Looking for the Best Bakeries in the United States

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Either you prefer sweet or salty food, there’s always a place for you to satisfy your needings at the right time. They are called: bakeries. These places are the best way to get your daily carbs dosis, to enjoy fresh baked bread, wonderful croissants, cookies, cakes and a lot more.

If you live in the US, you know that some of the best bakeries in the world are here.

How can I find the best bakeries near me? Is there any bakery near me? We have the answer! We prepared a guide for you to discover the best bakeries throughout the United States.

The Best Bakeries in the US

Breads Bakery (Union Square, NY): It is well known for the chocolate babkas they prepare, their unique almond croissants -that we’re sure you’ll be back and repeat- and their rugelach created with a spiral full of scales. A delight for the senses! If you ever stop by don’t miss the bread. We think it could be one of the best breads of the world.

Tartine Bakery (San Francisco, CA): They have created a wide variety of breads. All of them are made with ingredients of the highest quality and exotic condiments such as the german rye they prepare in the Danish style. During the mornings you can order some zesty morning buns or a slice of any of the cakes they make. You have to try the exotic flavours, the passion fruit cake or the “tres leches” one are a must. The best way to start a new day is at Tartine Bakery!

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Standard Baking Co. (Portland, ME): This bakery is hidden in the shore, along the beautiful seaside. Enjoy the german vollkornbrot bread they make -with its typical brown color- or the italian focaccia. Don’t leave without trying the chocolate rye cookies. They are one of their top products.

Proof Bakery (Los Angeles, CA): The croissants they make are considered to be one of the best croissants in Los Angeles. You can find them coated with high quality butter giving them a golden look and a tasty flavour. They make different types of croissants, some of them are filled with chocolate, cheese, ham or even almond cream. If you also like cakes, Proof Bakery is your place. You can choose from a great variety of flavours, such as “lemon-pistachio”, meringue, among others.

Ken’s Artisan Bakery (Portland, OR): Another bakery that shines by itself is this one located in Portland. They offer lots of different amazing products such as sweet macarons -they bake with the pure French style-, fruit tartlets, rustic bread and a lot more! The carrot cake and the hazelnut butter cookies are a must in this place. You will love the French touch in all their products.

Flour Bakery + Café (Boston, MA): We finish our list with a mandatory visit to this bakery. If you ever visit Boston don’t miss the rolls they make. Try the coffee cake and the lime meringues as well. Salty food here is also well known. We recommend you to try the smoked turkey sandwich and the curry tuna one. They are amazing!

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The best bakeries in the US  created for bread lovers summarised in a short list.

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