Trump Presidency Not A Good Sign For Peace Between Israel And Palestine

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Donald Trump is now worried about what his secretary of state should be but there are also many other key foreign policy positions that have to be chosen with due diligence. One of the key aspects associated with the work that the new president will have to do is to deal with the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Trump’s promises to Israel are well-known but nobody can deny how he handled the topic in the past, at one point basically calling Palestine citizens terrorists.

The conflicts between Israel and Palestine have been going on for such a long time now and did create problems for both Democrat and Republican presidents since the year 1993. The possible connection between the two states will have so much to go through in order to survive under a Trump presidency.

One thing that is interesting is that Israel’s far right politics scene did greet the success Donald Trump had. That is mainly because Trump promised he will recognize Jerusalem as being the capital of the country and that the US embassy will be moved to the city. Also, according to Israeli Breaking News, Donald Trump’s team will most likely not stop the Israeli efforts towards creating new settlements, one thing that did anger Palestinians for over 10 years now. The truth is the settlements issue did pose huge problems in the peace treaty attempts made by the Obama administration.

The two frontrunners that are considered by Trump should be John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani. Both of these are vocal opponents of the Palestinian state idea. Trump also went on to mention the fact that Palestine should not be a country because it basically means that USA would sustain a state that would train terrorists to attack the USA in the future.

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The huge problem is that Donald Trump’s advisers created so much controversy in the past due to the contradictory statements that were made. While controversy definitely exists, the main thing that stands out is that in just a few months Trump would basically ruin 20 years of negotiations. There are 2 extremes that could appear:  a maximalist administration that is pro-Israel or a disconnected and minimalist isolation position.

While till now we saw the main focus of the administration being put on creating peace by having 2 independent administrations set up, the Trump Presidency may mean that war is going to start between the two. This is definitely one thing that could lead to many different problems, as we learned from history and the numerous conflicts between the people.

The one thing that is known about Donald Trump and his Presidency plans is that nothing is actually said about what will be done and what will not be done. However, out of the various points of interest mentioned, the certainty is that the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel will not be a priority for the Trump administration. Unfortunately, this almost guarantees the fact we will see more conflicts in the area.

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