After Obamacare and the Wall, Will Trump Move on to Cannabis Legislation?

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It has taken decades to pass major cannabis legislation in several states around the nation and now that an ultra-conservative president has gained the White House, there is a huge amount of concern as to what President Trump will do on a federal level. In the last months an increasing number of companies and businesses are entering the marijuana industry, but is Trump planning to make this process easier or not?

With so many new states entering the ‘legalization’ arena, there is concern that the President will move on to enacting legislation that will trump those state laws. It’s a possibility, but there is reason to believe he will do nothing in the immediate future. Here’s why.

Bigger Fish to Fry

At the moment, President Trump has his hands full gaining acceptance for some of his more controversial campaign promises. He is working on beginning his much publicized, and often criticized, Wall. Then there is Chicago’s Mayor Emmanuel, a major thorn in Trump’s side. With the president threatening federal intervention if Chicago doesn’t get those violent deaths under wraps and Emmanuel’s obvious disdain for Trump’s stance on giving sanctuary to illegal aliens, the president will have his hands full in coming weeks and months. Then there is Obamacare and the long process to repeal it, and:

  • Trump’s cabinet to be vested.
  • Ironing out relations with Israel the previous administration destroyed.
  • Getting his choice for Supreme Court Justice approved.
  • The so-called ‘Women’s Movement’ inciting unrest in major cities.
  • The investigation into Clinton’s emails.
  • Public outcry for an investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

And, the list goes on and on ad infinitum. These are really huge issues that have gained major momentum with the public and in the press, on both sides of the political divide. With these much, much bigger fish to fry, it is unlikely Trump will bother with marijuana legislation.


The only thing that may open up a can of worms would be the much debated Wall. If President Trump somehow ties cannabis in with his war on drugs coming across the border, cannabis legislation on a federal level could be on his agenda. However, in looking back over the President’s desire for a wall, drugs were only on the periphery of his concern – at least in his public comments. It appears as though illegal aliens and terror cells are his main concern. So, unless too much is made of cannabis in the press, it just might be that he leaves this one issue alone, at least for the time being.

The One Saving Grace Could Be the Economy

When all is said and done, President Trump is a businessman. He won the presidency with the people because he is NOT a politician. His campaign was built on the “Make America Great Again” theme and to accomplish this there needs to be a major focus on the economy. He is making great strides in getting corporations to bring manufacturing back to the States and pumping money into infrastructure here at home. It could be that federal taxes on marijuana could pump a huge amount of capital into a system that is already over $20 trillion in debt. As a businessman, that might light up those dollar signs (in neon we might add) in his eyes.

Who would refuse billions of tax revenue a year if it were legalized? Like alcohol prohibition before it, cannabis stands a chance of going legal federally because of all the revenue it would most certainly provide. For the time being, current state-level legislation on cannabis is probably safe, but the future might tell a totally different story. We’ll need to wait, watch and see.

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