Why Flying Is Still the Safest Way to Travel

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Air travel

At some point in our lives, we all fear the idea of flying. With so many deadly crashes reported in the past year alone, it’s no wonder that people are cautious about taking to the skies. However, travelling by air is much safer than you might think and, as of now, it’s still one of the safest ways to travel.

There is little human error in flying

Unlike driving a car or riding a bike, pilots have very little need to actually control their vehicle. Most of it is handled by autopilot systems that have a lot of redundancy control, meaning if one control system fails, the other kicks in. This is why pilots can afford to take breaks and sleep—it’s not like they’re constantly balancing the plane or something, it’s controlling itself.

There’s a reason why more than 8 million people fly every day in the comfort of a plane. It’s because it’s still one of the safest ways to travel and will always be. There are many safety systems in place and there is very little air traffic that could cause an accident. The skies are large and open, and there are many alarms and sensors that help planes track each other so they won’t accidentally collide into each other. This reduces the overall chance of human error and gives everyone peace of mind when travelling by air.

Not every accident is recorded on other travel accidents

It would be almost impossible to record every single time award-winning car accident lawyers won a case for their client, or every time an irresponsible motorcycle rider wasn’t wearing their helmet during a journey. In fact, motorcycle riders are at the highest risk on the road to suffer an accident. This is because there is a lot of human error that can come into play and cause an accident. It’s not always your fault, either. Other drivers or motorcyclists could crash into you or cause you to swerve off the road, and that’s something you won’t see in the air.

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If we were to record every single car or motorcycle accident, then the news headlines would be full of junk. The reason that flight accidents are reported is because when an accident does happen, it’s a huge deal because of the amount of injuries or deaths that can happen. The media sensationalises these and sometimes they are even called mysteries because of how unlikely it is that a plane can fail on its own.

Security is always being increased

Out of all forms of transportation, flying by air is perhaps the most expensive for companies because of how much security they need and how many safety measures have to be carried out. They pour billions into keeping passengers safe and due to the threat of global terrorism, they’re always finding ways to improve your peace of mind.

This is why security is constantly being tightened. Those airport checks aren’t there for no reason, they’re there to protect you. So next time you scoff at the idea of passing through security at an airport, remind yourself that it’s there for a reason—to protect you.

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