A Look at Trump’s First 100 Days

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Donald Trump President of USA

Donald Trump steamrolled his way to the White House by making big, sometimes vague, sometimes too-good-to-be-true promises regarding the many fantastic policies and initiatives he would introduce if he were elected president. Now he’s in the White House, he’s discovering that it’s much easier to say you’ll do something rather than actually do it. So how is Donald Trump getting on with his big hitters? Let’s take a look.

The Wall

Ah, the wall. Some days it was spoken of as an actual wall, some days (post election) it became more of a metaphor. Still, there are plans afoot to build a wall that would create one big barrier between Mexico and the United States, and some (pretty out there) proposals have actually been put forward. Even if Trump is keen, the logistics of the wall might prove to be too much, with high costs and environmental issues keeping the spade out of the ground for years. And Mexico paying for it? That’s looking unlikely too.


We’ll say this: you can’t accuse Donald Trump of not trying to enact some of his anti-Muslim rhetoric into law. Though he had the drive, plan, and pen to sign the executive order that would ban Muslims from entering the United States. Unfortunately for Trump – and fortunately for everyone else – the proposal was quickly shot down by immigration lawyers. So there was no immediate travel ban, though he is still trying to get something through the courts.

Bringing Back the Jobs

If you had lost your manufacturing job to an overseas worker, you would probably vote for a man for told you he was going to bring it back. And that’s just how Donald Trump spoke to many millions of former manufacturing workers who had fallen on hard times. The problem is, those jobs don’t exist anymore. Even if they were brought back, the jobs would be automated; the United States will never have a manufacturing workforce like it used to have. It’s as simple as that.

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The Trade Agreements

Trade was a pretty big deal during Trump’s campaign. He talked of NAFTA as ‘the worst trade deal in history’ and was critical of the proposed TPP. This actually had some bipartisan support, and many people were actually rooting for these deals to be renegotiated. However, Trump overlooked one fact: NAFTA is incredibly complex, and any renegotiation would take years. He will try though.

Cutting Taxes

This is one area where Trump has followed through with his plans (it’s just a shame many economists and business leaders don’t think it’ll work). He’s cutting the top rate an individual would pay from nearly 40% down to 35%. All businesses will also now pay 15%, which is dramatically lower than what it used to be.

The Result

After his first 100+ days in office, Donald Trump would get a C. He tried hard and failed at some things, didn’t try whatsoever in some other areas. Let’s see how the rest of the year shapes up, but at the moment it’s looking like he won’t be living up to his past promises.

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