Italian Ship Captured in Libya, Gaddafi Called West Barbarians; Full Speech

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Recently in the port of Tripoli, Libya an Italian ship comprising of crew members from Italy (8), Indian (2) and Ukraine (1), was detained by the armed men as Jets belonging to the US-led war alliance have carried out airstrikes against the nations.

The Italian Ship ASSO 22, belongs to Augusta Off Shore Society, was sending staffs of the ENI Petroleum Co. to Libya. it arrived in Tripoli on Saturday afternoon after the staff departed, the crew was held up by the armed personnel of the port.
Excerpts of Gaddafi’s latest speech on 20th March, 2011, translated from Arabic:

We will fight against you,
If you continue pressurizing us
We will fight back
We won’t allow u to conquer this land
We are on the land god gave us
We are victims now and victims always win
You have proved you are, some other time you will follow.
People are revolting all over the world
We are the leaders of this rebellion
It was predicted by the green book which says that the people should take over
The Libyan people should be taken example by others
You can’t attack our people
Who gave you this right?
Who are you anyways?
You are Barbarians, wanting to disturb in our internal matters
This is an aggression without justification against our people
We fill fight to keep our country
We won’t allow u to enter Benghazi
The green flag will be held up high
If situation arise, our women, men and kids are prepared to fight today
We will be victorious
And you will lose
This is a great moment for us
The most important people are with me
And encouraging the assault against you
We will give weapons to all Libyans
British, French and US traitors will be punished
And those who are with them as well
It has became a confrontation between Libyans and neo-nazi
We will punish
All international important nations are supporting Libya
supporting us
And contest this abominable aggression
We are on our land
We are not worried and we don’t fear
You can’t scare us with your bombs and attacks.

French warplanes fired the at the Libyan military forces in the eastern city of Benghazi. After few hours, American and British warships and submarines fired missiles at targets mainly their air defence equipments along the northern coast of Libya

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Libyan state television says 48 people were killed and 150 wounded in the strikes, including civilians.

It is reported by BBC that Canada is also sending warplanes to the region, China, Russia , India and the African Union have condemned the military effort. Gaddafi has promised retaliation, saying he will open arms depots to people to fight the allied forces.

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