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Another Busy Week has Come and Almost Gone.



TWR is supporting the efforts of Julli Sterling for helping people in need from Nicaragua, Guatemala and most Central America to be able to receive proper education, and basic needs. You can help too by visiting Julianna Sterling’s blog. Below is the article written by her:

For me, having the first few days off each week from work, means rolling up my sleeves and getting to work early on my volunteer projects and bulldozing through, often burning the midnight oil trying to accomplish some seemingly impossible goals/tasks.

The past two weeks with the guidance of a good friend AsTold By Jules the blog as gone under some serious construction, hopefully you all will enjoy the finished product as much as we do. I wanted it to be more readable and to connect social networking sites such as facebook and twitter to the blog. I also wanted to learn how to publicize the blog better and really drive visitors to the page. Please feel free to post a comment letting us know your thoughts as you’re the one reading it…

You will notice on the top right hand column of the blog a donations button now ready and working using both paypal and google shopper for your convenience. Many, many friends have written to me that live afar wanting to support the projects restricted or otherwise and have found the donation button to be the best means for them.

I learned a lot in my fundraising days at Colby; good and bad, and have utilized a lot of the trials and errors in designing what I think is a pretty darn good webpage for appealing, donating, educating, and informing. Of course, the page is ever changing and growing but I am growing into my own style of branding and finding what works for Jules.

In networking I have been able to organize a couple of fundraising projects which have me very excited for the upcoming trip in March and proudly I would like to announce that this is a fully sponsored trip.

First, is a Complimentary Pancake Breakfast that will be held at the Waterville, Maine Applebee’s on February 19th. Details are in the previous blog, can found on the facebook fan page and, in the right hand column on the blog page. Essentially, what I am offering is a pancake breakfast to each person who brings a backpack that morning, and backpacks are described in more depth in the prior blog and on the facebook fan page. I think this will be an exciting opportunity for those wanting to contribute and to meet with me in person as well as have a great breakfast.

Secondly, I have been working diligently at creating an Amazon sellers account to “Lighten the Load” my goal here is to resell used books and designated the funds towards purchasing educational materials for school children. As you already know, As Told By Jules works with school children in the USA and Central America donating backpacks and forging friendships through penpal letters. At present I have over 100 books listed and have sold 12 in the past two days.

Third, a continued effort in the “Closet Cleaning” process carries on at Retail Therapy in Waterville, Maine. If you are interested please stop by there are; purses, scarves, belts, boots, shoes, pants, shirts, dresses, jackets and jewelry displayed in Brenda’s boutique. I hope you will check it out.

This coming year, 2012, As Told By Jules will be donating $500 to Casa Rosario providing a one year education for two Guatemalan’s and in honor of my ten beautiful children, niece and nephew ( Aicha, Jami, Roja, Martin, TJ, Hieu, Josie, Mari, Alexandra & Dimitri ) much need school supplies to Common Hope, and naturally through my own backpack project another 50 students will receive school supplies both in USA and Nicaragua.

Once the spring arrives, which winter has yet to really hit the northeast corridor, therefore I have no idea when this will be…I will be hosting an “RE” project. If you have been following the blog you know how passionate I have become about RE’s; recycle, reduce, reuse. A yard sale downsizing some of my personal over-stocked-ness and providing people in my area with some relatively good condition second hand items along with utilizing the funds generated to follow through with the afore mentioned projects in Central America.

Thank for your continued support and stay tuned as this year is shaping up to be even more exciting than the years past.



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The visionary Spanish artist makes a milestone in the art industry and human science



The art industry is buzzing with the incredible news of a Spanish artist, Eduardo Vidal, who has achieved an unparalleled milestone in both art and human science. His work can be described as visionary, a term that only few artists are able to live up to. While his works have been featured in some of the world’s most prestigious galleries and museums, Eduardo Vidal art remains humble about his talent.

Eduardo Vidal has developed an original style that blurs the lines between surrealism and minimalism. He uses color theory to create pieces that are both complex yet simple at the same time; he also combines techniques from traditional painting with modern digital technology to create intricate designs. His work is praised for its innovative approach which speaks directly to viewers’ emotions and encourages them to think differently about the world around them.

Art Industry Impact

Art has been a form of expression for centuries, and it continues to be an important part of our culture today. In recent years, the art industry has seen tremendous growth and development as more people turn to art as a means of communication. One artist who is making waves in the industry is Spanish visionary artist Miguel Molinez. He recently achieved a milestone that could have long-term implications not just for the art world, but also for human science.

Molinez’s innovative technique combines the traditional principles of painting with modern digital technology, creating unique works that have captivated audiences around the world. His creative approach to creating artwork has yielded ground-breaking results in both aesthetics and scientific accuracy. His most recent project which involved recreating an ancient historical moment using light was so successful that it could open up new possibilities in terms of exploring our past through visual arts.

Human Science Revolution

The Spanish artist, Carlos Bermejo, has just made a monumental breakthrough in the art and science worlds. His unique approach to incorporating elements of human science into his artwork is revolutionizing the way people think about art. With an emphasis on connecting human emotion and experience with scientific models, he is paving the way for a new era of expressionism.

Bermejo’s latest masterpiece incorporates theoretical physics principles to explore the relationship between time and space. This ambitious project has gained global attention as it bridges both art and science by exploring how humans interact with their environment on an individual level. His work provides a platform for viewers to consider their own place within this world by reflecting on its beauty, mystery, and complexity.

