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The ascent of the common man of India

The Ascent of the common man of India


This book is about the changing landscape of politics of the largest democracy in the world. This commentary comes from a scientist, artist, anti-theist and social activist, who traverses both US and India. This book, thus in addition to commentary on politics, also touches on the delicate issues of Indian mores and values. It makes no holy cows or scapegoats but is a commentary on the pressing needs of Indian society and the ascent of common man of India. The first half of the book explores the changing dynamics of the Indian society. The second half explores how the rise of Aam Aadmi Party, a product of anti-corruption movement, has tried to fill the vacuum of public accountability in Indian politics. The book explores if Aam Aadmi Party is capable of galvanizing public support in the form of a sustainable force, with a coherent vision for future. The book contrasts two clear visions of India, one sectarian and the other progressive, secular and inclusive. The book ends with a battle call of an inclusive Indian renaissance from Varanasi.

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About the Author

Dr. Sukant Khurana is a scientist, artist, thinker and entrepreneur. He was born in Delhi, India. After spending most of the last decade in various parts of United States, he is currently back “home”. His science focuses on ameliorating human suffering, while his art focuses on exploring the human condition.

Sukant has worked on efforts to encourage education, sustainable development, socioeconomic equity, women empowerment, environmental, and healthcare issues. In the rare moments when he is not involved in science, art, India related social activism or writing; Sukant can be found traveling off beat paths, capturing wildlife on his camera or having long chats with friends over a cup of coffee. Read articles by Sukant Khurana on The World Reporter

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