A New Turn in India Pakistan Ties

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Mumbai attack in November 2008, when 10 Pakistani armed men entered the city and created havoc in the name of religion, deteriorated the ties between India and Pakistan, India suspended all kind of high level contacts with Pakistan when the possible involvement of ISI (Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency) and Pakistan Army behind the attacks came into the picture. the talks were then put on hold on a condition if Pakistan will do justice by putting the accused under trial and punishing them.

The act supported by most of the Indians brought both the countries into external pressure of resuming talks. This slowly brought Pakistan in the upper position as it was India then which was refusing to talk.

Now the recent development in the ties is that India has indicated that it may resume talks with Pakistan by this July. Though Pakistan has still not punished the accused against whom whole world has the proof of involvement in the Mumbai incident. It is a win win situation for Pakistan, since Pakistan did what they like, killing people in India, and have also brought the whole situation as it was before attacks.

The reaction in India was mixed as we asked the public on our facebook Discussion page. Some people called it India’s diplomatic defeat and some called it an important step towards peaceful relations. After Independence India and Pakistan have fought four wars, and none could actually bring a solution. A lot of dialogues and Agreements have been made towards a higher step in the peace processm like Simla summit, Lahore Summit, Agra Summit, Delhi-Lahore Bus Service, and Samjhauta Express Train Service. But all went in vain. Kargil war in 1999, Parliament Attack in 2001, Attacks on various cities in between a number of times and Mumbai Attack in 2008 overshadowed the effort and time spent in the peace process as Pakistan kept doing what it likes, killing people in India and now in the rest of the world as well.

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There is hardly any point of starting a dialogue now. It is India’s loss. India had decided to not to talk until Pakistan doesn’t do something against the accused of Mumbai attack. Thought it is understood War is not the solution. But not talking to Pakistan doesn’t mean India is going for war against Pakistan. Just forget it. Leave them, let India concentrate on its booming economy and internal development of infrasturcture. India wasn’t loosing anything before, India provided a huge aid when they were in need during Pakistan flood last year, but when India was short of onions in the country Pakistan refused and stopped the already plying trading trucks on the international route. Whatever part of Kashmir India has, India should develop it, There is necessity of giving more attention to the state of Jammu and Kashmir and north east. make them feel happy, feel proud and feel lucky to be in India. When Pakistani side of Kashmir will observe that Indian side of Kashmir has so much facilities and developments, they will themselves start a revolt against Pakistan.

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