Is Pakistan playing with the world?

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Pakistan tested its nuclear bomb in 1998 in a response to India’s nuclear test in 1974. Since then it has never stopped increasing its nuclear arsenal, now the number of it’s nuclear warhead reaching an alarming level, surpassing India, and it has become a hot topic in the world politics. Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs, confirmed the assessment of the expanded arsenal. (Source: The New york Times). Pakistan is not yet a signatory of NPT and it is also not a signatory of “no first use policy” [of nuclear weapons] with other countries.

To give a hard response to India, Pakistan acquired nuclear and missile technology from China and it is been accused of giving this technology illegally to North Korea, Libya and Iran, which is a matter of worry  for America and the world. (Source: Time Magazine, The Man Who Sold the Bomb).

Pakistan has been developing nuclear ams rapidly. Interestingly, it is developing when the world fears that Pakistan’s nuclear arms may fall into Talibanese hands. India, on the other hand, is a little disturbed with these developments as Pakistani nukes aims in India and are ready to fire.

The question is, Pakistan is the country which doesnt have military equipments, money and infrastructure to fight Taliban, save civilinas in the war, give them education and basic needs, how is it producing nuclear arms? Every month US, UK and some other countries each gives billions of dollars to Pakistan as aid to fight against terrorsim, to develop infrastructure and education. The money which Pakistan receives monthly is comparable to the money generated by other developing countries of the world. But Pakistan is using this money against India.

As soon as America increased the amount of monthly aid to Pakistan we have seen the development of Pakistani military against India (Source: Is Pakistan using US aid to expand nuclear arsenal?) (Source: Pak Using US Aid for War Against India).

The final Question: Is Pakistan really serious about destroy Taliban or still dreaming of destroying India after loosing four wars against it?

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  • Anonymous

    after losing

    please read the correct history dont talk like bollywood lolzzzzz

  • Ali

    1947-49 First Kashmir war (started by Pakistan): Pakistan lost as it coudn’t take over Kashmir completely and Kashmir signed the letter of annexation with India

    1965 war (started by pakistan): though pakistan was able to shoot down large number of indian aircrafts with its Superior american jets but pakistan lost in all other sense (territory, army personnel, tanks) see and If you raised the war you can not call this a victory, but you failed in your purpose and infact ended up loosing your territory

    1971 war.. oh boy what should I tell you, you were broken into peices by India.. bangladesh came out of you and now you remain a small country

    1999 war.. u tried to infiltrate kashmir again you crosedd the LOC which was illegal first then you occupied Indian heights being on advantage still you were retaliated by Indian forces.. and you had to leave your positions.. you failed in your purpose once again.. do you call this your victory???

  • Jim

    Me and lots of European people feel that Pakistan and India both are middle class country and are wasting their resources on wars against each other.. though pakistan is seen as a rogue state, it is also struggling with its economy. i wonder they are not able to take care of the country what they have now, how will they take care of kashmir if they win it somehow?..

  • @Abv comment: How can you categorize Pakistan and India at the same level? well, you mentioned middle-class countries, but the economic strength of India doesn’t say so. And its completely wrong to mention that India is wasting its resources on war against Pakistan. India has never initiated a war and it never will. Even if India has to fight against Pakistan, the resources it will spend on the war wont even amount to 0.001% of its GDP, such is India’s economy. So please know before posting a comment. 🙂

  • Jim

    @krisshnan Economic strength of India is good no doubt, The government is very rich, they say India is 4th super power in terms of purchasing, India has huge reserves that is because they are just collecting money and not spending on where they should to improve various infrastructure. Though I agree with you tht Indian and Pakistani economy is out of comparison. and interesting thing is that Indian defence budget itself is comparable to the Pakistan’s national budget 😛 but war in any form is a waste of money

  • Pakistan has understood that the terrorism is also a problem for them. yes it was a late realization and that is why it is tough to control it, but they have done a lot in this direction. Yes corruption is everywhere, It is in Russia also, and it was in Soviet Union also. I agree they haven’t utilized the aid money properly.

  • waheed

    Interesting stories.
    If the Kashmir issue is solved I think there is no need of any border between Pakistan and India. I don’t say India should takeover Kashmir or Pakistan should take over. Let the people of Kashmir decide and both countries should have courage to accept their decision.
    For the last 65 years both countries are fighting for Kashmir and each says its mine. Kashmir is of people of Kashmir not property of Pakistan or India. Both countries should accept this other wise fight for the next 100 years.

  • Waqas Muhammad

    Pakistan is using its money given to them against India, True but do you know India is the biggest threat for Pakistan, Pakistan needed a nuclear power otherwise India or some other nuclear power country would have taken over Pakistan. for your information taliban was created by Americans to use them against Russian forces, now Pakistan has to deal with them. Pakistani corrupt government dont even spend 2% of the annual budget and donations on Pakistan itself, and just to let you know recent case Raymond Davis who got arrested for 3 murders in Pakistan how would he got away with it and ran back to America.. He could speak fluent Urdu lived in India for 8 years.. Who has been training him, and caught with satellite phones and spying tools because he was a member of CIA. Watch ! America is using India for Pakistan.. Soon be using somebody else for India.