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Time Line of Dynamic Reactions of Cricket Fans During the Match; India-Sri Lanka World Cup 2011 Final



We are sharing some dynamic reactions of our staff and friends while watching the match. You will be amused to see how cricket is so much attached to the people of Subcontinent. 
Though India had lost the toss after a mess that happened there. With the toss it also lost the opportunity to bat first, which was supposed to be more favorable in these circumstances at Mumbai.
India, which was branded as the team of experienced batsmen and weaker bowling attack did a good start with bowling, with Zaheer Khan bowling 3 maiden overs (without giving any run) and one wicket in his first spell. 
So here the Time Line Starts

At 15:02: Zaheer Khan you are awesome, 3 maiden overs and 1 wicket, Sania Mirza ko tujhse shaadi karni chahiye thi (Sania Mirza should have married you) 😛 (Sania Mirza is an Indian Tennis star who has married a gentleman of Pakistani cricket team)

At 16:02: OMG Harbhajan, aap hi sardar ho (You are the Sardar/Captain).. world cup bhar ke lassi pilayunga (I will fill the cup with lassi and serve you), sangakkara ko bhi out kar do (get Sangakkara out as well) 😀

At 19:20: How did malinga managed to get a ticket to final match when the stadium was so crowded and one ticket cost was 1.5Lacs??? Malinga is Sri Lankan Bowler who got Both Sehwag and Sachin early.

At 19:52: Have you guys forgotten Gautam Gambhir is our ex-opener. We are still in the match, but somewhere I am missing, Dravid and Ganguly :((((

At 20:16: Gambhir ne poori gambhirta ke saath ek chouwwa mara (Gambhir with full seriousness hit a boundary for 4)

At 20:34: Hindustan ne apni sarjamin pe 100 ran videshiyon ke khilaaf maar diye (India, on its own land has completed 100 runs against a foreign team.)

At 20:35: Oh yo launda kohli bahut dimaag se khele , yo ghuma ke maara chouwwa lounde ne 😀 (This guy Kohli played with intelligence, he has  swept away for four) in a funny accent.

At 20:42: Kohli achca ladka tha 🙁  (Kohli was a good boy 🙁 ) after virat kohli got out.

At 20:49: Haar gaye to ye mat kehna ki world cup to pakistan ko hara ke hi jeet liya tha 😛 log mazaak udate hain 😀 but things are still in hand, pray for india (If we lost then don’t say that we had already got the cup of our dreams after defeating Pakistan, people make fun of that, but things are still in hand, pray for India.)

At 20:55: Mess mein baithe neeche baccho ko boldo chillate rahein achca lagta hai… warna dar lagta hai jaise ek aur ludak gaya 😛 (To the Guys who were watching TV in the hall. Tell those guys to keep shouting and screaming it makes me feel good [that yes India is hitting], otherwise I feel scared that one more wicket has fallen down.

At 20:58: Ek din tha jab dhoni dhulai karta tha (There was a day when MS Dhoni used to beat bowlers, old memories.)

At 21:02: is duniya mein 2 type ke log hote hain, ek jo klohli ko ball fekte hain, aur doosre jo kohli ki ball lapakte hain.. but hey wait!! ye to ek hi log huye.. (There are two types of people in this world, those who bowl to kohli and those who catches the ball later, but hey wait!! this time it is just one man.) After Kohli was Caught and bowled.

At 21:04: Sri lanka 150 in 34 overs, India 150 in 30 overs, bolo ta ra ra ra. That’s a famous Punjabi Song by Daler Mehandi.

At 21:06: some videshi ppl are messaging me why I am updating my status in hindi, now what to say, jazbaat angreji mein baahar nahi nikalte. (Some foreigners are asking me why i am updating my status in Hindi, now what to say, the inner feeling of my heart doesn’t come out with English.)

At 21:16: oye hoye dhoni!!! chamak gaya, hain?? 😛 (Oh my God, Dhoni you rock) After dhoni hitting first 4.

At 21:43: oh bette ki jaan, bhudhdha ho gaya jawaan (To Dhoni, I can not translate this it is very funny.)

At 21:44: ‎80 runs 14 overs, possible? yes it is very much possible.

At 22:43: ICC have just tweeted that Yuvraj Singh is the Player of the tournament! Congrats boss!

At 23:13: And India wins!!! Love the feeling first time in my life.. Respect to Dhoni and Gambhir and love you gary Kirsten.

At 00:22: during match 2 ppl online (none indian) after match 72 online (all indians) 😛

It is the first time we are seeing India wining in our life because last time when India won in 1983, most of our young staff wasn’t born. Congrats India. Congrats to the billions, and to those who were supporting India.

