Education: The Key to Freedom

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Nowadays, in the developed countries, education is something we don’t care about, as we all have the opportunity to attend school every day, whether it’s a private or state school. In the past, though, it didn’t use to be this way. Instead, only wealthy people’s children had access to education, and specially men, since women were supposed to work in the house or take care of their children.

Nevertheless, we don’t have to go that far in order to find this horrible situation. In fact, people from a lot of poor countries still haven’t got the chance to go to school every day. Therefore, there’s a question to be asked: Should education be equal for everybody?

Well, as far as I’m concerned, everybody is the same, there are not better or worse people, so why do we have to discriminate people with education?

It is very important to teach children since they are very little how they should behave, as well as improving their skills by painting, socialising, playing… Despite that, in my view, the most important things we learn at school are how to read and write.

With reading, a huge and wide world of fantasy and imagination opens to you, and even if you don’t have enough money, even if you’re sad and lonely…with books you can go anywhere or be who you want. It is like making your own private world, in what you can find everything you want.

You may think it is a waste of time, but reading gives you the opportunity to open your mind to the outside world, to know what’s outside your misery. It is what gives people hope to carry on fighting against their destiny and make their own choices.

Education is the key that allows you to choose. To choose your future, your life… If you prevent them from that, you are keeping them inside a cage. A cage made of prejudices and ignorance and illiteracy. Actually, I think that illiteracy can be similar to being blind, because in a way, you are. You can’t see a huge part of the world, you aren’t able to understand things, just because you haven’t had the chance to learn it.

If we do want this to be a free world, if we really think we are all the same, then we should fight hard against the walls of that cage.  We should open it with the key of education, and give them the chance to choose their path.

In a way, we could think of it as a bird. If we keep it inside the cage since it is born, maybe he’ll fear the outside world. Nevertheless, if we teach them from the beginning how beautiful the sky is, he will dream of it every night, and he will take the first opportunity to escape.

We must give them that dream, because that dream of a better life, the life they deserve, is the key to freedom.

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Naroa Legarra is a student in 11th standard at IES San Miguel de Aralar (Spain)