The Student Guide to Eating Well on a Budget

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As a student it can be difficult to meet your monthly budget while still maintaining a healthy diet filled with delicious meals and snacks There are, however, a lot of ways that you can help stretch your budget so you don’t have to choose between feeling full and filling your diet with fresh and healthy produce. So if you’re a student trying to eat and live well, here are a few tips to keep the foods you like on your plate.

Shop at student food Co-ops

Many universities and student organizations have started running food co-ops where students can either receive fresh, quality produce, and goods at a discounted rate or sometimes even for free. These types of organizations do, however, usually run off of donation, so while you may find a load of things you love one week, there is no guarantee they will be there the next. Also, there is normally a first come first served policy and a limit for each shopper, so be sure to show up early to find the foods you want.

Creating your own great dishes There are many ways to construct great meals at home, and with a small investment in proper cookery equipment, such as food processors and blenders, it becomes even easier to make restaurant-quality meals at home. Think of all the great purées, soups, salsas, dips, smoothies and more you could make. Good kitchen appliances not only allow you to make more delicious dishes, but they will also cut down on your cooking time, which is something all students will appreciate.

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Get involved in a community garden

The green revolution has made urban gardening more popular than ever, and students often tend to be at the forefront of such movements. Many student gardens fundraise to cover the costs of plants and materials while others split the modest cost amongst the group. These community gardens are usually made to yield a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the year, meaning a little relaxing work in the soil will return quality organic produce.

Snack smart

When you’re studying for an exam or rushing from class it can be easy to buy something cheap and sugary to satisfy your craving and your need for energy. But packing your own snacks, such as mixed nuts, trail mix, fresh fruit and veg, will give you the same energy boost you need and will also save you money and keep you feeling healthier.

However you decide to shop and cook this school year, remember that you don’t have to sacrifice quality in order to create healthy and tasty meals.

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