Where are India and China going?

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THE two Asian giants. Though they both have an agricultural base, they have come out nicely in Science and technology. China almost has control over the whole market of manufacturing products, and India is on the top of Information technology and software development.

Both countries are nuclear powers and go through an economic race, arm race, space race etc., thought India is a little behind from China.

What if these two countries work together, or form good relations at least? Well, then surely these two countries called as “future super powers”, will start ruling the world in present itself.

The major reason of tension between these two countries is the age long border issue.

How China is controlling India?

China has flooded India’s market with its cheap quality products which are giving tough competition to local Indian industries, making them unable to grow.

China claims the north east Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, and it has also built roads illegally inside Indian territory in North India to Pakistan, (Kashgar-Gilgit-Karachi road). With the help of this road it has actually surrounded the whole of northern Indian border from East to West.

Indian officials have reported many times Chinese army entering illegally inside Indian territory.

(See: Chinese String of pearls theory)

How India can control China?

As of now, India has not taken any steps to control China, as it is aware it is not that powerful. But India is now in position to hit back hard.

India has developed Anti Ballistic missile shield, which is under testing these days, which means it can repulse any nuclear attack on its territory. Indian missiles can hit deep in China.

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India has good relations with many countries and can use it to control China. For e.g India has good relations with Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Taiwan, Mongolia, Russia, and Central Asian former Soviet Countries. This means even India can surround China not from one side but from all the sides. But India will have to work really very hard to gain permission from these countries to set its bases there, or at least allow it to perform military action from those countries.

India and China are going in the wrong direction, this aggression of development between these two countries has created danger in the Asian region.

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