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Debate and Win

TWR Debate and Win1

Get Started

  1. Register yourself at Gravatar for WordPress and upload your photo or an avatar.
  2. Start commenting using the same email ID and Name.


  1. Top 5 commenters along with the number of comment posts they have made will be visible to the public as shown above in the sample image.
  2. A medal will appear against the name of the top commenters when they make 100 comments on the website.
  3. If none of the top 5 commenters achieve the medal, there will be no winner.
  4. Every month the list will reset to 0 after announcing the winner. (the list will not reset on 1st March, start commenting from today!)
  5. Only one winner per month
  6. All the comments are moderated before they are published to maintain intellectual debate
  7. TWR authors and admins can’t participate

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