9 Steps to Counter China; Can India face the dragon?

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Chinese Dragon The World Untold

Once again the tensed environment has been created on this region of South Asia, where India and China are fighting war of words.

Chinese irrelevant strong claims on India’s northeastern most province of Arunachal Pradesh & a part of Kashmir, objecting the separate visits of Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh and Dalai Lama, frequent deep intrusion in the Indian territory, Sailing in the Indian Ocean near Indian territory, Supporting Pakistan, its Army and helping build them infrastructure in the disputed Indian Kashmir. Pushing opium and fake money in the Indian market, has made India to take the dialogue process seriously with China. (See: China’s Yin-Yang Behaviour) India’s deployment of 200 Su 30MKI in the Arunachal Pradesh was an answer but we don’t want any military action.

Chinese claims on Arunachal Pradesh is totally baseless as they have neither ruled nor they ever have any communication with this part in the complete history. China claims this part belongs to Tibet which it has been controlling now, but Dalai Lama has recently mentioned clearly that Arunachal Pradesh is an integral part of India.

Daily something new we get to hear on this topic in media, but still the government of India is maintaining a soft approach towards China probably due to it doesn’t want to risk the billion dollar worth bilateral trade.

What ever is happening with India, India seems to be not affected by continuous bullying by China, but can India do something to control it? China has surrounded India from all the sides (Read: Chinese String of Pearls Theory) If India won’t act, China will take India soft and will either include it in its own influence and try maintain its monopoly in the region or it will crush India. If India has to do something it should have a strong economy first, strong international relations second, and good military third. Then only India can keep its stand otherwise messing with China will be like inviting punishment for India.

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Steps to counter China

1. Recognise Taiwan: India enjoys very good relations as well as trade relations with Taiwan, China claims Taiwan as its territory and Taiwanese hates China for this reason, people of Taiwan like India and believe India has the potential to do something on international forum about China and Taiwan issue in the future. India still not officially recognises Taiwan, recognising Taiwan will be a very aggressive move and can be dangerous too. So we can keep this card handy for future use.

2. Maintain Nepal: India has been pouring billions to help Nepal build infrastructure, India should also think of maintaining the relationship with Nepal specially after the formation of new government which is pro Chinese.

3. Recognition of Tibet: Again it will be a very aggressive move. Tibet was an independent country before 1951 which was later forcibly annexed by China. If China doesn’t recognise Kashmir as India’s part, then India has good reasons to not to recognise Tibet as China. For past four decades India has been providing shelter and market to Tibetan refugees. If China can’t take care of these innocent people who are fleeing to India everyday, then China on no grounds can call Tibet as China.

4. Good relations with Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Afghanistan: It is important to maintain good relations with all of the neighbours for India. Although Many of them have already fell into China’s influence, it is still not too late. If India makes excellent relations with them as well, these countries will ensure that China won’t use them against India. Further India should be quick to grab tenders, deals and development projects in these countries.

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5. Card of Mongolia: This card can only be played when India and China will stand on the same status. Good relation with Mongolia will be necessary to setup bases and camps on the northern border of China to pressurise it from both the sides. India already enjoys good relations with Mongolia, but a little more effort is required to convert this relation into strategic.

6. Card of Central Asia: Energy rich Central Asia is needed for the growth of the country, China has already sealed many deals with these countries, India shouldn’t be late to grab few deals as well.

7. Card of Japan: China and Japan relations had always been bitter. India may like to use this card when it will be strong enough to prevent any aggressive move by China. That is, having a good trade with Japan will be in India’s interest. In this case, either China will force India to close ties with Japan or will start a dialogue with India to sort out the issues which is in India’s interest.

8. Russia: Soviet Union always preferred India over China, but it had to maintain good relations with its communist neighbour as well. That’s why Russia couldn’t do much during Indo-China war in 1962. Now that such condition doesn’t exist a strong Russia is needed to solve the issues if war breaks out between India and China, as Russia maintains relations with both.

9. Finally good relations with Pakistan: This one is unlikely to happen in near future. China has been developing infrastructure in Pakistan, training their army and providing them weapons and technology just to make Pakistan equal to India so that it can keep India and Pakistan busy and allow them not to grow. China and Pakistan are friends because both consider India as enemy. If India makes good relations with Pakistan. China will not find Pakistan of much use.

