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International Reaction and Pakistan on India’s World Cup Victory



India world cup victoryAfter the match had ended with the victory in hands of India, reactions were coming up form various parts of the world in the form of blog or forum comments, news statements and articles.

“Here in Bangladesh there are lot of supporters for Indian players. Even many anti-Indian people like Indian players, but after few unlikely remarks from Sehwag the situation is changing.” Says a Bangladeshi, supporter of India.

“Congrats India. well done” says a Pakistani celebrating the victory of South Asia

“Congrats India.. Well played you deserved to be the champs,” came the voice from Pakistan.

“Yes it is not Pakistan and Sri Lanka, it is India who deserved this cup and they have got what they deserved, we are happy that the cup is in South Asia,” says a Sri Lankan.

“Congrats India, next world cup will be of Australia again, you were just slightly lucky this time, i don’t even want Pakistan to win world cup now!” says a pakistani

’28 years? For a cricket crazy nation? that sucks,” says an american as India won this world cup after 28 years.

“The thing i liked was, India was playing against the Sri Lanka as if they are playing against kids. Too cool, too cool..!!” says a pakistani.

“What tremendous batting, man that we can only wish to have. Pakistan should be no where near the WC with our batsmen. This is how a world class team plays. Once again, congrats india.” says a pakistani.

“To become the world champion they have betab every past champion teams 1. West Indies, 2. Australia, 3. Pakistan and 4. Sri Lanka. What a team, what a captain and what a nation” says a man from New Zealand.

“”There were just too many big names in this Indian team for Sri Lankans to lose the game. Just start counting player by player and they were a truly impressive side, batting wise, there hasn’t been a better set of batsmen ever, perhaps never since the old West Indies giant team. India’s #7 batsman, Raina, can be better than the #1 batsman in many top sides, that’s telling you what sort of batsmen they went in with.” says a man from Dubai

“I congratulate all Indians for winning this world cup of 2011. Great performances throughout the tournament and it is a well deserved victory. Indians were celebrating even before final after defeating Pakistan. I dont know what they are going to do after this great win in final.” Says an English man

Poonam Pandey

“LOL, Where is sonam pandey and her plans!!!  You made it guys.” Says a Pakistani. Sonam Pandey is an Indian model who had declared that if India wins she will bare all. Lol if you are so curious, Poonam Pandey has suggested Paris for her strip show, if BCCI shows interest and India allows, but she was scared after India really wont he match and had switched her cell phone off. Publicity, eh!!”You couldn’t have beaten the same Australian team, same Pakistan team and the same West Indian team, but India did well to convince ICC to remove top Pakistan bowlers from the team. If you are not capable play dirty” says a Pakistani.”Good News: I congratulate all Afghans that India defeated Afghanistan’s enemy No. 1, Pakistan” says an Afghan after India defeated Pakistan in semi finals (Read more)

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Sanskar Shrivastava is the founder of international students’ journal, The World Reporter. Passionate about dynamic occurrence in geopolitics, Sanskar has been studying and analyzing geopolitcal events from early life. At present, Sanskar is a student at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture and will be moving to Duke University.

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Five Thrills to Experience At Least Once (And the Best Places in the U.S. to Try Them)



universal island of adventure


Seemingly cheating death is fun – emphasis on seemingly. A rush of adrenaline meant to help us stay alive can be manipulated to make us feel alive through fast speeds, high drops, and exotic environments. If you like that feeling you get when going over a hill at high speed in a moving vehicle, then consider taking your thrill seeking to the next level. The following options can be sought almost everywhere but have “capitals” throughout the United States:


The most accessible and least-physically intensive option on the list, rollercoasters can be found anywhere and can be enjoyed by just about anyone able to fit in the seat. They also come in a wide variety so those with a fear of going upside down or who prefer smaller drops can still have a good heart-racing time. If an assortment of coasters is the goal, then Ohio is where you need to go. Cedar Point along Lake Erie has a record 17 roller coasters while Kings Island near the Kentucky border is the largest theme park in the Midwest.


By “experience at least once” we don’t always mean a half day-long excursion. Surfing, for example, is a thrill which takes some serious practice to successfully pull off. A few days out of a vacation by the ocean ought to do it – if you’re down. The Southern California surfer culture is widespread but there is no better place to give it a try. Beginners are recommended to head to La Jolla, where the local surfers are a little more tolerant of the interloper. For safety reasons, it’s important to get a gauge on the waves. Consult the San Diego surf report before heading to the beach. It may seem safe at first sight but the surfers out there may be especially skilled and thus the waves look deceptively doable.


Jumping out of a plane strapped to a parachute hoping it works is what most people think of when they think of a death-defying experience. Few rushes will ever beat it, but beginners are never going to be going out alone. For your first several jumps you’re tied to an experienced skydiver. For the best places to go, the obvious choice is the plain states of the Midwest. To worry less about the weather, head for Texas. These regions of the U.S. have more options as far as skydiving schools and centers.


