Why Indo-China ties will be more favourable than Sino-Pak

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A wonderful discussion started by a Pakistani man recently on Pakistani Defence Forum caught my attention, Why will China chose India over Pakistan or Which ties will be more favourable for the stability in the region.

Pakistan and China considers each other all weather friend. When China was in need of expanding its influence, Russia, America, Europe, Japan, and India had differences with it. India giving shelter to Tibetan peaceful leader Dalai Lama angered China. Pakistan and China, both anti India, became allies.

But today the situation is little different. Pakistan,  though it receives daily billions of dollars from US, Europe, gulf and other friendly countries as military and economic aid, it is unable to tackle the terrorism and insurgency, which it once used and nourished as an strategical asset against India.

Pakistan/China cooperation is strictly limited to military and governmental levels. There is very little people-to-people contact and almost no cultural exchange. The relationship is one of ‘colleagues, not friends’.

Pakistan and China virtually share any culture, hardly people in Pakistan watch Chinese shows and hardly Chinese people care about Pakistan’s. Often Chinese fail to differentiate between Indians and Pakistani and think they are Indians. Chinese are familiar with Indian movies, A huge population in India in its northern border along the Himalayas to the north east shares Buddhist culture with Chinese and Tibetans. And the trade value between India and China is the largest in the region.

India is using its soft power to build a positive image amongst the Chinese masses. As China becomes more democratic, it will tilt more and more towards India. As what happened with US. While the Pakistan military government enjoyed a cozy relationship with the Pentagon, India was busy buying politicians and working on a grass-roots campaign within the US.

Yes India-Chinese ties may become fruitful but still one can not think of high level cooperation and mutual understanding between the two nations. Russia, China, India may become a powerful group whose policies will affect the world as it does at minor level now.

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The problem always arises when two giants stand up side by side with one trying to press another. China and India will hopefully learn to live side by side as Russia and China.

Future wars will be fought for resources and not for borders, in that case again China and India will be rivals as they will be scanning Africa and resourceful places. In that case more possible ties can be between India and Pakistan. Same people, same food, same language and same religion, One day will come when they will realize they were unnecessarily fighting.

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Sanskar Shrivastava is the founder of international students' journal, The World Reporter. Passionate about dynamic occurrence in geopolitics, Sanskar has been studying and analyzing geopolitcal events from early life. At present, Sanskar is a student at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture and will be moving to Duke University.
  • As of now the Chinese are completely self involved. The only thing they care is to burgeon their nation to a major superpower by any means necessary. So far they have no intention of making allies or friends with other nations. But how long can they sustain their growth all by themselves, well this is a question which time can only tell.

    As for India and Pakistan being co-operative nations seems completely intangible, considering the current status of the two. Even though we share similar physical characteristics and history, but the mindset of the people has completely changed. It will take generations of mind makeover. India has to play a mind’s game, not military game, if it has to emerge as a formidable nation.

  • @Prabhat, I politely disagree with you, Chinese can never grow staying self involved, I agree with the author, Chinese need others badly for its growth since Chinese economy is depended on trade values. They are dieing to make new friends and search for new ventures. And they are not making enemies, but India is coming on their way as world prefers India for business and joint venture over China, thus China loosing its contracts and money..

    and I agree with you on what you said for India and Pakistan, but as the article says if future wars will be fought for resources and not for boundaries then we can see some changes in India and Pakistan

  • If China is dying to make friends then why do their actions seem so unfriendly? e.g the recent incident of hacking Google accounts.

    Even I want the relations between India and Pakistan to ease up. It will benefit not only South Asia but the entire world.

  • China is very reserved and has no transparency in what they do. China always had argument with google, it started with China blasting on google for not filtering porn results in normal search results. But here we are talking about Chinese relations with the rest of the countries. google is an american company and China sees or will see US as a potential threat or a competitor. China instead of choosing Japan’s way of friendship with US wants to stand itself against major powers hence i said China is dying for friends in Asia and Afica, China wants to create its own area of influence rather than becoming American puppet.

  • Couldn’t agree more 🙂

  • Anonymous

    You can try to project your soft power all you’d like, all the Chinese will ever see are a bunch of bunch of curry and BO laden darkies who can’t even get their house in order!

  • Avinash Natekar

    Enemy is far better then the doubtful friend… i don’t think so we don’t have trustful relation with neither china nor pak…..