China’s New Weapon

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No, China hasn’t developed a new nuclear submarine or a new bio weapon. But it is using a similar strategy used by Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, which pushes fake Indian currency in the market, thus making a hole in the growing Indian economy. This time, China is selling drugs produced in China but having “Made in India” tag. A test report by The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) of Nigeria, said that the anti malaria drugs were made in China and are having “Made in India” tag. Africa, including Nigeria, is a big market of Indian pharmaceuticals companies. Indian pharmaceuticals brand like Ranbaxy and Cipla, which are one of the top drug producers in the world, are very famous in the African continent.
A similar Indian report also confirmed this. Indians officials are alarmed. This action of China was plotted to defame Indian drugs in Africa and to capture the whole market.
China’s economic expansion strategy is very different from the rest of the world. It includes exporting fake products (you will easily get fake iPods, Mobile phones, footwears, Computer hardware, etc.) at very cheap rates. This creates a problem for the actual company, one of the main reason why almost all the companies are facing losses.
Recently Australia and New Zealand have banned Chinese dairy product imports, as they contained melamine which is used to make plastics. This compound is added to make the dairy products look richer in protein. Indonesia and Vietnam are also alert. Because of this milk, over 300,000 were infected only in China, cases also came from America, New Zealand, Australia and many other countries.
India has banned all imports of Chinese products for three months. India protested a lot against the flowing of Chinese mobile handsets in the Indian markets. These handsets don’t have International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). This code is required by the security agencies to track mobile phones of terrorists. Many Pakistani terrorists were found to be using such mobile phones. After this strict action by India, China is warning India for a tit-for-tat.
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