I can’t officially endorse trespassing or reckless personal endangerment, but if you’re in a major city in the U.S., such as Chicago or New York then parkour is something which ought to be tried out. It can actually be done just about anywhere even in a suburban setting so long as there are obstacles to leap over and climb up. Just be careful – it’s best to get started as close to the ground as possible and work your way up for obvious reasons.

Some people are born to play it safe their whole lives. Others, however, crave a thrill now and then, if not regularly. Whether riding a rollercoaster or a big wave, jumping out of an airplane or across an alley, increased danger in our lives provides a level of excitement that can be addictive.

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Introducing the new Alfa Romeo MiTo Junior




Image –

The lines between sports cars and hatchbacks has been blurred in recent years. Not since the introduction of the hot hatch in the 1980s has the innovation in sporty hatchbacks been greater. That trend looks set to continue with the introduction of the new Alfa Romeo MiTo Junior, a sporty small hatchback with an attitude that Alfa claims was inherited from the GT 1300 Junior.

Indeed, the MiTo Junior comes with a 1.3L diesel engine as well as a smaller 875cc TwinAir petrol engine, giving you plenty of power and punch in this compact car. It’s a great introduction to the world of Alfa Romeo and includes all of the driving fun and style of a larger Alfa without having to break the bank to get there. Usually, you’ll have to compromise on performance in a smaller car or emissions and price in a larger car. With the MiTo Junior, though, there’s no such need. It balances performance and low emissions perfectly, giving you the ultimate sporty hot hatch without breaking the bank.

Back in the mid-1960s, the GT 1300 Junior gave many young drivers their first taste of Alfa Romeo, being an affordable but legendary Alfa Romeo car. It’s a much loved car which has become an icon, and Alfa hope that the MiTo Junior will carry the GT 1300’s DNA through to the modern age, giving today’s young drivers that glimpse of the Alfa style without breaking the bank.

It’s not just the outside with its decals and chrome finishes which has the sporty looks. No stone has been left unturned in the cabin, either, with white stitched handbrake levers and gear gaiters giving a nice touch with a leather steering wheel, sports instrument panel and stunning white graphics harking back to the great days of British motorsport. It’s a bold look, but it’s one which works beautifully and evokes the sensations of a summer’s day spent nipping around Britain’s country lanes with the wind rushing through your hair.

Put simply, this could be the greatest new innovation in hot hatches in this country since the introduction of the first VW Golf in the 80s, and if Alfa manage to market it to their target audience properly then it could mark the start of something really rather special. Either way, the new young drivers of today really do have something to look forward to.

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Safety Tips to Assist You in a Successful Aerobics Experience



Successful Aerobics Experience


If you are considering taking up aerobics it is a good idea to know how to do this safely. This article will help you in this respect and ensure you always take on the challenge and get the best results.

Are you thinking of taking up aerobics? Many people take up some form of aerobic exercise each year, but some end up injuring themselves because they were not properly prepared. That’s what we have in mind here – to find out how you can make sure you are prepared so you can safely undertake whatever aerobic activity you wish to do.

Firstly, it is important to remember there are lots of options here. For example walking is an aerobic activity. However it is very different from taking an aerobics class. The former will see you heading out and about and potentially covering many miles a day. The latter will see you attending a class maybe once or twice a week and possibly enjoying every minute of the exercise routine too!

Clearly the safety tips that will apply in your situation will depend on what you do. If you want to join an aerobics class you should definitely invest in a good aerobics mat. Even if your class provides these for you, you can still buy one to use at home. In fact if you feel too self-conscious exercising to attend a class (at least at the beginning), make sure you don’t skimp on the aerobics mat. It provides safe and sure footing as you go through the motions and will therefore provide a greater degree of confidence and enjoyment too.

Footwear is another important area to consider. It might seem to be nothing more than a good sales technique to provide different shoes for different sports. However there are good reasons why different shoes are provided. As you can imagine, your footwork during a step class would be very different to the steps you would take while tackling a 5-mile walk. As such you should buy the right pair of shoes that fit you well for each type of aerobic exercise you plan to undertake.

Remember too that whatever activity you opt for you should take things at your own pace. This is particularly important if you are just starting out. If you are not particularly fit at the beginning you won’t enjoy the experience or want to repeat it if you do too much to start with. If you are walking or doing a similar aerobic exercise out and about you can go at your own pace. You may not feel confident doing so if you join a class, but remember some people will have been attending for weeks. You could feel much better if you take your time in working up to a good level.

As you can see it is important to get things right from the start. Safety should always come first regardless of which aerobic activity you try.

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