4 Fun Ways to Flex Your Intellectual Muscles Online

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The internet has thousands of different uses, but entertainment is perhaps the most popular one. Whether it’s video games or listening to free lectures from famous universities such as MIT, there’s a wealth of entertainment to be explored and it doesn’t have to be purely about video games or YouTube videos about cats. Instead of filling your mind with silly videos and high-octane action games that rely on reflexes more than brain power, why not indulge yourself in some stimulating activities?

If you’d like to flex those intellectual muscles online, then here are some fun ways to kill time, get involved with communities or even find new friends while stimulating your brain.

Online Debates

If you love a good debate and think you can bring some great points to a discussion, then there are websites such as SuperiorThan which allow you debate everything from presidential candidates to socialism vs capitalism. Online debates can be fun when they don’t devolve into name calling and internet trolling attempts because it’s open to the entire world, meaning that people from all walks of life are able to contribute to a discussion. This means you’ll always learn something new, there will always be new opinions to consider, and you’ll generally pick up lots of information that could be useful in the future.

Watch University Lectures

University can be incredibly expensive and often seen as a waste of time. However, there’s no denying that some of the world’s brightest minds teach in well-known universities such as MIT. Luckily, MIT have many different lectures freely available on their website and their YouTube channel, making them accessible for anyone and everyone. You can watch lectures about linear algebra, differential equations, multivariable calculus and so on for free on MIT’s YouTube channel. If you head over to their website, you’ll find their OpenCourseWare program, an initiative to make all of their undergraduate and graduate courses freely available online.

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Engage in Discussions

Whether it’s talking aanbout Donald Trump or debating whether the latest games console is going to be a flop, communities such as Reddit offer people an almost endless amount of discussion and debate similar to online debate websites. However, instead of being debates that are for or against a subject, you can discuss subjects on Reddit without taking one side or the other. There are also dedicated communities that are made specifically for discussion, such as the NeoGAF forum for gamers and Quora for general questions about almost anything in the world.

Online Games

Although you might not stimulate your mind with action-oriented video games, there are a wealth of brain-stimulating online games that you can dive into a play within your browser. For example, Brain Metrix is an educational website that specialises in brain training programs. You can test your memory, your reactions and even your reactivity with this simple online website. You’ll find brainteasers, puzzles and even math problems for those who love dealing with numbers. This is a fun way to stimulate your mind when you have a few minutes to spare and it’s great for mental workouts.

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