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spice-plantation-garden-goa This day gave me an unforgettable moment as I lost my slippers in an attempt to support my friend and save my mobile while crossing the river with the help of the rope. From that point, I walked barefoot throughout the trip: in the jungle, in the garden, on the streets and in the church. The result was red feet due to excessive acupressure by mother earth! Our next stop was spice plantation garden. It was like a forest where you could see spices growing. It is an interesting place if you want to know a little more about the common spices that you include in your food daily. However, for an Indian there is not anything new. :) Nevertheless, it is a good concept to introduce foreign tourists to Indian spices and their richness. We were provided lunch in traditional Indian style on Banana leaf; tea and Goan feni (local alcohol) was served right on the table. I was having a friendly conversation with the guide when a group of girls came and occupied seats next to me, everyone was curious to know what was there on their plate. It was interesting to see that whenever we had free time, the conversation took a spiritual and intellectual turn. No matter if you visit Goa or Varanasi, if you came to India you will not go without taking some spiritual lessons from this ancient country.