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Are We Ready For Gender Equality?



Afghanistan women


Last week, it was international women’s day. Every women must have received messages and emails , but lets face it they are just words spoken without emotions. Everyone talks about gender equality, feminism, women empowerment but are we actually ready for women to be treated as equals? In this patriarchal society where a women working independently or divorced are victims of the dogma that they are rebel, it is their fault that they are divorced. We have the habit of blaming women for every little offence and judging them for everything they do, like oh! She got divorced, it must be her fault or oh! She wears jeans, she must have many boyfriends. Why? Why do we blame clothes or time for rape? If A girl is out at 8:30pm, why is this such a big deal or why is she stared upon everywhere she goes. She is not asking for it!

The statistics reveal that a women is raped every 20mins in India. Not only rape , women are victims of dowry, sexual harassment and eve teasing. People think its because of the clothes. I mean, c’mon lets face it! It’s because of the cheap mentality that women are weaker section or the ‘second’ sex. It is not the girl’s clothes that need to be changed but the mind-set. Girls are asked not to leave home after 6:00pm or not to study far from home. But why don’t we teach boys to respect every women or protect them or not to abuse them. Gender Equality seems a distant dream right now. There are various schemes, programs launched by government, NGOs But not unless we decide to take matter in our hands nothing would change. We need to understand the general psychology that drives criminals to lead to such brutality. The recent ban on the documentary “India’s daughter” shows the irony. It is banned because it can hurt sentiments but anything it can do is act a mirror for those who think the same way as the criminals. Don’t you think it is not the documentary that needs to be banned instead the people who think or act in such lousy opinion.

To survive in this male dominated or patriarchal society, it is not just the women who needs to come together and act as one, but also every member of the society. Gender equality cannot be achieved in a fortnight and also people are not very ignorant of this issue but still we are far from accomplishing every women’s dream of feeling of equality or parity in the society. There are few women like Indira Nooyi (CEO of Pepsico) , Mary kom(boxer), Arundhati Roy(writer) who have defied the social norms and left their marks in India’s history but my question is why so few? Why not every women do what they wish to. If they want to work, be a dancer or an entrepreneur or an engineer. Why not give them opportunities to excel and be independent in life. Women around the globe are not asking for a society where they are superior or above the men, Often people confuse feminism with women dominance and ascendancy but feminism is a credence that men and women should have equal opportunity and rights. This is not very hard to achieve yet cannot be achieved hastily. What we need is a transformation of thoughts, transformation of mindset and then gender equality will be inevitable.

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Students' Column

4 Tips To Help Tradesmen Advance Their Careers



Learning a trade is a great way to start a stable career with plenty of opportunities. People will always need plumbers, carpenters and builders, and if you are good at what you do, you should be able to find plenty of work. It’s best to start out working for another company before eventually starting your own business. However, a lot of contractors find that they grow to a certain point and hit a bit of a wall. If you are struggling to advance your career as a tradesman, here are a few tips to help you reach the next level.

Be Reliable 

This is by far the most important thing to remember if you want to advance your career. A lot of your business comes from word of mouth, and if you are not reliable, people will not recommend you to their friends and family. People are always concerned about dealing with a dodgy tradesman, so it’s important that you show people that you are professional and reliable. Always take care with your work and be realistic about the time scale for a job. If you promise to do things too quickly, you will either finish late or rush the job and the quality of the work will be poor. 

Learn New Skills 

Learning new skills is so important if you want to expand your customer base and take on new jobs. For example, if you take a course with an accredited excavator trainer, you can start taking on larger jobs without the need to hire another person to operate heavy machinery. If you’re a kitchen fitter, why not take some plumbing courses so you can do the entire job without having to call subcontractors in? Expanding your skill set allows you to vary the jobs that you take on, and you will have more work available to you.

Build Your Network 

Networking is important in the trade industry because it can open doors for you. If you can build a network of other tradesmen, they will be able to help you find work and if you build relationships with big companies, they will be able to get you onto big commercial jobs that you would not otherwise be able to land. 

Get Online 

Although word of mouth is important for tradesmen and you will get a lot of work off the back of recommendations, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to market yourself. A lot of tradesmen underestimate the importance of an online presence, and they miss out on a lot of work because of it. If people need some work done and they can’t get a recommendation from friends and family, they will head online and do a search. That’s why it’s important that you have a professional website and active social media pages. If you post pictures of your past work online, you should see an increase in queries and you will get a lot more work. 

If you follow these important steps, you can advance your career and start landing some bigger clients.