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Sanskar Shrivastava is the founder of international students' journal, The World Reporter. Passionate about dynamic occurrence in geopolitics, Sanskar has been studying and analyzing geopolitcal events from early life. At present, Sanskar is a student at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture and will be moving to Duke University.

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The popularity of role-playing games and the desire for the most spectacular miniatures is growing



Role-playing games have stopped long ago being the favourite entertainment of a few and have become a widespread hobby in many countries around the world. Today it is not uncommon to see that fans strive to make their armies look fabulous and impressive, which they achieve with an excellent job of painting miniatures and dioramas, a task that is not easy at all, especially for beginners, which is why it is usually delegated to specialised studios.

Role-playing games are an entertainment activity that is growing rapidly all over the world, as they are very exciting adventures in which it is necessary to manage the strategy that makes them challenges to overcome. Gone is the belief that it is an entertainment only for children or a “strange” activity, now it is an activity that is enjoyed by all kinds of people, of all ages and genders, from any country in the world.

The enthusiasts of these games seek to make their roleplaying experiences as real as possible, which makes them resort to the use of miniature figures to “give life” to their characters, as well as the so-called dioramas, which are the scenarios in which the games take place. These representations give all the elements involved into the roleplay a striking and interesting presence on the game board.

When buying miniatures, these come without any kind of colour, so players are encouraged to customise them to their liking, with the aim of showing their army in a very original and special way, looking to stand out from all the competitors. The aim is to always present the most striking figures, especially in the case of games framed in the “fantasy” category, for example Warhammer, where the miniatures are usually exotic and fantastic.

The players usually do not have the ability to paint the miniatures or make the dioramas look the way they envisioned them to look. Fortunately, to cater for this eventuality, there are teams of experts in miniature painter service who have the knowledge in this field and also in the creation of the most amazing dioramas.

Specialised services

With the growing popularity of role-playing games around the world, there is also an increasing need to have these fantastic armies in spectacular settings to enhance the experience and, consequently, the enjoyment of the players. The development and growth of the hobby has led to the raise of a competitive market in the art of miniature painting and diorama making.

There are studios that are already a reference in Europe and the United States for their spectacular works. Although it is not an easy task, they have taken it upon themselves to do painting works with dedication and effort, in such a way as to offer their clients miniatures and dioramas equal to, or better than what they imagined.

The professional studios are staffed by experts who love Grimdark and the various trends surrounding this art form, so that they can adapt to whatever the client requests in order to customise their armies and scenarios. These teams are made up of artists, designers, marketing, legal affairs, logistics, sales and finance experts, all of whom are aligned to offer the best of their work to satisfy the wishes of their clients.

The production area of the artists and designers are entirely in charge of bringing life and colour to the miniatures and their environments. They work hard to create the most spectacular warriors, ready to do battle with gallantry.

In general, studios offer different levels of services, some more sophisticated and specific than others. There are simple levels for those miniatures that may not last long in action, like the foot soldiers for example, despite being somewhat simple, they never go unnoticed. There are more eye-catching levels that are used for tanks, for example.

The premium levels are the ones that include those parts with special details and finishes, which will always stand out for their stunning aesthetics.

On the websites of these professional studios, clients can review the details of each type of service and contemplate the creativity they impose on the work they have done. These agencies, apart from the painting of the pieces, are also dedicated to the assembly, which experts consider to be one of the most important steps in the strategy to achieve success in these games, including the correct cleaning of mould lines and burrs, which is an essential part of the process.

Good support is also essential, so attention must also be paid to the bases and stands, which must be positioned correctly.

The importance of personalization

The customization of miniatures and dioramas are key aspects, and this has also had an impact on the high demand for companies that provide the service of painting and recreation of role-playing game scenarios. This customization is considered an essential part of the style of play and of the strategies that players created, helping players to have an army just as they had devised it, to be able to take advantage of it and, consequently, to win.

The ability to achieve an adequate level of customization is very important in the achievement of these objectives. With a lot of knowledge of the techniques and professionalism it is possible to give different interpretations to the same miniature, it all depends on what each player wants to personify.

As far as the creation of dioramas is concerned, this service has also had an extensive growth, originating from the popularity of role-playing games. These are specifically the scenarios or models in which the miniatures are placed and that players also tend to want to be eye-catching.

When it comes to the fantasy genre, a spectacular and impressive style is what most people are looking for in dioramas, in fact, there are those who have the idea of creating scenarios that look like something out of a film and for this they turn to professional studios.

The most important thing is to define one’s own style, which will result in a fascinating experience for them.

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Discover the best sports accessories shop



Sports accessories are a great way to enhance your experience while playing sports. Shopping for the right sports accessories can be overwhelming, but All mountain style is here to make it easier for you. With a wide selection of quality products and unbeatable prices, offers something for everyone. You will get to see all this in their products.

