5 Green Buildings Leading the Way for Eco-Construction across the World

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Green buildings have an important role to play in resolving global environmental challenges. As the construction industry gradually undergoes a green revolution, buildings will include sustainable architecture in their conception, while greener, less polluting machines will be introduced on construction equipment marketplaces such as MachineryZone.com. From New York to Melbourne, here are five buildings representing the premise of change oriented towards eco-innovation and sustainability.

The Bank of America Tower, New York

Bank of america tower


Completed in 2009, The Bank of America Tower is currently one of the most ecological buildings in the world. Built as the administrative center of the largest bank in the United States, it displays exemplary characteristics regarding energy efficiency, indoor air quality, environmentally friendly materials and construction processes.

It has its own natural gas power station which covers 70% of its electricity consumption and residual heat is reused to provide hot water and heating for the building. Rainwater is collected and used. The sun is also wisely put to contribution, not only to offer as much natural light as possible but also to provide sustainable solar energy. This skyscraper is without doubt a true model for the future of green architecture.

The Crystal, London

The Crystal, London


With a design that resembles that of the Sydney Opera House in Australia, the Crystal is a superb sustainable structure located in the heart of London’s Green Enterprise District. The building showcases exemplary energy efficiency methods: electricity, heating and air-conditioning are all produced though the use of renewable energies. As the Crystal runs entirely on green electricity, without any use of fossil resources such as oil or gas, CO2 emissions are about 70% lower than other similar buildings across the United Kingdom.

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Not only is the Crystal a beautiful piece of architecture, it also stands as a symbol for eco construction. It is indeed the only building to have won the highest certification in both the BREEAM and LEED schemes.

The World Trade Center, Bahrein

World Trade Center Bahrain


In 2008, the Bahrain World Trade Center was the first skyscraper in the world to integrate wind turbines into its structure. This boldly designed structure features triangular peaks that channel the air into three built-in wind turbines. With a diameter of 30 meters, this futuristic building draws up to 15% of its electricity directly from these wind turbines. The two towers are also equipped with a clean cooling system, optimized by window orientation, and equipped with a system that uses the air currents that form in the center of the skyscraper.

Pearl River Tower, China

Designed in the shape of a sail or an aircraft wing, the Pearl River Tower could be described as an “aeolian skyscraper”. Located in Guangzhou, one of China’s main cities, this building offers a fascinating example of what a positive energy building can achieve. This skyscraper produces more energy than it consumes! With its wind turbines integrated directly within its frame, the building vacuums the wind in order to optimize its thrust on the wind turbines. This tower is a reference in this field and it will, without doubt, serve as a model for many other eco-friendly construction projects around the world.

The Pixel Building, Melbourne

pixel building melbourne


Praised for its avant-garde design, the Pixel Building in Melbourne was designed to achieve carbon neutrality.

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In addition to using an impressive amount of recycled materials in its construction, the building is equipped with many solar panels, an anaerobic digester to convert human waste into heat and an ecological sanitary evacuation system. Unsurprisingly, it obtained in 2012 a perfect score of 100 points under the Green Star rating system, the highest score ever granted by the Green Building Council of Australia.

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  • The design of these buildings are gorgeous, and it’s amazing how eco-friendly they are