance and accounting could be your main option when studying. Similarly, if you’re more interested in marketing, then you may be able to choose more marketing options, to focus your program on this industry. Before you choose your program of study, be sure to look through the course outline and decide whether the type of options offered are right for you. Bear in mind that colleges and business schools can vary when it comes to the type of MBA module options that they have available to students.

3. Flexibility

Lastly, flexibility should also be the main concern for anybody who is considering taking an online MBA. If you are currently running your own business, for example, then you will need to find a program that can easily be fit around these commitments without getting in the way of your company’s development. When looking for the perfect program for you, make sure that you explore all the different options, for example, the option to spread your study over several years rather than just one.

Studying for an online MBA is an excellent way of furthering your career or business. However, with so many different options to choose from, it’s important to consider all the options carefully.

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Public Money Into The Private Sector



public money

We all have taxes to pay. From consumption tax and property tax to income tax and various tariffs on international trade, the list seems to be endless. The aim of taxation is to create public funds that can be used by the government. This is something that we all realize. However, one thing a lot of people do not realize is just how much of this money ends up being pumped back into the private market. You would assume that all of this money would be used in the public industry, right? Well, that’s not always the case!

In a very insightful infographic that has been put together by Lawsuit Legal, you will be able to see exactly how The White House spends public funds. The infographic shows the different areas that receive our public money, from housing and healthcare to land management and energy. In the bottom right-hand corner, you can retrieve the exact figures regarding how much money is pumped into the different sectors.

The infographic also provides you with great insight into how these different markets and segments are using this money. For example, you can see that in the healthcare sector, money is being spent on laboratories, emergency services, pharmacies, nursing home care and hospices, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and telehealth. When it comes to the general government, money is spent on goods and services, as well as contracts. This should help you to understand what public funds are being spent on and how they end up flowing back into the private sector. Check out the infographic below.

Infographic Design By Lawsuit Legal
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Make your company save money with this cost – cutting Gantt chart



Anyone who’s ever had to plan an entire project knows how chaotic project management can be. Project management tools can streamline the process, and simplify all aspects of it providing a visualization of the whole process, giving you a clear overview of how things are tracking along, and ensures you are well on your way to meeting your deadline. When planning with a Gantt we can prioritize tasks and optimize times and costs. Thanks to the use of an online project planner that automatically calculates the best work route, you will be optimizing your resources and make cutting costs easier for your company.

What is a Gantt online project planner?

At the beginning of the 20th century, the American engineer Henry Gantt designed a planning model that related two basic elements in any project: the different tasks and the estimated time to achieve them. His contribution was so significant that even today, almost a century later, the model is still used in many companies around the world. The Gantt Chart consists of a graphic representation with two axes, one horizontal and one vertical, whose objective is to monitor the execution of projects. The main virtue of the chart is the visualization of the different phases of the process and, at the same time, the possibility of introducing permanent changes that improve the effectiveness of the proposed tasks.

Gantt Charts may be developed either through a physical resource like excel spreadsheets or a software system such an online project planner. Due to the dispersed nature of a lot of project teams, online solutions are usually the most used.  A Gantt chart aids project management in scheduling, managing, and monitoring specific tasks and resources of a project. The chart displays the timeline of the project that includes scheduled and completed work over a period. The chart helps project managers in communicating its status or plans and helps to ensure the project remains on track and that everyone involved is notified on the current situation helping to avoid uncertainty.

Besides, the chart allows managers or team leaders to see what tasks can be performed at the same time and those which cannot be started or finished until the rest of the tasks are completed. The detection of potential bottlenecks is aided as is the identification of tasks that may have been excluded from the timeline.

What are the advantages of using it in your company?

Business of all sizes can get on board to online project planners without having to invest in massive (and often prohibitive) up-front software or infrastructure costs. Plus, most project planner applications don’t require too much skill to navigate A lot of them come with custom views and customer support, quality control, helping to mitigate risk, and a space to share information. The main benefits of using a Gantt online project planner are:

Accessibility.  Online project planners demolish time, space and geographical barriers, while giving distributed project team members the opportunity to access the project from anywhere.

