A Helpful Guide To Studying While Holding Down A Full Time Job

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Studying during job


For those people working full-time, the idea of studying at the same time seems to be completely out of the question, particularly when the job is demanding, and there is a family life to consider too. However, to make the next step on the career ladder, more training is sometimes necessary. Not only that, but some of us are interested in taking a course in something for pleasure, as well as work, but how do we make the time?

For those of you thinking about going back to school, despite holding down a full-time job, here are some ideas.

Consider what you are looking for

You need to have an idea of why you want to study, and what courses are worth taking. When you have an idea, it is time to consider the options ahead of you. For example, you may be able to take an evening class at a local college to pursue your study. A better option might be to go down the distance learning route, with courses delivered online in a virtual environment. Take a look at the online masters in school counselling course, for example.

Speak to your employer

If you are planning to study for work purposes, and not a career change, your employer may be happy to let you incorporate this into your normal working week. It will be beneficial to both you and your employer if you are better equipped and have new skills to offer your workplace.

Plan ahead

Consider how much time in the day you have to study. You will have to juggle other commitments around your day, but there could be times when you have the space you need. For example, some people enjoy studying in the early morning or late at night when the house is quiet. Others prefer to spend an hour after work, as they are already in a productive state of mind.

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Our brains work differently, so there will be times when we are more alert than others.

When doing a course online, there is often more flexibility than what a local college can offer. It is possible in most cases to take on a one-year course but complete it over a longer period.

Other times in the day to study could be on the daily commute to work, or during the lunch break.

It is important to plan not only when you will study, but where as well. If the home is too distracting, ask your employer if you can stay back after work and use the office space. Alternatively, a local library may be a viable option.

Have a rethink

It could be that as you weigh up the options, you decide it is not the best time in your life right now to take on a new course of study. That may be the only realistic option. Alternatively, if you intend to study for a job that you are not currently doing, maybe it is time to give up work if you can afford it. Whatever you decide, make sure it is right for you.

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