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Sanskar Shrivastava is the founder of international students' journal, The World Reporter. Passionate about dynamic occurrence in geopolitics, Sanskar has been studying and analyzing geopolitcal events from early life. At present, Sanskar is a student at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture and will be moving to Duke University.
  • Hi friends,

    Buddha born in ancient India now called Nepal . He teached peace … But Chinese are saying that they are Buddhists, they are always fighting with everybody and looking to grab land’s from weaker side…

    1) Tibet

    2) Taiwan

    3) Arunachal Pradesh ( It is a Indian State – Dont think for our state you earthworm eating people)

    Dalai Lama is a great person , allow him to tibet and free our Tibet people… They are our brothers.

    India and pakistan are two sons from the same mother.

    I think it is U.S and China, whom should have a fight.

    Russia – They are really nice, Russia is a good friend of India.

    But still we love U.S and China, Cause we are always the same… India is the land where Buddha and Gandhi born 🙂

    Vande Mataram ….

  • Before we can face the international world and be a superpower, there r many things we have to do. Indians r really confused, which side to take in this ever increasingly polarized world.
    Today we are hesitant to shake hand with the western world(US & UK) and also not ready to join hands with china.
    In today’s world Nehru’s panchsheel policy does not really work.
    India is a nuclear armed country, has huge army,navy & airforce. If and when the real conflict starts, India will be standing in the middle of the battlefield armed with weapons but still figuring out which side to take and which side to fire.
    Time has come that we start taking a side. The US is not fully confident about India and so does not support her for a permanent seat at the UNSC. On the other hand China wants to keep India under pressure regionally by prolonging the border issues, surrounding India in the Indian ocean region, arming Pakistan and so on.
    In the present situation and for India’s interests that we must sort out our regional issues with neighbouring countries. The main reason that the US has emerged as a superpower after WWII and not the Soviet because the US never had any regional conflicts with it’s neighbours.
    This will need strong measures by the Indian government and great political will. The government must consult the major opposition political parties in formulating these plans.
    The major sentiments in India against China is due to the following reasons:
    a)The 1962 Sino-Indian war.
    b)Recent frequent border intrusions by the Chinese army.
    c)China continues to follow aggressive policy against India by helping Pakistan, building roads in the PoK, building dam across the Brahmaputra river & and not giving up it’s claims on Arunachal Pradesh.
    d)Most of the western influenced national media in India portray China as a enemy of India and border incursions by Chinese army features more on their headlines rather than China-India bilateral trade.
    To sum it all it is very very important that India has a clear cut foreign and defense policy of its own, increase the size of its economy drastically to match that of China, inclusive growth of its people(making sure that no one is left out) and tackling internal threats like maoists, Kashmiri separatists,north-eastern insurgencies to an end in the coming decade.
    But it is a pity that the present central government with a puppet prime minister is very weak on dealing these issues, the north and the south block is totally confused about its policies as is the Indian people in general to some extent.
    May GOD bless INDIA and her people(Except the politicians).

  • Anonymous

    None of these cards worked in 1962, in fact quite the opposite! What makes you think you won’t just provoke another war?

  • Vineet Kumar Giri

    Probably we should start issuing stapled visa to Tibetan people and improve our bilateral relations with USA and south east Asian countries especially south Korea ,Philippine Vietnam and malaysia .We can interfere in south china sea issue too but that will be too aggressive approach.

  • Avinash Natekar

    1) India shld mk gd poltical n trde relatn wth Japan as it has dispute wth china over Pinnacle Islands in the East China Sea. 2)shld focus on south china sea region n mk port in japan, Vietnam its psychology blocks south of china. 3) snce frm last 10 yrs Indo-Russia relation was normal we shld mk more good bilateral relation with Russia as it is our gd frnd frm past history 4) Ban all goods frm china, its effect economically to china 5) USA need India to defeat china bcz US treat china as its rivalry nation so hand shk wth US. 6) If war hapens Atack China during day time bcz chinese eyes r small and cant see properly due to sunlight 7)Gv strng warning or request countries like lanka bangla mynmar etc nt to co operte china othwse thy vl face tuff situation in near future. At last i suggest 3 imp point of Chanakya 1)Dnt gv oportunity to ur enemy to select its strng weapon 2) Atack ur enemy only at rght time n rght plc 3) Mk Enemy’s Enemy a good frnd N remv doubtful frnd frm ur group.. If we follow these 3 rules victory vl be ours…..

  • Bharatsevak

    I find that all the articles are quite old and outdated.