Speed and integration.  Online project planners are easy to set up and use, and they often integrate easily with other products, such as Salesforce, Intaact, GoogleDocs, Zendesk and more.

Money saving. With less chances of slip-ups happening — due to a set process in place with all its monitoring and reporting features — it could save time, resources, and labor, as well as keep you under budget.

Creativity empowering. Especially at the beginning, projects tend to scatter or expose numerous execution options. The Gantt chart allows the centralization of strategies, making the organization of the different ideas a lot more easier.

Realistic deadlines. The bar graphs indicate in which period a task will be carried out, which provides a useful time perspective for the achievement of objectives. Gantt charts establishes the execution of the tasks taking into account the different different external or internal variables that could be more time and resources – consuming.

Commitment increasing. If the chart is clear and accesible to all participants –which is easy with online project planners, the resource may become a good element of consultation in the different stages of the process. This will make communication between the responsible ones more effective and it will also increase the commitment of all participants.

Who is this online Gantt planner for?

Since it is an effective tool for organization and also can provide that productivity boost you were after, this online Gantt planner can simplify and improve projects of any kind, so it is a great option to use both for professional spaces and personal organization. Sinnaps’ Gantt Chart is useful for team leaders, project and business managers and team members themselves. It allows for clarity, organisation and effective planning and tracking of tasks and activities in order to successfully complete a project.

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Learn to use Facebook tools for companies




Since its inception, Facebook has been evolving a lot to improve the experience of its users, but this evolution has not only been to offer more and better options for ordinary users, but from time to time Facebook has been promoting the creation of special pages; focused on young entrepreneurs, who wants to start in the world of e-commerce or simply those people or companies that already have a personal brand and intend to increase the number of customers taking advantage of the huge number of users available on this Social network.

Facebook, in its constant race to offer more options, embrace more markets and always be one step ahead of their competition, has developed a good number of tools that you can make use of just creating a page on the platform.

The best tips to set up your business on Facebook

If you are new in this and want to take advantage of all the tools available to grow your business, here are a couple of tips that will be very useful. We are talking about those essential tips so you can start from the simplest, until you learn by yourself the most advanced options.

  • Create a business page

Let’s start with the basics; create a business page. The most important thing for people to take you seriously is to try to sell a professional image and you will not get it if you use your personal profile.

If you have a product or service to promote, it is best to have a company page from where you can advertise and make available all the services you have to offer.

Although, business pages have a great resemblance to profile pages, they differ in having special tools; designed especially for companies, brands or organizations. One of the most interesting functions is for those who may be interested in the content of your page, they just have to click on like and automatically start receiving the latest content of your page.

On your company page you can also schedule your publications. There are many tutorials and tools that teach you how to schedule posts on Facebook in a very simple way.

Another very interesting option is the Facebook group autoposter, with which you have the possibility to publish the same content in several groups of Facebook simultaneously. This is especially useful when you are doing some advertising campaign.

  • Choose your profile photo well

Every detail should be taken care of and especially the most important of all; the image, with which people will identify your company or personal brand. You must choose your profile photo very well, so that it creates a good impression on the general public. The most important thing is always show an image of good resolution and, if you appear in it, try to smiley, to make it look more pleasing to the public.

On the other hand, if you already have a logo, it’s best to place it so that those who are already familiar with your brand can feel much more at ease and people who are getting to know your page can become familiar too.

  • Take good care of the information section

The information section is crucial to provide that extra sense of trust to the public. Here you must place in a very precise and pleasant way every detail of your company. In addition to this, there are many options that your Facebook company page has to offer, you just need to take the time to go review one by one.

On the other hand, it can happen the case that several users or competition brands make you have a bad time and manage to block your account. In those cases, when you get blocked on Facebook, you should not worry, since it does not mean the end of the world thanks to the advices that the postcron team has to offer you.

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