Facts Won’t Fail Us Now: The Truth About U.S. Immigration

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Donald Trump

Trump’s presidency means trouble for a lot of people. Going into the damage he could do is depressing enough. Even more worrying is the fact that his policies have given the green light for a hateful population. Thanks to his racial rhetoric, individuals who share those views feel justified in expressing them.

It’s probably no surprise that Trump’s been blamed for an increase in Islamophobic hate crimes. In fact, the number of hate groups targeting Muslims has almost tripled in the last year. A look at Donald Trump’s first 100 days shows all too clearly why that might be. Having a man in power who, for example, tries to ban all Muslims entering the country, is sure to do a fair bit of damage. While we can thank our lucky stars for the immigration attorney who put a stop to the charade, many would argue that it’s a difficult thing to come back from. The good news is that most of the population were against the proposal. But, those who share Trump’s views were all too behind his shocking radicalism. Plus, those who are easily lead are at risk of coming around to his way of thinking. He’s the president, after all; he must have a point, right?

Wrong. In fact, a lot of Trump’s arguments are founded on incorrect personal views. As a result, the population has come to believe some shockingly inaccurate facts about the damage of immigration. So, we’re going to break things down for you. Trump may not turn to the facts, but we can.

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A lot of us believe that immigration is at an all-time high. Calls to ‘strengthen our borders’ have made us doubt how many people come into the country each year. But, AI Justice reveals that immigration is currently at its lowest point since 1972. And, despite the ‘Mexican Wall’ debacle, figures show that more Mexicans are leaving America than entering.

Another major argument is the supposed loss of jobs. But, that’s another inconsistency. In fact, many jobs that have been ‘taken’ by immigrants are no longer available. We can blame automation for that. In truth, immigrants are thought to have made no impact on wages or the number of jobs. If anything, those from different cultures have helped economic growth with new ideas.

Trump would also have us believe that immigrants are more likely to commit a crime. Again, the facts show a different story. A report by American Immigrant Council revealed immigrants were less likely to commit crimes. It makes sense when you think about it. Why would someone work hard to get here, only to mess it all up? There’s no logic to the argument. So, it looks like that’s another outlandish claim from our president.

These are only a few of the facts which blow Trump’s hatred out of the water. The need to research this is more important now than ever. How else can you overcome the negativity? Facts are always the best way to expose lies.

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