Despite the Social Struggles, Indian Women Take Precedence

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Indira Indian Women Take PrecedenceYatra Naryastu pujyante, ramante tatra devta”, which means God resides where women are worshipped.

Who is a woman? Have we ever asked ourselves? Yes & the answer is she is a mother, a sister, a lover, a wife & also a fighter. Why am I saying she is a fighter? Do we have an answer?

The answer comes out from the fact that since decades she has been struggling for her presence, her aura to be felt by all, but every time she tries it, she is unable to get the recognition which she actually deserves.

From the time of Ramayana, we have seen the struggle of a woman, how goddess Sita had to give agni pariksha to prove her loyalty & integrity. This really pops a question in my mind after having made so many sacrifices; did she really need to prove her love & purity? If yes, then why? Why always a woman has to prove her loyalty why aren’t men not questioned? And the answer is simple that we have never thought this way as our society is so patriarch that we forget to question & raise our finger on men.

Now let’s have a look in medieval India. Women have gone through innumerable social evils such as sati pratha, dowry system, domestic violence, female feticide etc. These evils are just the numbers, one can never imagine the pain which a woman undergoes, self-respect, her soul are all shattered due to the injustice towards her. Our society has always treated women as inferior even after having known her value in family & society. A woman is selfless, she always thinks of her family before anything else & what she receives is negligence, disrespect, & what to not damage her completely.

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Even today women are treated as sex toys that anyone can use anytime. The increasing number of rape cases in India proves that the evil thinking towards women is still prevalent & deep rooted. Female feticide is also one of the long lived evils of our society & it has taken more dangerous shape as the time passed.

Despite all the struggles, Indian women have made their mark in almost every field. Here I would like to mention about IPS Kiran Bedi who is the first Indian woman IPS officer. She has totally changed the image of women not only in India but all around the world. After so much of social taboo about women joining the force she has made great efforts to be at this position. Also it has always been said that it is very tough for women to work in corporate & maintain work-life balance which is why most women quit their careers, yet one example is Mrs. Chanda Kochhar , the CEO & MD of ICICI bank has proved this a misconception. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi being an Italian has managed to handle & lead an altogether different cultured economy. Mrs. Indira Gandhi, who became premier of India in 60s and strongly managed the diplomacy with US, USSR and China during 1971 Indo-Pak war, many western nations are yet to have a woman premier. Mrs. Meira Kumar, the first Indian Lok Sabha speaker has stunned everyone by her compassion & skill. The list may go on Late Kalpana Chawla, Ms. Sunita Williams, Ms. Indira Nooyi so on & so forth.

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And the truth will always remain the same that women are an integral part of any society. It is always rightly said that if the women of a nation are respected & valued, the nation will prosper as a matter of course.

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