The conclusion of the article regarding Spanish artist’s milestone has been monumental. Spanish visionary artist, Eduardo Vidal, has made a lasting mark on the art industry and human science alike. This new milestone is considered groundbreaking, as it has observed the way humans interact with their environment by utilizing scientific principles and innovative techniques to create meaningful works of art.

Eduardo Vidal success in this field proves that there are no boundaries when it comes to creating meaningful works of art. Through his work, Eduardo Vidal was able to bring together different disciplines such as science and art, highlighting how intricately intertwined they truly are. The impact of his contribution is undeniable; not only has he created incredible works of art, but he also helped bridge the gap between creative fields and opened up new possibilities for exploration in the future.

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Spend All Your Time Online? Hobbies That’ll Get You More Hands On



If you find yourself always online, it’s best to turn off the computer or phone and find something else to do. However, that’s a lot easier said than done! But if you’ve got a hands-on hobby in your back pocket, you’ll always have something fun and practical to turn to when you get bored. 

Staring at a screen all day isn’t healthy for you, and it’s good to find real ways to rest your eyes and get outside a bit more. As such, here are some ideas regarding the kinds of hobbies that’ll help you find enjoyment in things other than what’s going on online.


If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a carpenter, this is the first step on your journey to putting huge items of furniture together for your own home. Get a bit of wood, get a carving knife, and see how you can manipulate the material to make something interesting. Take precautions and protect your hands, but have fun at the same time. And while you’ve not got a woodworking shop yet, even just a small set of tools can help you whittle your way to new cutlery, decorative figurines, and incredibly personal birthday and anniversary presents. 

Building Models

Miniatures are a very popular hobby, and all thanks to the time and love we have to put into making them. And when you’re a fan of building your own models, you can move into other item builds, such as attaching 80 lower receiver jigs to a rifle project of your own. But to get started, all you need is a set of models to crack open, snip off, and glue together. Once you’re done with this, you can start painting them and even put together your own playing team. It’s not just a one step hobby you can then display in a cabinet – there’s a lot of nuance to explore. 

Gardening and Landscaping

Gardening is a totally free hobby to pick up if you’ve already got a garden. You can take cuttings from bushes, trees, and plants that you see out and about and then try to cultivate the same greenery in your own garden. Indeed, it’s a great way to blow off steam as well as get your hands dirty, which is something a screen just won’t allow! But if you prefer cutting back in the garden, you can try out landscaping instead, which will help you to design the outdoor space you’ve always wanted to relax in. 

Bake Your Own Bread

Baking is one of the best hands-on hobbies out there. Why? Because you get to eat something when you’re finished. And baking bread is quite the artform, so you’ll need to really brush up on your skills here. Plus, a freshly baked loaf every morning is always something to look forward to – it’s just the cleaning that’s annoying! 

If you’re always online, it’s time to break the habit! Get out and remind yourself there are other things to enjoy.

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Not Prioritizing Yourself Enough? Here’s How You Can Change It!




In today’s society, there’s this push to promote self-care. While society five or maybe ten years ago would see the term “self-care” as something selfish, fortunately now, mental health has become a larger concern. While toxic positivity is being pushed out, and the whole “put yourself first” mantra is slowly beginning to reign supreme, there’s one question to ask. How exactly can one put themselves first? Also, how can these self-care changes even boost your well-being? These are some helpful ways to achieve that!

Understand Your Life Goals, Values, and Purpose

When it comes to putting yourself first, it’s important to begin by thinking of your life goals, your values, and what type of purpose you want in your life. While society once deemed people as “selfish” for even considering this, it’s your life, and you’re entitled to live your life the way you want it. Is one of your life goals to travel? Then that’s great! Keep aiming for it!

Identify Your Wants and Needs

Everyone has their own wants and needs, everyone does. What are yours? While it’s important to put other people’s wants and needs in front of your own (such as if you’re a parent), just keep in mind that you don’t have to do this all the time. So think about it, what are some small ways you can put your own wants and needs ahead without it jeopardizing anyone else. Maybe it can be something small such as getting more sleep, or maybe even something huge such as changing careers. It’s entirely up to you to decide.

Take Time to Get Your Headspace Right

A great way to get yourself into the right headspace is through the beauty of travel. This is actually one of the biggest ways that people are treating themselves and putting themselves first. Changing up your environment and your routine through the power of travel can be one of the very best ways to get yourself feeling recharged and just completely breaking away from what may be stressing you out. Whether you opt into a long vacation, weekend trip, or a day trip, just allow yourself the chance to breathe, take a break, and recharge.

Treat Yourself

There’s nothing wrong at all with treating yourself to things. Whether you’re wanting to gift yourself a nice car you shopped with through edmunds, a fun vacation, or anything else. There isn’t anything wrong with gifting things to yourself as long as you have the disposable income to do it and if it’s in moderation.

Opt-Out of Social Media That’s Not Good for You

Social media is a double-edged sword. It can be a great tool for connecting with people and staying in touch with friends and an extension of our personal brand. However, many people are finding that social media is not the best tool for their mental health and well-being. If possible, try to opt-out of social media if you feel it’s not good for you. And instead, try to spend more time in nature or offline activities like hanging out with family and friends.

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