JeM top commander killed in encounter in Kashmir

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Pakistani Terrorists of JeM

Two Pakistani terrorists including the chief of Jaish-E-Mohammad, the charitable group in Pakistan which launched attacks on Indian Parliament in New Delhi in 2001, have been killed in two separate encounter with Indian forces in Jammu and Kashmir, India.

Masood Azhar, who was released by India in exchange for Indian and International passengers of hijacked IC 814, was sent back home to Pakistan. In no less than two months he formed the group Jaish-e-Mohammad. There very first attack was on Jammu and Kashmir Assembly in 2001 just after two years of the plane hijacking, which left 40 people killed in the name of religion. There bravest (according to them) attack which made them hero and very popular back home in Pakistan was the attack on the Parliament of World’s largest democracy on 13th Dec, 2001 in New Delhi. After Mumbai attack in 2008, Indian intelligence agencies had pin pointed the location of Azhar, but Pakistan denied it and then had safely shifted him to the guest house of Pakistan’s Army Cantonment in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. His safety is very crucial for Pakistan as through him Pakistan is able to launch various illegal operations in India.

Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) terrorist group is also known as Tehreek-e-Khuddam-ul-Islam, which collects funds and campaigns as Al Rehmat Trust. The fund money is used to recruit and train new terrorists and to plan and launch attack on India.

The death of the Top Commander of JeM is a big achievement for Indian forces at the time when various Pakistani charity/terrorists group are looking to attack on Cricket World Cup stadiums in India and ban India also from ICC game hosting sites just like Pakistan was banned few years back when a group of terrorists attacked Sri Lankan Cricket team after they lost the match. The Border Security Force also found in its road-opening party a powerful IED planted by militants at village Haigam on Sopore-Kupwara highway on Thursday morning. Though according to the sources it was later defused.

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At the time when Indian forces are celebrating, the news has caused concerns and change in strategy of Pakistan. Intelligence bureau of India has already alerted the coastal states about Pakistan’s use of sea route once again to attack cricket stadiums. The attack may be on par with Mumbai 2008 attack. According to the bureau many have entered India and few are yet to arrive. Indian agencies would never have thought hosting cricket can become so tough and risky.

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