How To Work With The Police Without Being A Cop

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As a kid, did you dream of being in law enforcement? Did you want to wear the blue uniform and patrol the streets? Lots of children have this idea when they are young. But, the thought of being a cop isn’t as appealing as kids get older. Let’s face it – police officers have a dangerous job. For the majority of people, this is enough to put them off a life of enforcing justice. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to work with the police. After all, you can still get the buzz without the risk. Here are the jobs that will make it happen.

Correctional Officer

In layman’s terms, these are prison guards who patrol jails. Now, this might seem as dangerous as being out on the streets, but the stats don’t say the same. On average, guards don’t have to deal with the same types of life threatening injuries. For one thing, the inmates are behind steel bars and doors for the most of the day. Plus, there is always a host of colleagues on hand should the situation escalate. As a result, you get to interact with criminals without the risk of being assaulted or worse.

Forensic Technician

If the idea of any risk seems too much, there are other options. The least risky is the role of a forensic specialist. Quite simply, these people have to come into a scene after the fact and work out the course of events. To do this, they have to liaise with the relevant police department and come up with theories backed up by evidence. On a daily basis, forensic technicians are surrounded by or working with cops. In truth, they are associates in criminal justice, helping out wherever possible. This is as close you will get to investigating crimes without being a fully fledged officer.

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Emergency Dispatcher

No, these are not the paramedics or medical professionals called out to a scene. That is another to work with cops, but emergency dispatchers are different. They are the people on the phone directing the services from one scene to the next. Usually, they work with everyone from fire fighters to police officers and medics. As such, you have to converse and direct the officers as much as possible, as well as provide them with the relevant info. If you are squeamish and don’t like blood, sitting behind a phone directing traffic is a wise career choice.

Criminal Lawyer

There probably isn’t a position on the list that is more important to the police. Quite simply, a lawyer and a cop are a team that has to work together to hit their targets. Sure, the officer catches the bad guys, but the attorney has to put them behind bars. To do that, they need all the help they can get from the relevant department. That means going through evidence, reviewing cases, and preparing for testimony. There are better reasons to get into criminal law, but there are better reasons to get into any profession.

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