US and Pakistan, Not Allies But Enemies

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When the bell of possible 26/11 Mumbai style terror attack on three European countries, France, Germany and England. The various European intelligence agencies including American agencies became active and cooperative. After Mumbai and failed car bomb terror attack on New York, this was supposed to be the third high profile Pakistan based cross ocean attack, but the updated and cooperative information foiled their plans of spreading terror once again

Banning of Burqa, presence of their soldiers in Afghanistan might be one of the major reasons why the attack was planned. The attack may have been planned on Pakistani soil against the three European countries, but it has directly or indirectly affected the relations of US and Pakistan. A Few weeks ago US had already declared that another Mumbai style attack by Pakistani miscreants, and we will bomb 150 locations in Pakistan (Source: Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd)

After 9/11, then president of America sought  Pakistan’s help in the war against terror as Pakistan shares the longest border with Afghanistan. In return Pakistan received high tech weapons, large amount of economic and military aid so far it has received $20.7 billion (US) as aid and in June 2004, then President George W Bush gave a title of America’s Non-NATO ally. Which was termed as the major event in the history of US-Pakistan friendly history.Pakistan has also been part of CENTO and SEATO and in 1954 they signed a Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement.

“It shouldn’t surprise anyone that links between plots and those who are orchestrating them lead to decisive American action,” a US official told Reuters. He further added, “The terrorists who are involved are, as everyone should expect, going to be targets. That’s the whole point of all of this.”

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Increase in US bombing of the Pakistan bordering with Afghanistan, led to sharing of bitter words between Pakistan and America. Pakistan is blamed of giving safe-haven to Taliban while posing as fighting a war against the group (Read detailed analysis and opinion: Pakistan or Taliban, Brothers or Rivals?). Pakistan warned US of a strong reaction to what they were doing. “let’s see, we have to make it clear now, whether we are allies or enemies?” said a Pakistani official. The bombing though killed many suspected militants, but resulted in the blockage of NATO fuel and daily supply route, via Pakistan, to its troops in the land-locked country of Afghanistan.

This was one of the strongest steps Pakistan has taken against American continued strikes in Pakistan in the war against terrorism. No nation of course cannot tolerate such strikes on its own land. US terms the attacks as the inability of Pakistani troops in countering or destroying the terrorism camps.

NATO supplies have several other routes to Afghanistan via Central Asia and Russia, but the route via Pakistan is the most comfortable. Pakistan blocked one of the major route to Afghanistan while other routes through its land remained open. NATO supplier tanks when going through alternative route to Afghanistan were attacked by a group of Pakistani gunmen who destroyed 28 tankers. Such a huge loss of supplies, though not a new thing in Pakistan, has attracted strong attention of America, that today on 2nd Oct, 2010 CIA’s chief visited India, and met Indian intelligence agency RAW’s (Research and Analysis Wing) chief.

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When it comes to the war against terrorism both nations should jointly conduct strikes. US conducting strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan conducting strikes separately on their western border won’t help. There is something wrong in the Pakistan’s strategy, the lack of transparency in their operation is proving fatal for others as, though they are killing several down, but attacks on the other nations have not gone down, but have become more professional.

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