5 Ways Students Can Keep Their Brain Fresh During Holidays

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Getting ready for a long summer holiday? If so, congratulations! After working so hard for the past year, there’s no denying you have earned it. But, if you want to leap straight into the next year of your course, you might want to keep your brain active during the holidays.

We’ve put together a few tips for you so you can do just that. You need a break, of course – but a couple of weeks of free time is all that’s required. And, by keeping your brain feeling fresh, you will get off to the best possible start on your return.

Exercise often

Make sure you are getting regular exercise, rather than just lounging around for the whole summer. It will help keep your memory and concentration levels up by a significant amount. Not only that but come the end of the holidays you will be a lot more motivated to take on the academic challenges of next year.

Get a job

Getting a summer job has several key advantages to just lazing around all holiday. First of all, you will be earning valuable money – and you won’t have the time to spend it. It can give your finances a big boost before going back to your studies. It also helps your brain, however. Doing something new helps keep you feeling fresh, learn new skills, and meet new people. It’s a different environment that offers far more of a challenge. And, that will only be beneficial when you return to study at uni.

Play more games

Need to keep your memory in good order? If so, why not play more video games? According to research, it can have a positive effect on your mind. You could even learn to play something like poker at online sites. Visit Maria online or other sites that allow you to play for fun rather than money. You don’t want any financial concerns when you start college again.

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Go abroad

Going abroad and experiencing a new culture will give your brain a wild ride. It will constantly be thinking, and rewiring itself as it adapts to new conditions. The results? When you return to university, you will be able to take on a lot more information, and maybe even bring new skills to the equation. There are many other advantages of travelling abroad, too. Future employers will admire your guts and bravery, and it will also give you a lot of experience you just can’t get at home. It’s the perfect primer for refreshing yourself before entering another year of education.

Reward yourself

Finally, put aside some time to reward yourself for this year’s studies and successes. Studying can be tough, but having a goal and anticipating a reward can have beneficial effects. If you want to push yourself between now and the end of the term, planning the perfect reward can lead to better results. And, it will leave you relaxed and ready for going again next year.

Hope this has helped – feel free to share any more tips that you might have!

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