The Beginning of Asian Era; Asia in 21st Century

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It was rightly said that the 21st century belongs to Asia. With the recent developments in the region there is no doubt that Asia has already started to dominate in this century.

Whatever it is, whether fastest trains, tallest buildings, longest bridges, highest bridges, modern hybrid cars and intelligent robots. You name it Asia has it. And apart from all this, Asia is largest producer food and feeder as well. While there are fast growing small regions like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan, there are also big economy giants like India, China, Russia and Japan.

Time to time this Eurasian block has given challenge to the western world, Soviet Union alone could take care of western super powers in the west who were imperialistic in nature and believed in colonizing and exploiting those  resources to build their own economies.


After the breakup of Soviet Union. NATO and US tried its best to bring the region in their influence to avoid any formation of future power in the region against the western bloc. Somewhere it succeeded and somewhere it did not.

Today that time has somewhat gone when people used to compare east and west, now it is more about cooperation than competition. We can not say which one is better now because both the blocs have equal achievement in different fields of technology, space research, weapons, science, and economy.

If communist economy fell down in 1991, Western capital economy also didn’t last much long, as in 2008-09  world experienced a huge recession that still some European countries are struggling. Whereas people in US and UK are trying hard for jobs. Even after all this, mixed economy in Russia, China and India were almost unhurt.

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When we asked people form Russia if they are happy now or they were before in USSR period. There were mixed reactions some said yes and some said no. We came to a conclusion that while jobs and life was more secured in USSR time, but openness and exposure is more in this time.

Though if we want to see Asian economies overtaking American economy, then one might have to wait for a long time, but it is true that all recent developments are taking place in east.

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