A Bad Influence: How The Media Is Affecting The Law

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In recent years, it’s becoming more and more obvious that strings are being pulled and the general population is being played. This has become especially evident with the recent elections within the US. And, you can see the trend everywhere. Most people would agree that the media has absolutely no place when it comes to having an influence on politics. And, most would also agree that it shouldn’t affect the law. But, it still does.

Over the years, media platforms have gained a lot of steam. As people’s needs change from quality to quantity, when it comes to news, companies are following suit. In the past, this would be known as tabloid journalism. But, now, it’s commonplace. The content that people consume and the things they read have a big impact on their views. And, for good or bad, it helps to make people aware of what’s going on. The big problem, though, is that it gives the media a chance to sway people’s opinions on matters. When it comes to the law, this definitely shouldn’t be the case.

Over the years, there have been several key court cases that have felt this impact. For example, Michael Jackson, was found innocent. And, yet, he still couldn’t piece his life together after his trial. This is partly due to the media having an affect on public opinion against the man. Furthermore, this led to his case being extended and taking longer. This is obviously a bad thing, especially in a criminal court. But, these issues affect all areas of law. With a Court Reporter at every trial and case, it’s impossible for big things not to get out. Access to this sort of content isn’t great for society, as it puts a large focus on the criminals we have to deal with.

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As another example, and a bigger one, newly elected US President Donald Trump has been facing a lot of backlash for a travel ban he has imposed on several countries. A lot of people believe this move was illegal and unfair. And, in reaction to this, a judge has been able to put a suspension on the order. So, the travel ban is lifted. Of course, this is a good thing. Most people agree that the travel ban is useless, and this thought should be reflected by the actions of the government. But, it’s only due to the media that people know about these things. If this has been a much more reasonable order, with motives that are for good, this could be a very bad thing.

It’s hard to know how we should deal with these sorts of issues. As people, we’re always searching for new information. And, it’s good to know what’s going on where you live. But, when the media has such a big part in changing laws and influencing politics, certain questions have to be posed. In the years to come, we will see if this change is for better or worse. Until then, all that can be done is waiting. Time will tell.

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