Hong Kong Disneyland: Where Childhood begins

How about my favourite destination out there, where I have always yearned to be at, a place which makes us easy to relate and relish our past, in the very heart of Hong Kong?

I opened my window on that slightly drizzling morning in my room at Regal Oriental Hotel, overlooking the Kowloon peninsula and suburb of the great city of HongKong. I was thrilled that day morning, alongside my sister as well as my parents who had joined me, looking forward to where we were about to go, even though it was just 6:00 am. Sipping my warm tea I hide my excitement and decide to get ready for that day’s share of fun at a place I have always, throughout my childhood, had wanted to go but couldn’t.

After relishing a gorgeous breakfast at the hotel restaurant, we venture out, into the wet Street and cold air. I hail a cab from down the street and tell the driver our destination. The cab driver is more than just happy to take us there as he passes me insightful information about the legend that it is so!

The cab reaches its destination in around 25 minutes. It’s a driveway to a huge, beautiful garden with frolicking butterflies and prancing air, at the end of which is a large entrance to which little kids and parents; the old and the young alike, flock to. A few kids are dressed up as their favourite Disney characters while a few hold up fancy flags in excitement and wave! It’s an emotion that is so common at that point of time, because we are going into DisneyLand at Hongkong, hold on!

Hong kong disneyland

entering the Hong Kong DisneyLand

A giant gate with Mickey Mouse on it marks the entrance to this huge park. Small kids hold their entrance tickets close and tight in their fists, and they’re lead into the park by their parents. I strongly feel that I myself had brought out the toddler in me, always excited for Tom and Jerry, laughing and clapping with the grumpy Donald, making magic like Peter Pan and getting thrilled in beating up Bluto! It really didn’t matter at that point what my age was, because after all age is just a number that gets busted if I’d watch Tom and Jerry cartoons, to this day.

the fountain at the entrance hong kong disneyland

the fountain at the entrance

As we walk in we see a Disney cart in a corner from where we could pick up a map of the DisneyLand, a brochure of the rides at DisneyLand This helps one to choose where in the park he’d like to go for the preferred ride. I pick up a bunch of brochures and so does my sister as we walk into a wonderful world just out of a Disney cartoon; it just reminded me of the town of Far Far Away from Shrek; Enthralling, the fantasy world!

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hong kong disneyland guidemap

We see really excited kids in groups in Mickey Costumes and raincoats to battle the slight drizzle and running around. There was a Tinkerbell hopping all over, clicking pictures with her fans. A giant Winnie the Pooh in one corner sat with his friends and ate his honey. Mickey and Minnie mouses dances to the jingle music played in the back as they shake hands with me. A grumpy Donald Duck is smitten by Daisy Duck as he gives her a flower. Tom and Jerry forget their rivalry and become friend and good hosts for the day, inviting people in!

Hong Kong disneyland kids

a few enthused kids, eager for the day

As we move from rides to rides and more excitement; from Tarzan’s world to deep jungles, sleeping beauty’s castle to Miner’s rides, Pooh’s tree bark( which was little world in itself) to Disney town, which were all artificially made to perfection, it seemed obvious to me that it wasn’t just me who ended up like a child, but it was my parents as well. The sheer curiosity and excitement in their minds, body and faces for a world of imagination, charged up their spirits to a level rarely achieved. And to have witnessed that, was a marvelous feeling after all!

the streets inside Hong Kong Disneyland

the streets inside Hong Kong Disneyland

hong kong disneyland streets

We jump from roller coasters to rides, car races to Fancy lit merry-go-rounds, and we enjoy thoroughly. A boat ride in Tarzan’s world took us through some deep jungles and interacting animals. The 7-D show of Grumpy Donald and his dreams makes us think over and giggle. A little elephant plays with us in the water around Tarzan’s world, splashing water through its trunk. Large crocodile replicas startle us a bit. Our nervous self is lost for a moment as we bolt out into marvels like a maniac.

the Merry GO round full of lively colours hong kong disneyland

the Merry GO round full of lively colours

hong kong DisneyLand Castle

Hong Kong DisneyLand Castle

After a sumptuous meal in the afternoon, with chopsticks and fragrant Jasmine tea, we indulge into the Disney charm more, because DisneyLand doesn’t end at all! It evokes curiosity in every move, every step! It makes your memeories paint your heart walls further fresh. Stalls here and there sell curio items and stationary for the Disney fanatic. Occasionally, we have snack sellers with their wagons, selling Octopus fritters, fish fillets, beef sausages and pork dumplings. A well detailed map in our hands makes it even easier for us to navigate in a world, so unknown!

our sumptuous Cantonese meal

our sumptuous Cantonese meal

the hong kong Disneyland Train that made an appearance

the Disney Train that made an appearance

the inside of the hong kong Disneyland Marvelous world!

the inside of the Disney Marvelous world!

Until dusk, we delve into the deepest childhood moments of our life and then by evening, DisneyLand doesn’t let it end so light or let you go back home with little or no energy! There is a stupendous firework show there, every day evening, above the Disney Castle to which there are fans just all over. With the rapid music, we see a star studded sky and a grand Disney castle, hemmed with exquisite fireworks in a multitude of colors that made wonderful trails and sparkly remains in the night sky, a true feast to the eye.  We are left in the same state as we walked in: awed, amused, fascinated, excited, curious and deeply satisfied. In this case, I agree: no image can speak the experience of that one day in Disneyland, hence never miss a golden opportunity!

The firework Galore that stamped the day into a splendid one! hong kong disneyland

The firework Galore that stamped the day into a splendid one!

Get going; bring out that child in us for atleast one day, because that will never be a regret; promise!

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  • Hitender Kumar

    From my childhood.. i always wanted to go to Disneyland.. but i never could!! i hope i finally can ssomeday!.

    • gayatri

      Oh you should! As they say, it’s never ever LATE for disneyland; its that awesome!

  • Chow Hoang

    HongKong Disneyland looks even more beautiful at night 🙂

    • Rakesh sukumar

      This is awesome.

    • Gayatri

      Oh yes, evenings in Disneyland were literally star-studded. Lights all over in neon! when you see enthusiasts waiting for the grand parade like the image as well as the fireowrks in utter excitement, it just grows in you. Honestly, I wish I hadn’t come out of Disneyland; I wanted to stay inside.

  • Rakesh sukumar

    Amazing write-up. I can imagine it coming from the perspective of someone who jumps up and down at the thought of disneyland. Absolutely loved the last picture of the fireworks 🙂