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Students' Column

Things you need to know before studying architecture




Architecture is defined in different ways depending on the scope in which its definition is exposed, since it can be in external environments or among people who have the same profession. Through architecture, we can shape the places where people live or work through a collaborative process. Do you want to know everything you need to know before studying Architecture? Keep reading!

Tips for future architecture students: what skills do I need?

Architecture is the science, technique and art of ensuring that our buildings and cities correspond to the way we want to live. So the constructions are the reflection of our way of life, where beautiful forms are made with logic and taste.

With architecture, places are built, designed, projected or modified in all areas, whether in open air spaces, buildings, urban structures, houses, and more. Currently, professional architecture studies are highly requested by young people as they offer a good rate of job opportunities. And also because wages are often high, especially in Europe. This is why studying an Architecture Master in Europe is convenient.


Being creative is having the ability to invent something. This can be based on observation in order to generate an innovative idea. In architect’s creativity is a very important capacity, which is usually combined with a high level of logic, since a mixture of both is required.

Aesthetic sense

It is necessary that the aesthetic sense is present in all constructions. But a functional part is also needed, so this is why professionals are able to mix this practicality with aesthetics in order to create harmony. It is very important to develop sensitivity and observation in everything that surround us.

Attention to details

A good architect appreciates all kinds of details. When something is built details cannot be ignored, so this is interiorized in such a way that later it is inevitable for them to be in any space without observing all kind of details. Within this attention, colors, finishes, materials, lighting and much more are involved, all mixed in a way that creates a clear harmony.

Teamwork skills

It is necessary to work as a team in many projects. In almost all areas of architecture it is impossible to work alone because it is very difficult for a single person to carry out a whole project. It must be taken into account that the dimensions of most architectural constructions are large. So relationships with other professionals, such as engineers, designers and builders are essential. In addition, they all help each other constantly to concretize ideas in a better way.

Spatial perception

For an architect the ability to draw is not essential. However, it is convenient to develop this skill in order to perceive spaces better, and thus more easily carry out your ideas in a three-dimensional way. 

It is also important to note that when talking about drawing in the world of architecture, the kind that it is referred is a geometric one, where the management of spaces is present. It has nothing to do with creative drawing. So it is not necessary for future students to have artistic skills.

There are plenty of reasons to study architecture, it’s just a matter of deciding to study it. You will see that it is a beautiful and interesting career, which helps us develop many skills and be successful.

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Students' Column

Jobs For People Who Love Science



earth science jobs

If you love science, then you might find that there is a career path that will really interest you and provide you with a job that you love doing until your retirement. People who work in science are basically gathering information and this can be achieved in a variety of ways, through different specialities and methods.

It’s not all about the chemistry laboratory though. The field of science is extensive and you can find plenty of job roles that can be anything from astronomy to a career working with animals.

Here are just some of the career paths you can follow in science…


If you thrive on finding solutions to problems, then biochemistry might be the route for you. This role looks into the chemical processes of living organisms through experiments to decipher biological problems. They typically analyse enzymes, DNA and other molecules to research the effects that drugs have biologically on the body


Physicists conduct research and develop theories based on their observations and experiments. They devise methods that they can then apply to physical laws and theories. You can be in control of medical diagnostics, pharmaceutical research, bio analysis and chemical reactions and your reliable source for deuterium products can be found easily online to order.

Chemical Engineer

This type of engineer designs chemical plant equipment and develops the process for manufacturing chemicals and products. They apply the principles of chemistry, physics and engineering.


A fascinating role that involves the study of the universe and the objects that are within it. Most of us know it as the study of planets and space, but it involves much more than that. An astronomer looks into the stars, galaxies, asteroids and black holes by using telescopes as well as space based telescopes and other tools to collect their data. Their role is to increase our understanding of the universe.


This job involves the diagnosis, treatment and research of diseases and injuries with animals. They deal with livestock as well as domestic pets and carry out investigations such as the analysis of test results and images to confirm diagnoses and to develop suitable medical treatment plans.


This is a profession that more people are familiar with lately, due to Covid-19. They investigate how diseases are spread and what are the determining factors. They develop means for prevention and control and provide guidance to medical science and healthcare programs. They essentially conduct infection surveillance by tracking infections, seeing where problems may exist, reading data and deciding when and where intervention might be needed.


They are mostly found working on research teams along with other scientists and technicians. It involves the study of microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, fungi and viruses and how they live and grow in their environments around us.


This role involves the qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical experiments. They commonly process technical reports that analyse chemical compounds or substances and ensure conformance to standards. In this role you will be introducing heat, energy, light and chemicals to induce reactions.

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