  • Quality
  • Variety
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Affordability
  • Customization options is an online store for biking and outdoor apparel, offering a wide selection of gear for enthusiasts of all levels. With years of experience in the industry, this website offers customers unique benefits that make it stand out from the rest. They have everything you need for your next mountain adventure. With their commitment to providing the latest trends in all mountain style, offers a wide selection of clothing that will not only keep you warm, but also make sure your style stands out on the ski slopes.

Shoppers can expect to find high-quality products at competitive prices on The store carries all types of bikes, accessories, and protective gear needed to hit the trails or roads safely and comfortably. Customers can also take advantage of free shipping on orders over $50 as well as expedited delivery options for an additional fee. The customer service team at Allmountainstyle is dedicated to providing excellent service and quick responses to questions or concerns throughout the entire shopping experience.

Product Types Available

This shop has a wide variety of product types available to choose from. Whether you’re looking for straps, AMS bike guards, AMS bike gears, number plates, or kick stand, they have it all. Their selection includes everything you need to get ready for the slopes and be prepared for any weather condition. From warm jackets and hats to mittens and snow pants, their products will keep you protected and comfortable on your next outdoor adventure.

Their collection also includes durable backpacks, poles, bindings, goggles, sunglasses t-shirts and more. Allmountainstyle carries the latest technology in ski gear so that each customer can enjoy the maximum performance while on the mountain. With all these options available at an affordable price point, customers can find exactly what they need without breaking the bank. Shop today with and get ready for the best outdoor experience possible.

Shipping Services & Delivery Times

They offer a variety of shipping services to get your items quickly and conveniently delivered to you. They offer standard, express, and priority shipping options with delivery times that vary depending on the service you choose. For domestic orders, standard shipping typically takes 3-7 business days, while express shipping can take up to 2 business days and priority shipping just 1-2 business days. For international orders, there are two options: airmail (which takes 8-12 business days) or EMS (which takes 4-6 business days).

Customer Service & Support is committed to providing the highest quality of customer service and support. Their team of experts are dedicated to ensure that all the customers get the best experience possible when using the products and services. They understand the importance of fast response times, accurate solutions, and helpful advice during problem resolution.

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3 Knots Of Nautical Advice For Newbie Sailors



So, you’ve finally done it. You’ve decided to purchase your own boat for hobbyist sailing. Yet of course, owning a boat is not enough to make a sailor. Certainly, we can imagine that kind of retort coming from a bearded man with a peg leg, seven ales deep in our local bar, the moment we tell our friends about the purchase.

That said, such a stereotypical sea dog would be correct in principle. Sailing is a hard practice to get hold of, and requires your utmost attention. However, it’s quite alright, you have time to learn, the space to develop, and an easier goal to focus on than sailing the high seas for plunder and treasure.

So, perhaps the advice worth listening to can remain a little more humble than you may have expected. That sounds fine to us. In this post, then, we’ll discuss how to get started with some beginner nautical advice, advice relating to owning and operating a boat, how to find a community to help you grow, and some safety measures to keep in mind.

This way, you may be able to take your boat out for more intensive travel experiences, like sailing down the coast in the best possible manner. With that in mind, please consider the following advice:

Appropriate Boat Storage Is Essential

Boats are not always in operation year-round, and when working on them, when having professional repairs made, and when transitioning them from one coast to the other, it’s essential to store them correctly. This is why any hobbyist sailor should place their boat, no matter how humble, in boat storage. That will also give you time to plan out where you’ll rent access to certain docks, and learn the overall anatomy of your boat outside of the water.

Join A Sailing Club

Local sailing clubs can help you nestle within a community of sailors of all levels, from hobbyists to full time fishermen. They’ll be able to tell you how to manage your sails or engine, what maintenance errors to look for, and recommend marine surveyors to ensure your tin can is seaworthy. A sailing club will also provide you the room to make mistakes, which is valuable enough in itself. Beginner tips, like learning how to launch and land a boat can help you retain safety standards throughout. As you become more experienced, you’ll become primed for independent travel.

Learn To Use A Radio

On the water, your radio is your lifeline to every single coastal service. Learning emergency channels in your area and how to contact them is essential. It’s also important to learn how to report given issues and the right terminology to use to better describe where you’re located. Furthermore, equipping yourself with a reliable radio is essential. VHF is your best bet. One with excellent circular coverage, is weatherproof, can light up in darkness, and is able to be hand-cranked or at least easily charged/offers robust battery replacement shielding is key. This way, even if you make a mistake on the water, help is on the way.

With this advice, we hope you can get started as a hobbyist sailor with safety and care.

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