Ties between US and Pakistan suspended

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Pakistan, a long time faithful ally of US, has been a part of US security pact CENTO and SEATO, major non NATO ally in the war against terrorism has now lost all diplomatic and high level contacts with America. America has suspended all ties for some undisclosed period of time. And is also considering closing the economical, military and relief aid worth billion dollars which is the lifeline of Pakistan.

The US administration has also put hold on President of Pakistan’s visit to Washington next month and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also declined to meet Pakistan’s foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on the sidelines of a security conference in Munich. 

US Air Force 051016-F-2034C-009 Pakistan relief effortsTo what extent suspended ties between US and Pakistan would affect the terrorists organization is not clear. Since Pakistan plays a complex game of funding them internally and fighting with them in a way that it looks as if they are really fighting. A peaceful and developing Pakistan is indeed in the interest of neighbouring countries, but once US aid is closed Pakistan will not have anything remaining to develop nuclear bombs and warfare and training terrorists against India, which is in the knowledge of both US and India that Pakistan diverts US aid for covert purposes. 

This action against Pakistan is of a great loss to them but also for US for one reason as Pakistan provides its land to US for war against terrorists in Afghanistan. “There is now a demand in some quarters in Washington to turn off the aid spigot vital for Pakistan’s survival, even as there is pressure on the civilian government in Islamabad to hold to account the United States, whose lifeline to its 140,000 troops in Afghanistan runs through Pakistan.” As quoted by Bennett, Coleman & Co.

Why did all this happen?

Davis, an alleged private security contractor, was on an American diplomatic mission in Pakistan when he shot dead two Pakistani locals last month in what he said was in self-defense after they attempted to rob him. Pakistan acted tough on him more than in usual cases despite US demands that he be freed because he enjoys diplomatic immunity.

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Washington has now convinced Pakistan that Davis has a diplomatic passport, and although it is stamped with a work visa, he is entitled to diplomatic immunity under international conventions. But now the situation has slipped from Pakistan’s hand because now people know why Pakistan was acting so strange on this issue. the two Pakistani locals who were shot dead by David came out to be the spies of ISI, Pakistan’s notorious intelligence agency responsible for attack on Mumbai in 2008 and on Indian Embassy in Kabul. Just after one of the spy’s death his widow died mysteriously by consuming poison. 

But instead of moving towards a resolution, Pakistan is trying to cover the matter by accusing three more American diplomats who came to rescue Davis on car and supposedly killed a pedestrian on the way. Just similar to how Pakistan tried to cover and divert world’s attention after Mumbai attacks by staging an encounter against a group of Pakistani citizen on a public street and then claiming them to be Indian agents.

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  • Arun

    US suspending ties with Pakistan will help India, because Pakistan uses their aid in anti India activities

  • You are right but if that happens then Pakistan will fall into a huge economic crisis. Which will destabilize Pakistan. Today though Pakistan is not taking any action against terrorism but atleast it has some control over it. May be then it will lose this little control also and that will become a huge problem for India.

  • Ch. Ahmed Nouman

    If this blessing fear does really happen ,then all of the mates and co-mates of Nato and other embedded allies will have to leave the south Asian and Gulf regions with great Baseness.
    Pakistan has Absorbed much of the waste policy matters but now Enough is Enough!Pakistan will emanate his Natural Reaction

  • @Ch. Ahmed Nouman

    In a sense its good that now Pakistan’s policy will not be influenced by other nations or powers. This will lead to much more stability.